Dagdag-bawas spreading – Marcos


SENATOR Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Wednesday urged the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to act on complaints from Filipinos overseas voters that the name of the candidate they voted for did not appear on the voting receipts generated by the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines.

“I am losing votes, only me. My votes are credited to others. This is happening to me alone,” Marcos said in an interview in Makati City (Metro Manila).

“The latest complaint was in California where the voter was even scolded by the Board of Election Inspectors(BEI) who told the voter to go home after tearing the voter’s receipt,” the senator added.

He said many similar complaints have reached their camp.

“The moment we receive the complaint, we approach the person and assist him in submitting the complaint to the Comelec,” according to Marcos.

So far, incidents of dagdag-bawas (vote padding-vote shaving) have been reported in Hong Kong, Dubai, Kuwait, Okinawa (Japan) and the United States.

Many incidents were also posted on social media, particularly on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Sandro Marcos, 22, eldest son of the vice presidential aspirant, said he created a Snapshot account for his father so he could monitor the social media postings.

The Marcoses are avid followers of social media trends.

“I feel I am still part of it,” the elder Marcos told social media reporters. He said he was the author of the law that created the Youth Commission.

At the same time, the senator pushed for a Magna Carta for Call Center Workers as he cited the many labor and health issues facing them.

With more than one million call center agents in the country, Marcos said there is a need to address their working conditions to make sure these are in line with international labor standards.

“There are reports that many of our workers in the call center industry do not get proper compensation that is based on international standards. There is need for a specific body to make sure that they are not discriminated upon,” he added.

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago had filed Senate Bill 57 or the Magna Carta for Call Center Workers to enforce the right of call center workers to organize and establish regulations to ensure their welfare.

Marcos said there is also a need to look into various health issues being faced by call center workers.

According to a study by the International Labor Organization, call center workers face serious health risks that include high blood pressure, sleep disorders, diabetes and obesity.

“This is because call center workers work long hours and usually during the graveyard shift. They spend most of their time sitting down in a high-pressure environment. Such situation puts a toll on their health and we have to protect them,” Marcos said.


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  1. Estela Naoha on

    Is this daang matuwid … play the game fair and square do not use unfair tactics because you are a looser….No to Lp….Big big NO

  2. taga palm springs on

    May I ask the Patriotic or even OFWS to pray hard to God that all the cheaters will be identified so that this dishonesty will be put into the limelight by the Media!

  3. … a clear dayaan in 2016 Election… confidence is very great but in another perspective…confidence that they will pull it out at the last stretch through MANY FORMS OF MANIPULATIONS…. IT’S AS CLEAR AS DAYLIGHT….

  4. Jazmine dela cruz on

    Kakayiha kayo daang matuwid daw! Pwe! Confident c bakla roxas na mananalo because they will cheat.do you think in survey, roxas still no. 3 and 4 but this coming in may 9 mar said he will win? I dont believe him.

  5. mind control thru surveys cannot dictate actual voters preference. agents of bobong marcos should sue if they have evidence.

  6. Catalino Garcia on

    No wonder Roxas and Leni are so confident in winning the elections. Ito ba ang Daang Matuwid. Shame shame shame

    • Because of the stupidty of Leni, she doesn’t know she’s sleeping with an enemy…..Everybody knows in Malacanang that Jesse Robredo as the DILG Sec, has a list of corrupt officials mostly coming from LP that he would want to expose. Its still a mystery why his aide survived the plane crash down to the deep waters of Masbate….

    • i agree with you, mr. tiglao, mr. tatad, mr. makabenta, can you do something that could awaken comelec and their cohorts…they’re pushing the people to the limits

  7. Marcos Jr. should be educated about the real truth in running a business if he himself has the brain. This London educated a son and raised by the former dictator who does not abide by the law and the constitution declared Martial Law to perpetuate himself in power for life. If Marcos Sr, was not overthrown by the FILIPINO People with the help of Divine Intervention his family would still be the Ultimate Dynasty rulers of the Philippines today. The very reasons why the Philippines gets the call center businesses is they cut themselves out of competitions by lowering their cost to do business, that offers substandard wages no or very minimal health benefits for the employees. If the Philippine Call Centers or (BPO) gives premium salaries and benefits do you think Philippines will get the business? you tell me McCoy Jr. Just like your deceased father you are twisting the facts and poisons the minds of the naive FLIPS to influence their minds to vote for you.You can’t hide your head in the sands like an Ostrich fool and pretend nothing has happened before. McCoy Jr. you may pretend to have a sharp and sweet tongue fooling you fellow FLIPs, but not all of the FLIPs will fall into your sweetened trap ok dookie!

    • They operate in the Philippines so they should abide by thelabor laws of the country. Why are you so bitter towards bongbong. He is the person concerned here so what’s the logic of bringing in his father into the issue. His intention for call center agents is well meant. what have you against the welfare of the call center agents ?

