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‘Daang matuwid’ will not do Leni any good


CAMARINES Sur Rep. Leni Robredo may need to come up with other means to convince voters to vote for her in 2016 because banking on the so called “daang matuwid” (straight path) mantra of the Aquino administration will not do her any good, a political analyst said on Tuesday.

Bobby Tuazon, director for policy studies of the Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG), noted that relying on the support of President Benigno Aquino 3rd and her running mate, Manuel Roxas 2nd, will not give Robredo the needed advantage because their supporters have already dwindled.

“Daang matuwid [straight path]will not buy in the 2016 race anymore because of [the mantra’s]proven failure,” Tuason pointed out.

He said the only advantage Robredo has is the name “Robredo.”

Even that, however,  will not be enough to get the needed votes in next year’s elections, according to Tuazon.

“I doubt whether there’s enough sympathy vote that can be marshaled especially since Leni is not known nationally,” he said.

Robredo, the widow of good governance icon Jesse Robredo, on Monday formally accepted the Liberal Party draft to team up with Roxas in the 2016 polls after the party failed to convince its original choice, Sen. Grace Poe, to remain with the Liberal Party.

Robredo initially turned down the idea because she believes that she still lacks the experience and that her children were opposed to it.

The President, in his speech at the historic Club Filipino in San Juan City (Metro Manila) likened Robredo to his mother, the late President Corazon “Cory” Aquino, who was an ordinary housewife who lost her husband and was called to lead the country despite having no political ambition.

But Tuazon said that while there are some similarities between them, Cory Aquino had a long national exposure as wife of former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.

In the 1986 snap presidential elections, Tuazon said,  Cory had the support of the United States, which wanted then-strongman President Ferdinand Marcos out of power.
Robredo does not have a “similar fame,” the analyst added.

Besides, Tuazon said, the Bicol Region vote will be split between her and Senators Francis
“Chiz” Escudero, Gregorio Honasan and Antonio Trillanes 4th.
Unlike Robredo, he added, the other contenders for Vice President are national figures and have been tested in national elections with their own respective bailiwicks and turfs.

Tuazon also noted that all of them, including Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., who also expressed his intention to run for Vice President, are lawmakers with some degree of public visibility as legislative leaders.

But among the vice presidential contenders, he said, Escudero definitely has the edge for having been considered a presidential contender in 2010.

Tuazon added that  Escudero remains popular among the youth, students and the show business audience that could help bring votes for him.

His closest opponent, he said, will be Marcos, who is also popular in some sectors and could even get the support of the Ilocos Region.

“If the surveys are correct and if elections were held today Chiz remains the VP bet to beat,” according to Tuazon.

Male-dominated field favors Poe, Robredo

Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. also on Tuesday said dominance of male candidates in next year’s elections would be favorable to Sen. Grace Poe and Robredo.

“You will note that at the beginning, I wanted [senator]Alan [Cayetano] to be the candidate because Alan is a fighter. But now, with males going at each other since they are not exactly the best of friends in the Senate anyway, I would think the two females there will stand out,” he told reporters.

“For all this time, we had always thought that Grace Poe and Chiz were the strongest for everybody, but now I think they’re just about the same. Leni, who is a lawyer, has also a life story of her own that’s worth talking about. The next few months will spell the difference,” Belmonte said.



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  1. I am not supporting Leni just because I don’t like, I’m not supporting her because I know that LP is just using her. Let’s just look how inconsistent our president is: Let’s not forget about what he did when Jesse was DILG secretary. So Mr. President, are you really supporting Leni or you’re just desperate because LP has an urgent political need?

  2. Hello folks! Is there such thing as ‘daang matuwid’ in politics? C’mon, we all know better than that. Politics, as we know, is a dirty game, always dirty. Why? Because if you can make the majority of people believe that you’ll give them the moon and the stars once elected, you are the best politician. So you win, and with the win you get power, then power begets money which begets more money, then it gets dirty, sometimes real dirty. So, where does the ‘daang matuwid’ come in, where is the moon and the stars for the poor folks, no more!

    The sad thing is whether we like it or not, whether we vote or not, our lives will always be governed by politicians, dirty politicians. So what can we do, select the lesser evil maybe. Or how about joining ISIS? No, we don’t do that folks. Let’s just leave things to the LORD. That’s the best thing to do. Long live the Pinoys!

  3. Of all the VP candidates, it’s Marcos had the edge. They have the SOLID NORTH as well as the VISAYAS votes for a fact that Imelda Marcos came from Leyte. Marcos has also the support of all Muslims particularly during the BBL deliberations at Mindanao wherein all groups/sectors not only MILF has been considered in Marcos Bill for BBL.

  4. BBM will give a real run for the other Veep candidates’ money. I don’t think Mrs. Robredo is popular enough in other regions and she will have to share the Bicolano votes; Escudero is a flip-flop; the others are ‘lightweights’ to reckon with, as far as the Veep position is concerned.

    BBM has the executive and legislative experiences (not to mention the name); have the ‘solid north’ which still exists, believe it or not; a very close family and political ties in the Visayas and the support of the smaller family groups in Mindanao having been given a voice in the BBL and the support of ‘strongman Duterte.

    Mrs. Robredo will be carrying a ‘heavy’ load!