• Dad spends only 56 mins with their son, says study


    Because fathers spend most of their time at work to bring home the bacon, dads spend an average of only 56 minutes a day with their sons. But while fathers today work harder than ever, it is still important that their relationships are never compromised.

    According to Carmie de Leon, vice president for sales and marketing of Healthway Medical, fathers play a huge role in their son’s development, and the quality of time they spend together is important in preparation for manhood.

    “A dad’s presence can do much to motivate their child to understand the ways of life and give them the emotional stability they need in going through the ups and downs of daily life,” de Leon says.

    She adds, “With the mounting financial woes every Filipino household have to face, fathers have no choice but to spend more time at work. Summer may be the time for fathers to spend time with their son during one of the most crucial events in his life—his passage to manhood.”

    A study shows that fatherly love is critical to a child’s development, and that a son needs his father more than his mother at specific turning points in his life.

    “Moreover, boy’s passage to manhood is more than just a traditional Filipino practice; it lessens his risks of acquiring infections and is therefore beneficial to his health. On the other hand in such a daunting situation as an impending circumcision, it is a boy’s father who can help ease his fears and explain to him why he needs to go through it.”

    Log on to www.healthway.com.ph for additional advice on how to prepare young boys for the procedure.


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