‘Cyber threats scarier than nuclear missiles’


BAGUIO CITY: “Cyber threats are scarier than nuclear missiles,” asserted Jesmond Chang, corporate communications     manager for Kaspersky Lab South East Asia.

Kaspersky Lab is one of the world’s top four vendors of security solutions for endpoint users.

Cyber threats could bring down the economy of a country, Chang said.

Denial of service attacks could cripple servers and could cause a lot of damages, he added.

Kaspersky is now trying to work with authorities by alerting them of possible attacks, Chang said, adding the Internet has no boundaries.

Chang said, an attack could be coming from a country A attacking country B while the actual attacker is residing in country C.

To avoid such attacks, Chang said the most important thing to do is to get protected.
In the case of financial transactions, Chang said, there is a need to protect investments, noting the rising dependence on the Internet in financial transactions.

Kapsersky Lab and O+K Research noted that, 77 percent of computer users buy online while 69 percent manage their financial accounts remotely.

The International Data Corp. reported that in 2012, there were one billion purchases online worth over $1.2 trillion.

IDC also reported that 60 percent of Internet users pay for purchases online.

According to Chang, given the connectivity of the Internet to anyone with access allows criminals to steal personal data and gain financial data.

Cybercriminals have the capability of hunting and destroying not just a person’s data but also stealing from their accounts. Many people are neither aware of the attack patterns of cybercriminals nor do they have the knowledge on how to protect themselves.

Various tools are used by cybercriminals in their at-tacks. Among these include phishing (tricking a person to giving financial information using a fake website), infecting a PC, laptop or smartphone with Trojan malicious applications, logging keyboard and mouse strokes, among others.

To help thwart these cyber-criminal tricks and to provide heightened security to online user, Kaspersky Lab has developed a new technology called “safe Money,” an anti-phishing feature of its powerful consumer product Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2013.

The Safe Money technology ensures maximum protection especially for online banking and payment transactions. But this feature provides top security for all other Internet activities, too.


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