• DA bans meat from China


    The Department of Agriculture (DA) has temporarily suspended the importation of meat from China following reports of an outbreak of foot-and-mouth (FMD) disease in Jiangsu region.

    Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala issued the order after the Office International des Epizooties (OIE) confirmed the FMD outbreak.

    Dr. Zhang Zhongqui, director general of China Animal Disease Control Center-Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture, also admitted an outbreak of FMD virus of serotype A in Zhoutang village, Yingtan.

    Alcala ordered the ban to prevent the entry of tainted animals and animal by-products.

    “We need to prevent the entry of FMD and maintain the freedom of the Philippines from this disease,” he said.

    Alcala also ordered the Bureau of Animal Industry to immediately suspend the processing, evaluation of applications, and issuance of veterinary quarantine clearance to animal products from the Chinese territory.

    Dr. Simeon Amurao, assistant director of DA’s Bureau of Animal Industry, said all frozen meat and susceptible live animals from China will be confiscated for immediate disposal or destruction.

    The Philippines is one of the few countries that were certified FMD-free by the OIE.


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