• Cuss words vs Pope Duterte’s Waterloo


    Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte is showing he doesn’t give a damn if people will vote for him or not. People who run want to court votes. If Duterte doesn’t mind losing votes, then he should quit this early. He doesn’t have to wait for any adverse decision on the petition to disqualify him from running for president.

    The former Davao mayor doesn’t care about the votes of human rights advocates. His admission (boast?) that he’s a womanizer doesn’t sit well with those pressing or equal rights for women who aren’t expected to vote for him. Now, he has shown disdain for the Pontiff of the Catholic Church even if majority of Filipinos are Catholics. The people should reciprocate by ignoring his bid on Election Day, assuming that he won’t be disqualified.

    People cheer Duterte when he is cursing criminals and vowing to send them to eternal damnation. He strikes a responsive chord in the heart of Filipinos with his diatribes against grafters in government. His push for federalism has drawn the support of the politically and economically weak regions that have languished under the supremacy of “Imperial Manila.”

    All of these things will go down the drain with his shameless, remorseless and unprovoked cursing of the Holy Pontiff. He considered his curse a mere joke but this is a bad one not well received by Catholic faithful who love and respect the Pope. If the joke is bad, Duterte made it worse by refusing to acknowledge his mistake and apologize. He’s no better than the present tenant of Malacañang who has never apologized for anything and has never admitted any fault. And he wants to succeed Mr. Aquino?

    Duterte cited his five-hour trip to the airport as enough provocation for him to question the morality of the Pope’s mother. He never appreciated the respect and reverence shown to the Pope by the faithful who lined the streets during the Pope’s visit. All Duterte could think of is his own convenience, never the fact that a Papal visit is a rare one, and most anticipated at that. Can we expect all those who felt blessed at the mere sight of the Pope to be politically sympathetic to the unrepentant Duterte?

    Duterte said flippantly that “the Pope will forgive him because the Pope is compassionate.” Sure, the Pope is compassionate. Sure, the Pope is humble. Sure, the Pope will forgive him. These, however, doesn’t excuse him from uttering cuss words to a kind-hearted soul who may have served more people more than he.

    I agree with Archbishop Oscar Cruz’s characterization of Duterte: “Nakakatakot.”

    Who’s the ponente in Poe case?

    Who’s the ponente of the majority decision in the case against Sen. Grace Poe filed before the Senate Electoral Tribunal? Four of the five senators who voted to drop the disqualification case against Poe – Vicente Sotto 3rd, Loren Legarda, Bam Aquino and Cynthia Villar — wrote separate concurring opinions. The fifth, Sen. Pia Cayetano, said she had prepared a separate opinion but still has to release it.

    Hezel Gacutan, a former Senate secretary asked: “With all five issuing separate concurring opinions, who wrote the majority decision? Was there a ghost sixth senator who did? Or, did the five senators commit the absurdity of signing each of the separate concurring opinions?”

    Hezel cited Rule 62 of the SET which states that the chairman should assign a member of the majority to write the decision. He wondered if anybody was assigned to do so and why all five in the majority wrote separate concurring opinions. Of course, this could be a mere procedural flaw and wouldn’t change the vote of the majority, although the absence of a ponente further weakens the stand of the majority.

    Paging Toots Ople
    This issue is right in the alley of Toots Ople, a senatorial aspirant and champion of workers like her father, the late Sen. Blas Ople. This concerns the maltreatment of an OFW, who happens to be from my hometown, Lupao, Nueva Ecija.

    My nephew Jun Escarrilla, now of Illinois forwarded to me a message from one Naijlez Azenadro who said Renalyn Tominez, from Lupao, surreptitiously gave her a piece of paper while they were at the Corniche Beach in Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia.

    Tominez wrote in the paper that she was mauled by a sibling of her “madam” and that her cellphone was taken away from her. She sought help, and Azenandro responded by using social media with her note and picture that Azenandro took from her FB account. Jun Escarrilla learned of Tominez’s plight thru Azenandro’s message.

