DA chief in new ‘pork’ mess


There is a congressman in laguna who is very close to alcala, in 2004-2007, in only three years in congress have acquired so much wealth . . . Why not include those years in coa audit. I hope di magbulag-bulagan si PNoy na ang mga kakampi nya sa ngayon ay ang mga taong nagpasasa na noon pa. Please laliman pa ang years ng investigation.

Because these people choose money and wealth as their God. They do not care seing people dying, committing suicide with their family because of severe frustrations and hungers. They all care about only themselve having good life, eating expensive foods, trip to see different places in the world, living in a big mansion house with security guards, luxury cars, sending their kids to the best schools, having maid /servants and drivers with different jobs to do and etcetera. All these came from the blood of the masses living in hardway and honesty, by paying taxes to government just to be stolen by these abusive crook politicians. For now, you all greedy politicians enjoys yourselves, for the next time to come, whether you’ll like it or not you will die too to face evil consequences you done against Almighty God and Father.
Juan Cruz


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  1. I would suggested a mandatory lifestyle check on current, past three presidential terms on senators and representatives, Cabinet members, Bureau Chiefs, and all supervisory personnel of the BOC, BIR, DOF, LTRFB, DWSD, DAR, OWWA and COA. Any and all of their properties that could not be traced from legal sources, are ill-gotten and must be forfeited to the government. If applied honestly, professionally and with integrity, using the Net worth and Expense Theories (being used by the US IRS and acceptable in US Courts) will ferret out all those ill gotten wealths. All those that would be caught must also be charged at the minimum, money laundering and tax evasion, and if evidence warrants, also plunder.