• D-Day for Poe’s DQ


    Sen. Grace Poe’s fate would eventually be known on November 17.

    Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio made the announcement on Friday on behalf of the Senate Electoral Tribunal, which he heads.

    The electoral tribunal is hearing a disqualification case filed against Poe by radio commentator Rizalito David, who had assailed her qualification to sit as a member of the Senate.

    David, who was unsuccessful in his Senate bid in 2013, claimed that Poe is not a natural-born Filipino, a requirement for senators under the 1987 Constitution.

    Carpio said the voting on the case would not be opened for media coverage.

    He, however, added that the ruling of the Senate Electoral Tribunal could be made available on the same day.

    The tribunal, which convened on Friday, skipped the discussion on the DNA test procedure as Poe failed to submit the test results. All nine members of the electoral tribunal were present.

    Poe’s camp earlier announced that the DNA testing done on a possible biological kin found no match.

    Poe’s spokesman, Valenzuela City (Metro Manila) Mayor Rex Gatchalian, however, insists that the results of the DNA test would not be a factor as they believe that the case would be decided on its legal merits.

    David’s counsel, Manuelito Luna, said the Senate Electoral Tribunal’s decision could have an implication on Poe’s eligibility to run for President.

    He added that if Poe is disqualified and unseated as senator because of her failure to prove that she is a natural-born Filipino, then she could not run for President.

    Speaking before students of the Bataan Peninsula State University on Friday, Poe said she expects the tribunal’s ruling to be a numbers game as she appealed to her supporters to pray for her.

    “I trust my colleagues in the Senate and the others who are members of the Senate Electoral Tribunal. I hope they will consider that this case is not only about me but of so many foundlings who are treated as second-rate Filipino citizens,” the senator added.

    Poe was in Balanga City with her running mate Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero and senatorial bets Susan Ople and Samuel Pagdilao.

    “If they say you are not for that position, I just can go back to the private sector but what about the trust given me by more than 20 million Filipinos in the last elections?” Poe asked.

    She said she believes that the disqualification cases against her were just a ploy to eliminate her from the presidential race.

    Poe added that what she is experiencing had been done also to her late father, Fernando Poe Jr.


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    1. “If they say you are not for that position, I just can go back to the private sector”.
      A founding is granted a “naturalized citizenship” by operation of law. Until he/she reach 40, he/she could have found his/her natural parents and proven to be a “natural born citizen”.
      In the meantime, he/she is entitled to run for mayor or any other local positions that is available to ALL “naturalized citizens”.
      If Poe claims to want to serve the people, she is a fake because she won’t even run for mayor available to her until one of her DNA tests prove positive later.
      Binay, Duterte grew old as mayors. Jesse Robredo also served a long time as a mayor.

    2. So dis grace masyadong ambisyosa at oportunista alam na slam kung sino ang tunay at kung saan siya pinanganak bakit d niya ilabas ang tunay birth certificate. Si Susan bakit ayaw sabihin ang tunay niysng. Kalat na ang at alam kung sino talaga ang tunay na magulang in did grace. D ba kasabihan ang sinungaling at kapatid ng magnanakaw. Kaya dalawa magtiya magsabi ng to too. As comments no kit tatad kskadihan pa di fis grace criminal case kaya na kayo totoo.

    3. apolonio reyes on

      Let the SET decide based on what the Constitution NOT EMOTION. Maybe if the people who voted for Grace knew she was not qualified to be a senator and she once denounced her Pilipino citizenship more than half will not vote for her.
      I hope when the 1987 Cory Constitution is ratified, the qualifications of candidates for president, vice-president, senators and congressmen will be well defined that as Atty. Homobono Adaza said ” that even a MORON CAN UNDERSTAND. And TWO of the qualifications are; 1) HE/ SHE MUST BE A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN WHO DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING TO PERFECT HIS/HER CITIZENSHIP AND NEVER DENOUNCED HIS/ HER PILIPINO CITIZENSHIP. 2) MUST BE A COLLEGE GRADUATE, MUST HAVE GOOD MORAL CHARACTER WHO HAVE NEVER BEEN CHARGED AND CONVICTED BY ANY COURT HERE OR ABROAD. ETC…..
      If the Constitution is well defined that even a MORON can UNDERSTAND, THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN NO GRACE POE LLAMANZARES PROBLEM.

      • scanning bills filed at the 16th congress of the senate during Poes tenure at the senate website. You can barely find Poes name as authors or even co-authors of the so many 2980 bills filed. I counted only about 10 bills filed by poe.. In fact Poes names after coming out on the first bill would only gain number after her decision to run for president. So much for her desire to do something for our country she previously renounced.

    4. Poe said she expects the tribunal’s ruling to be a numbers game as she appealed to her supporters to pray for her. “I trust my colleagues in the Senate and the others who are members of the Senate Electoral Tribunal.
      A few days earlier, GP said that they will win this case because the law is on their side. Now, it’s a numbers game? If GP wins this case, I’m sure it will be elevated to the SC by the petitioner because of obvious abuse of discretion of the senator members of the SET. The rule of the law must govern and not the rule of the mob. Citizenship is constitutional and legal issue and it’s not about sympathy nor discrimination to foundlings nor it’s about the will of the 20 million voters who put GP in power. Obviously, GP didn’t get the point of this case.