Cuts in electric power supply during storms


I have been In the Philippines now for over five years. I love the people and the country!

What concerns me, however, is that every time we have a storm–our beloved electric company turns off the electricity supply for hours at a time.

This means that added to the storm, we are left to wander about in the dark–With no phone as the land line goes too.

Our food in the fridge is left to spoil. The air con of course goes. So if you are old, sick, or very young, you are left to swelter in the humidity that is Manila.

No one seems to know why the electric company–that has a complete monopoly–does this, ie take the generators off line. The public is not informed as to why this is happening.

When I look out of my window, I see a array of wires, that threaten to fall down at “any tick of the clock.”

I am told that is some places there is such a huge array of these wires, cables etc., that is only a matter of time before the whole lot comes tumbling down.

Is this the reason why Meralco cuts the electricity, so if someone, or something gets stuck by a live cable, it at least wont be electrified?

Well even if the cable hits some one without being charged up,in a high wind some one can be very badly injured.

We have around 20 storms a year. Given this knowledge, surely our esteemed electric company, could come up with a safer, more efficient way of delivering its service.

I mean the tariffs are properly the highest in the region. So the company should be beholden to their customers to give them a better deal.

We know that they have no competition. So they can get away with this kind of service, year after year –while “Charging like a wounded bull”

I remain your obedient servant,

Prof. David M Meyer, MD, DPM, PhD


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