• Customs chief set to shuffle 228 workers


    At least 228 regular employees—five are division chief—of the Bureau of Customs are set to be transferred from one group or collection district to another.

    Newly appointed Customs head John Sevilla said the purpose of transferring more than 200 employees is to “fill-in” the gaps in ad hoc BOC units that do not have permanent plantilla (regular employees) head-count yet.

    “These initial steps will give us a comprehensive view of the total manpower resource of the bureau to prepare for a more rational and relevant staffing complement to align the headcount of each BOC unit with their actual needs and operational requirements,” Sevilla said.

    He explained that he had signed “customs personnel orders” to clarify and fully implement previous personnel orders to return to their permanent plantilla positions and, “where there are vacancies, the temporary take-over of the next-in-rank employee.”

    “Basically, the 29 CPOs simply provide closure and optimizes BOC post-return to plantilla positions,” said Charo Logarta-Lagamon, Public Information and Assistance Division chief. “The BOC has about 3,500 plantilla.”

    Affected employees will be given time to turnover their duties, responsibilities and accountabilities to the employees who are next in rank to temporarily exercise authority where there are vacancies.

    To ensure that the BOC’s operations will not be affected this Christmas, Sevilla had met the district collectors of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the Port of Manila and the Manila International Container Port.


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