• Customers make companies profitable

    Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

    Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

    It’s a truism that it is more expensive to get new clients than to maintain current ones.
    Maintaining good customer relations is a very important function of an organization. Without the customer there is no business.|

    Who is a customer?

    • Any person who is affected by our products and services

    • Person/s internal or external to our company
    -those who receive our outputs
    – those who use our products and inputs in their process
    – final users of our products

    • An individual with a unique set of wants and needs; who, based on these needs, chooses to do business with our company.

    • The most important person in our company whether he comes in person, calls or writes to us.

    • Not dependent on us. We depend upon him for our living.

    • Not an interruption to our work. He is the reason we have work. He is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to serve him.

    • Not someone with whom to argue, assert our rights nor match our wits. No one ever won an argument with a customer.

    • A person who comes to us because he needs certain products and services. It is our job to provide him his needs in a way that is profitable to him and to ourselves.

    • Not a cold statistic. He is flesh and blood, a human being with emotions and preferences like our own.

    • The most important person in our company. Without him, we would have no reason for being.

    That is how valuable our customers are to us in business.

    And several references have defined customer service as: The interactive process between the customer and the service provider with the purpose of determining and satisfying customer needs and expectations and of generating and maintaining goodwill.

    This doesn’t seem to sink into the consciousness of the “customer-experienced officers” of Wi-Tribe, my internet provider. For two weeks now, service is down. I’ve called four times already to check the progress of their repair and upgrade project but nobody could give me a definite date when service will be restored.

    At one point, the Wi-Tribe person who answered the phone wearily told me, “We can not give you any assurance of when we will operate again in your area. You can go to another internet service provider, if you wish, or wait until our repairs are done.” Such arrogance!

    Wi-Tribe Telecoms Inc. has a good product, 4G Internet. Their intermittent service interruption due to repair and upgrades and the way they treat their customers negate the satisfaction that I get from such good product. Just before I wrote this article, I talked to another customer-experience(d) officer to again check. JK sounded bored and sleepy. He simply told me to regularly monitor the availability of their internet connections by turning the modem on. I asked him if he could just call me when the service is back and his answer is a big “No.” I could not sit by my modem and turn it on and off every hour or so!!!!! The gall!!!!! I guess he has been deluged with such inquiries and it is truly frustrating when you have nothing to tell your customers but to wait or go to another provider.

    This company and their people do not realize that it is the customer who is giving them their profits and paying for their salaries and benefits. They don’t seem to appreciate their customers’ needs. I am now shopping for another internet service provider. Any suggestions, based on your good experience?

    Excuse me while I go to an Internet Café to submit this article. Such big bother!!!!!

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