• Customs executives face lifestyle checks


    Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez 3rd has ordered a lifestyle check on Bureau of Customs (BOC) officials and a forensic analysis of data, including possible opening of bank accounts linked to fraudulent or corrupt activities.

    In a statement on Monday, the Department of Finance (DOF) said Dominguez’s order is part of the Duterte administration’s ongoing efforts to rid the agency of graft and corruption.

    “I think it has to start at the top, good example at the top that people do not accept bribes or are clean. I think the leadership factor is important, [that’s] number one,” he replied when asked how he would direct Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon to achieve zero corruption at the bureau.

    “Number two, we have to be smart about catching corrupt people. You cannot always catch them like, you know, playing cops and robbers. We have to catch them by … checking their lifestyle, checking their bank accounts, checking how many cars they own,” Dominguez said.

    On top of conducting a lifestyle check on Customs officials, according to the Finance chief, the DOF and its attached agencies would be doing a forensic analysis of data to expose corrupt officials, tax evaders and others involved in financial crimes.

    “That’s why part of our legislative agenda is to make sure that the privacy laws on bank accounts will allow the government to look into the bank accounts of people that have very strong evidence of corruption or tax evasion,” he said.

    “If we do not do that, we can hardly catch them. So we are going to ask the legislature to please … allow the government to look into the bank accounts of people suspected of corruption, tax evasion and crimes like that,” Dominguez added.

    The Finance department said relaxing the country’s bank secrecy law is a way to flush out corrupt government officials as well as tax dodgers in the private sector.

    It is one of the proposals that the agency plans to submit to Congress.

    The DOF has also asked the Congress to pass new legislation that will relax bank secrecy laws for tax-fraud cases and include tax evasion as a predicate crime for money laundering. MAYVELIN U. CARABALLO


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    1. As well as elected govt officials from congress, governors, mayors, vice-mayors and councilors especially those in the provincial/municipal areas. You will see that they have mansions, vast real properties, latest car models, signature clothes, travels etc.

    2. Paulit ulit na lng yan pero walang nttanggal na tga custom sa puwesto. Because of corruption. Imagine a mesenger at custom can afford to hav a fleet of cars, owning townhouse, and can afford to send his children to exclusive schools , laughing his way on the gov’t lifestyle check policy. It takes a gargantuan steps to eradicate corruption at custom. Cancer na yan. Prove thar you can do it.

    3. All government officials must undergo lifestyle checks and setting up dummy individuals to avoid lifestyle checks. A colonel has a multi million peso house, 10 condominiums and a multi million Nissan Patrol is 100 percent corrupt. The family of Binay is guilty using lifestyle check. Nobody and nobody will like to work for the government if everybody will be lifestyle check. Easy to check, SALN yearly mandatory report compare to their monthly salaries and expenses. That alone will show who is corrupt. With a 47 thousand peso per month Colonel salary, how in heavens name can you buy a 4.5 million peso Nissan Patrol?

    4. Lifestyle check the congress as well, these guys have been stealing the pork barrel funds for years without being charged.

      • Pwede kaya,make the lifestyle check in a blietzkrieg format, at random and across management and rank-and-file levels? It’s common observation how even newly hired employees started by riding public vehicles then eventually – after a year – drive his/her own (brand-new) car. Check and find out.