• Customs moves forward with modernization plans


    The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has partnered with reputable information technology (IT) groups in line with a technology modernization plan aimed at fostering transparency, efficiency and effective law enforcement.

    In a statement, the BOC said the partnership would equip the bureau with robust IT systems and solutions aligned with the government’s push towards trade facilitation, and also provide its regulatory, intelligence and law enforcement units with the necessary foundation to enhance profiling and decision support capabilities.

    “Several services have already been laid down and projects are already in the pipeline for implementation and execution, all of which are intended to institutionalize transparency, operational and regulatory efficiency and most importantly, law enforcement effectiveness,” Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina said.

    Deputy Commissioner Dennis Reyes said the bureau was looking to institutionalize the necessary controls and security to prevent unauthorized use and ensure data integrity.

    Under implementation is the Infrastructure Optimization Project, which is focused on establishing a secure platform with access and authentication controls.

    The bureau added that it had also partnered with the Development Bank of the Philippines-Data Center Incorporated and FireEye for the Cyber Security Solution Project, aimed at addressing threats to its computer systems and ICT infrastructure.

    “The demands of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act compelled the bureau to develop the capability not only to process data, but, in terms of cybersecurity, develop the capability to both defend and hunt down perpetrators of cyber-criminality and its physical counterpart activities,”  Lina claimed.

    Scheduled to be rolled out soon, the bureau said, the  Data Center and Network Rehabilitation Project,  Managed Wide Area Network and Internet Connectivity Project, Cloud-Base Engineered Infrastructure Project and the Rivo Operations Management Platform.

    “It is an honor to have these strategic assets in the bureau that will institutionalize reforms even beyond the Aquino administration. I’m very grateful for the tireless work by the men and women of BOC and I can assure everyone more progress on this front as we continue to work through the last remaining months of this administration,” Lina said.


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