• Cut in water use to lower bills, save resources


    With the onset of the hot summer months, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is urging the public to reduce water usage not only to save on bills, but also conserve water resources.

    In a statement on Tuesday, Environment Secretary Ramon Paje said despite assurances from water service providers that there will be steady and ample supply of water during the dry months, it would still be advisable for consumers to be “mindful of their consumption and use water prudently.”

    “We would have to consider that water is not only for domestic or household use,” Paje added.

    “We have to share our supply with the agricultural sector to irrigate our farmlands, which are vulnerable during the dry season, and with the power sector to generate electricity that is more in demand now for cooling purposes,” he said.

    The DENR chief added that while it is true that with the sweltering summer heat comes added pressure on water consumption, it would help if everyone took time to watch on a daily basis and limit water usage as much as possible.

    He advised people to apply to water usage the same principles used in solid waste management.

    “Reduce water wastage by using only the amount you need. Reuse what you can for other purposes such as using laundry water to clean your cars or floors or in flushing toilets,” Paje said.

    “Make water conservation a habit, no matter what the season, and adopt a lifestyle that would have less negative impact on our precious water supply,” he added.

    Paje called on the public to avoid throwing their trash everywhere as it could end up clogging waterways and contaminating the water supply.

    He warned that since very little rainfalls are expected during summer, waterways could end up clogged or stagnant and become breeding grounds for disease-carrying
    insects, as well as cause flooding in the ensuing rainy season.

    The DENR head appealed to visitors of ecotourism sites to respect nature by keeping it all in a natural and pristine state as possible.

    “With the Holy Week just around the corner, let us not only reflect on our purpose in life, but also on what we can proactively do for our Mother Earth especially in light of climate change,” Paje said.


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