    • Tanong ko lang po ano ano na ba ang ini export natin sa ngayon na nakakatulong sa ekonomiya ?
      At sa nakalipas na mga taon halos mag thirty na gumanda ba ang pa mumuhay ng mga ordinary people? At tanong ko rin alam mo ba rin na noong mga panahon na yun malakas ang pag kalat ng idealogy na communism sa ASEAN ? At alam mo ba rin na halos lahat ng mga bansa sa palibot natin ay naging mga dictator? At kung dati ang patakaran sa labor ay kapag naka lagpas ka na sa 6 months provisionary ay may batas na man na gawin ka nang regular ?Anung nangyari nabaliktad na halos karamihan na ngayon contractual na lang wala nang security of tenure ano ang masasabi mo dito?PEACE TO ALL

    • You need to get your head out of your rear end and think about how foolish you sound. Don’t let your hatred towards the Marcoses cloud your pin head.
      First: Dagdag bawas issue: Marcos has every right to bring up the issue as no Filipino in their right mind would want their votes to be changed or cheated..i.e “Hello Garcie” all over.
      Second: Just because the Philippines is a poor country in general, does not mean foreign companies should be allowed to take advantage and the Filipino people. It is time for these companies to compensate their Filipino workers better so they can live a decent and comfortable life.

    • Amanda Paige on

      BBM is 100% right on everything he said describing this type of job you darn IDIOT! You don’t need to be educated anywhere and should pick up few lines to what was stated to learn a few!

      Ilocos is the only third province in the Philippines that operates BPO. The other 2 are in Manila and Cebu. Ilocos Norte being a first class province hosting BPO must have learned the facts about the pros and cons. The way offshoring is being implemented if you’ve read the statistics that, colonised or allied countries fluent with the language who are familiar with business practices and traditions are normally favoured beneficiaries. For example, countries like Singapore and Malaysia would normally get contracts from European countries while Philippines from the United States or Australia being close to Philippines and with ties with other businesses in Mindanao exploration.

      This “non-performing” but stressful supporting process type of job is dumping by the first worlds to their allies. What was said was the concerns for the exploitation of the workers safety, health and wellfare. You also have to take into account the dollar value from European countries double the U.S. currency. In the first worlds the Call center makes $36k to $46k full-time with benefits, sick calls and vacation pay. That’s P2 million per person spent in U.S. compared to P240,000 pesos a year or P20,000 per person a month in the Philippines.

      If a company in the Philippines charges P1 million per person a year and spends P240,000 (in gross ball park $3,000 to $700) for each employee in contractual basis, that’s plain exploitation pushing for a lower quality of life and disservice for Philippine’s highly skilled professionals.

    • You are out of order Mr. Palma. The topic here is about the obvious cheating of dagdag-bawas by the Comelec. Until now they have not address to this problem ignoring a complainant. To level you down, removing Marcos from office has its purpose from the Divine intervention so that the lies of the Aquino will come out. Marcos was the brains behind the 13th month pay, permanency of the contractuals and many employee benefits thats why the Oligarchs got angry. Aquinos have been fooling the Filipinos for 30 years and controlling the country with multi-Trillions peso budget spent without flagship projects unlike Marcos who has a P450B budget only for 20 years with so many flagship projects (San Juanico bridge, NLEX/SLEX, Heart Center, Lung Center, Kidney Center, power plants, LRT, Cultural Ctr, Folk Arts Theater, PICC, Reclammation area, thousands of bridges, roads, etc). While Cory decommsioned every project made by Marcos for the Filipinos including our military capabiliaties and weapons, BNPP, water spillway, then privatized and sequestered goverment institution, hospitals, power plants, etc .. … so that her relatives will take over without salary increase to the employees. Anyway to refresh you, here are the achivements of your vindictive President who always blame GMA and the constitutionalized Martial Law: Quirino Hostage taking, Unjustified Impeachment of Corona by giviing P50M for each Senator (except Arroyo, Marcos & Santiago), PDAF/DAP scandal, MRT/LRT woes, worst Ariport, worst traffic, laglag bala, LTO no plates/licenses, defective BBL program, SAF44 Massacre, Zamboanga Siege, Yolanda funds anomalies, Malampaya funds anomalies, Kidapawan Massacre, beheading of the Canadian, Sulu war, Tarlac farmers massacre, Mendiola massacre etc…Kindly add more failures please…..

    • Hoy Palma, you are the only person left who doesn’t believe that Marcos is the greatest Philippine President and Noynoy Aquino, the worst President. Historical truth has already revealed itself. Pity on you who is still in the denial stage.

  8. comelec should take this charges seriously before things get out of control. Vote buying is rampat and comelec seems to encourage this . 2 poonts and counting :(

    • Rolly, I agree with you. this will become ugly if Comelec will ignore it. People Power against the Aquino government may happen anytime after the election if there is an obvious cheating done by the Comelec. The danger here is, Aquino might order to shoot civilians just like the massacres of the poor farmers. Unlike Marcos who stopped General Ver to attack the people of EDSA 1 thats why EDSA 1 became bloodless revolution. Aquino has no heart for the poor, they are genuine oligarch.

    • kailangan na talaga c D30 para maparusahan ang mapang abusong comelec at manipulators nito…sobra na ang kasalukuyang gobyerno, puro kasinungalingan at panlilinlang sa tao para maisulong lamang ang intererest ng ilang negosyante magkakasosyo…