• Cutting down centuries-old acacia trees in Bataan opposed


    DINALUPIHAN, Bataan: Residents in a village here are strongly opposed to the felling of four century-old acacia trees to widen a barangay dirt road.

    On Saturday a group of children surrounded one of the four giant acacias in Sitio Magindong, Barangay Luakan, in a symbolic gesture to spare the trees.

    “We are against the cutting of these trees because they prevent soil erosion and are a buffer against strong winds during storms,” one of children, 12-year-old Llemars Abuyadao, said.

    Conrado Lapid, a 71-year-old Luakan resident, said the trees were already full grown when he was still a small boy. “Last month, we stopped somebody from cutting the trees because he did not ask our permission,” Lapid said.

    Sixty-six-year-old Lina Nacu, a resort owner in Magindong, said residents decided to unite to protect the trees.

    Nacu said there is no need to widen the road because light vehicles can pass through even if the trees are there.

    Luakan Barangay Captain Alfredo Santos Jr. said he wanted to improve the road to the area and has secured a cutting permit from the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office.

    “But if the residents do not want the trees cut, there is nothing I can do,” Santos said.


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