    Tominez said her recruiter was from San Jose City, Nueva Ecija, and her employment agency was MSL. It seems she left the Philippines for Saudi only last Oct. 31, 2015.



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    1. Such display of character is not “presidentiable”. It is a scary thought what kind of law Duterte would follow when he is president. I thought he is the man to beat…now, be scared be very scared if he become president of our nearly pathetic nation. We do not want a goon for president. Ibalik naman natin kahit katiting na prestige sa Pilipinas. Yun namang ipagmamalaki natin at hindi natin itatago na parang ostrich ang mukha natin sa lupa sa matinding kahhihiyan.

    2. about the pope’s visit, normally the Pope comes upon invitation of the host country. he should not be driven away that uncouthly.

      the words of duterte during this unguarded moment partly exposes who he is. it was good he joined the “race”; in the course of time people will know thoroughly what is happening in the “kitchen” of the so-called “hero” of Davao.

      true enough, the reason why many take side with mr duterte is because we need a leader-disciplinarian. But a thug who wants to do and say things his way can do worse things once he has become endorsed electorally with power perhaps rightly or by mistake.

    3. Yes, I hope this is the end of the Dutertes. Cursing the pope shows how arrogant the Dutertes are. How arrogant his daughter was when she slap the face of an ordinary government employee in front of a group of people where the employee is just doing his job. Duterte announced to the whole world how IMMORAL he is by arrogantly telling everybody that he is a “macho” by having two wives and two girlfriends. The Dutertes are so arrogant because they have the position in the government (with the backings of the NPAs, MILF, MNLF) and the money to make abuses to the people. Duterte has no personality to brag of having two wives and two girlfriends without his MONEY and government position. Duterte can terrorize the ordinary Filipino women just to give in to him as girlfriends. To my fellow Filipinos, beware of what happens to us when the Dutertes will be in Malacanang. To my fellow Catholics, please pray that this arrogant family will not reside in the Malacanang palace.

      • This behavior is ( the culture of Impunity), sadly, not limited to the Dutertes. It is one that pervades a lot of the political families as well as scions of rich families. (Look at Aquino, Roxas to name a few). They all think the rules laid down are meant for the ordinary people but not for them. Bigamy does not apply to them, they have a license to kill, they are not bound by common rules of politeness and courtesy when addressing “inferiors” etc. As one taxi driver once said – ‘kahit sino maupo diyan, di naman giginhawa buhay ko.” Given the present crop of prez and vp wannabes, I agree with his observation. Our country faces another turbulent 6 years…

      • Duterte for President 2016. If you want a Philippines that is safe, then Duterte is the Man. If you want a Philippines that is well disciplined and law abiding . Duterte is the man. If you want more lawlessness, then He is not your man. You want more Laglag bala, then He is not your man.

      • To my fellow Filipinos and Catholics….if you want a real change….we must vote for Duterte!

      • No need for Duterte. Look at Marikina and Naga city. No Duterte there.
        Lawlessness? Laglag bala? Implement the law. It can be done not by a mere macho (daw) na duterte. Who are behind him?????

      • conchita gabucan on

        Anong gusto mo? patago lang ang pambababae nya? ganun? like Binay? Enrile at kung sino sino pa dyan. Sinabi na nga nya tatakbo syang presidente dapat alam mo kung ano at sino sya kaya yan, what you see is what you get. If you don’t like him so be it.

    4. Before the deadline of filing of COC at the Comelec more than 2 dozen nuisance candidates including Martin Dino filed their certificates to run for President. None of them committed a grave mistakes in their certificates that they are running for president except Dino. Some of them even started making speeches in front of the Comelec even when no one was listening and you and you might even doubt their mental capabilities but none of made a grave mistake in their COCs. Martin Dino came in to Comelec full supporters including Atty. Dante Jiminez and members of the PDP Laban Party. A COC is not new to Dino having serve as an elected Barangay Chairman. The mistake of Dino is plain stupidity and if the Comelec allows Duterte to substitute Dino will boil down who is more stupid.