DA director living off commissions


It would be wise for this Department of Agriculture (DA) official to just give up his government job and pursue his contracting business in the civilian world instead.

According to my spy in the department, this official with the rank of director and whom we will call “Direk May Kakayanan” has been awarding multimillion projects from his division to contractors who can pay him higher commissions.

Rumors at the DA have it that a certain “Ms. Gaitan” is the most favored contractor of “Direk May Kakayanan” because she reportedly gives fat commissions to this corrupt official.

The shameless “Direk May Kakayanan” is said to ask the contractor to deliver the cash to him in his office.

A certain “Helen” was used on two occasions by “Ms. Gaitan” to deliver P5 million on the birthday of the corrupt DA official and another P7 million a week later.

This official is so corrupt that even his subordinates reportedly want him out of DA before he becomes a billionaire from accepting commissions from contractors.

The problem is this official is a member of a powerful religious sect and has strong connections in Malacanang that it would be impossible for DA Secretary Proceso Alcala to fire him.

But I thought the church that “Direk May Kakayanan” belongs to does not condone corrupt and unscrupulous members?

How safe are we from motorcycle-riding criminals?
For being at the wrong place at the wrong time, five innocent civilians were gunned down by unidentified men riding motorcycles in Fairview, Quezon City, last Saturday night.

The suspects went on a shooting spree along Commonwealth Avenue in Fairview for a few hours that night.

One wonders where the police were after the first victim was shot dead. Had they been deployed after the first volley of fire hit its target, the number of victims could have been minimized.

Almost everyday we hear the news that someone falls victim to the guns of these motorcycle-riding assassins. Yet our police seem helpless that they can’t put an end to this menace.

Another problem is that our policemen always arrive late at a crime scene, or when the suspects have long been gone.

Which leaves us with one tough question: If we can’t count on our police, how safe are we from these killers on motorcycles or even from one who is armed and goes berserk?



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