Daang Matuwid not perfect, Palace admits


MALACAÑANG on Tuesday admitted that President Benigno Aquino’s “Daang Matuwid [straight path]has not been perfect.

But that’s to be expected, given the “rotten road” Aquino has inherited when he assumed office in 2010, Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said in a press conference.

“I understand people are now looking into 2016. The political atmosphere has come so early that people are also—should be given the chance to think: Do we want the reforms to continue? Do we want progress to continue? Do we want daang matuwid to continue?” Lacierda told reporters.

“If you go down to the level where there is a CCT (Conditional Cash Transfer) beneficiary, they will say: ‘Yes, gusto naming ipagpatuloy (we want it to continue)’. Because they were able to harvest these fruits. I’m not saying that daang matuwid has been perfect. We have our bumps on the road but we continue to push forth, and continue the efforts of daang matuwid. Kapag ikaw botante ka, gusto mo bang ipagpatuloy ang daang matuwid (If you were a voter, would you like to continue on a straight path?” he added.

Aquino has not announced his “anointed” for the 2016 elections, who he expects to continue the “Daang Matuwid”—his administration’s tagline for its anti-corruption and transparency drive.

The ruling Liberal Party wants Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd to become the administration’s bet for president in next year’s polls.

But Aquino, when asked in a recent chat with reporters if he still feels the same for Roxas, curtly remarked, “Siguro [Maybe].”

Aquino earlier admitted to meeting with Sen. Grace Poe on electoral matters on which he did not elaborate.

The President said he hopes that the preferred candidate would be named by the “end of the second quarter” or by June this year.

Although LP allies are pushing Roxas to be the party’s standard-bearer in 2016, the Interior chief has not been doing well in presidential surveys.

In contrast, Vice President Jejomar Binay, despite being marred by corruption allegations, still leads the pack.

Aquino has said that Binay’s status as the “man to beat” in 2016 depends on his ability to answer the allegations against him.


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  1. “If you go down to the level where there is a CCT (Conditional Cash Transfer) beneficiary, they will say: ‘Yes, gusto naming ipagpatuloy (we want it to continue)’. Because they were able to harvest these fruits”

    Of course, everyone’s happy with free beer, at the expense of the tax payers

    But the government have turned “beneficiaries” into beggars. You robbed them of their dignity.

    Its the jobs/employments were what they needed most.

  2. What does daang matuwid mean ?

    Does it mean selective prosecution where only the opposition get charged ?

    If 18 member of the senate show up on the Napoles list and only 3 opposition senators get charged and a year later the Dept of Justice says they aren’t charging anymore due to having more important things to do is that daang matuwid ?

    If that is daang matuwid then it’s a corrupt pile of trash that should be junked and everyone associated with this pile of trash should be prosecuted.

    What about the Pork barrel and Dap fund giveaways ? Are the billions missing and unaccounted for part of the daang Matuwid ? The Office of Budget management won’t turn over the records of where the money went so is that daang matuwid as well ?

    Daang Matuwid was a slogan to get elected and turns out it was a lie, slogans aren’t going to fix the corruption of the family dynasties infesting the government

    84% of the senate belong to political dynasty families
    90% of the house belong to political dynasty families

    The 1987 constitution prohibits political dynasties as defined by law but the congress has spent 28 years not defining a law that would push out some of their family from the government.

    How about that freedom of information bill that the president promised 5 years ago ?

    if this is Daang Matuwid then bag it up and put it out for the garbage men to take to the dump where it belongs.

  3. Oftentimes I wonder what Palace factotums eat or drink or even smoke that they can lie with a straight face. Daang Matuwid was a slogan and was never a real program of governance. It is an outright failure as it is designed to make the poor believe that government cares for them when all that it does is make sure that the oligarchy gets what it wants. Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas are the oligarchy’s favorite sons. And Grace Poe would be a perfectly acceptable favorite daughter. Dont even forget that. How much more wretchedness do we have to create for ourselves before we say, TAMA NA! SOBRA NA! REBOLUSYON NA!

  4. Daan Matuwid ok si Presidente Aquino , we love you for being a straight guy. We love you for trying everything to improved the lives of the majority. Diyan Saludo Ako sa iyo kagalang galang mahal na Presidente Aquino. But what l don’t like is your decision about BBL. yun lamang ang ayaw ko. Kasi Baka as kadulodulohan Ito pa ang magdungis sa inyong maraming naipondar na magandang gawain para as bayan .

  5. Abnoy-noyingski on

    Do we want the reforms to continue? Do we want progress to continue? Do we want daang matuwid to continue?” To answer your questions; we should say that none of these things happened during the Aquino (your administration and your allies) Administration – first of all, where did those corrupt people who resigned from their post go (in hiding?) (except Sevilla) and there are still lots of your guys who continued the corrupt practices. Anong sinasabi ninyong corrupt free tayo? Ano kayo hilo? Ito na lang ah, kapag ang anointed mo ay nanalo sa susunod na presidential election (I hope not!) – di gusto ka pa ng tao at naniniwala pa rin sa iyo ang mga tao – kahit na marami sa kanila ang hilong-hilo at uto-uto, o ayan na ang sagot at opinion ko. Wala akong paki kung may maniwala sa akin pero ito ang buong katotohanan. Palusot na lang ninyo na ininherit ninyo ang problema sa nakaraang administration – inaamin ninyo rin na di nyo na-solve yung mga probelmang yun! Bakit pa aasa sa inyong ia-anoint ang mga tao. Simple…di ba?