• Cynicism, suspicion over Napoles surrender


    Too much reading between the lines. The bottom line is Napoles is in custody and you need to provide her with a can opener and watch those worms (senatongs and tonggressmen will just come out from it. Thank God they did not have the opportunity to kill her. That is the big picture, folks. Time to take a break from this analysis paralysis.

    Joel, Jrflapid@gmail.com


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    1. ingat lang ikaw Janet Napolis….hindi basta basta kalaban si senatong NARDONG PUTIK JR. at senatong ASIONG SALONGA JR.at si JUAN NAKA-ONSE ENRILE,
      of course golf course sila mga SUKI MO at pala ikaw hindi sising kakanta ikaw gusto
      tahimik lang ikaw.salado iyo bibik…heheheeehehe