Daddies who love to ‘selfie’

Ginebra’s LA Tenorio with his boys Santi and Sian

Ginebra’s LA Tenorio with his boys Santi and Sian

Most often in the family, mothers take charge of preserving memories by making photo albums, scrap books and the like. But thanks to the advent of smartphone technology, fathers now have the tool to “freeze” unforgettable moments with the family too.

With this shift also comes the need for a good smartphone camera that could deliver clear images to last a lifetime. This is what LG G4 best delivers. Launched only in May in the Philippines, LG’s flagship phone for 2015 boasts of one of the most powerful cameras in the tech scene today.

Filipino athletes and celebrities attest to this as they are now discovering the joy and wonder of taking unlimited selfies with, or photos of their kids.

Celebrity Troy Montero with son Hunter

Celebrity Troy Montero with son Hunter

Take for example basketball legend Alvin Patrimonio, who tells The Manila Times via e-mail, “I’m really enjoying the LG G4 because my kids love taking photos with my phone.”

He adds, “It’s nice to see that when I do get my phone back, it’s filled with their smiling, happy faces. That’s just priceless.”

According to Patrimonio, he appreciates the surprise photos of his children— Christine, Angelo, Clarice and Asher—even more because they always come out bright and well-lighted.

This is because of LG G4’s 16-megapixel lens with F1.8-industry wide aperture that captures stunning images even under less ideal lighting conditions. The combination allows the rear camera to get 80 percent more light than usual smartphone lenses.

Another basketball star, LA Tenorio of Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, also relies his phone especially when he is away. He explains, “I’m away a lot but this is where a trusty smartphone comes into play. I can fill my LG G4 with photos of my family and with its long battery life I can connect with my family for hours on end.”

Tenorio is married to Chesca Bugia and they have two young boys named Santi and Sian. “My family is everything to me,” he shares.

Just like Tenorio, Philippine National Football player Chris Greatwich also raves about LG G4’s long battery life powered by a high-capacity 3,000mAh.

Askals player Chris Greatwich is a new dad to baby Nico

Askals player Chris Greatwich is a new dad to baby Nico

Greatwich, who recently became a father to a baby boy, reveals, “I can just take photos and videos of Nico the whole day because of its long battery life. I’m new at being a dad and I love every moment of it and I want to make sure that I won’t miss anything.”

On the other hand, Chucho Martinez, husband of model Mikaela Lagdameo, now prefers LG G4 over bulky and heavy digital cameras because it can also function like a DSLR. Through a manual mode, he can be more artistic by directly controlling the focus, shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation and white balance for every shot. He can also save photos in RAW format just like professional photographers.

“My family and I love to travel a lot. I think the best way to make moments like those last is through a really good picture, and it’s possible with the LG G4’s manual mode,” he says on maximizing the phone’s feature.

For celebrity dad Troy Montero, what he enjoys best about G4 is the fact that he could bond with his son Hunter to actress Aubrey Miles. “My son and I have a lot of goofy moments. That’s why I love the phone because it lets me take photos of Hunter at those hard-to-capture moments and laugh about it even years later,” he explains.

Indeed, G4’s selfies good enough to frame as its front camera comes with 8 megapixels for sharp, detailed portraits and group shots.

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