Danilo Atienza airport proposed as 3rd runway


    ALL-ASIA Resources and Reclamation Corp. will use the Danilo Atienza airport in Sangley as a third runway to handle private jets and low-cost carriers to complement two long independent runways in its proposed international gateway airport .

    ARRC is pushing for an alternate gateway to the already congested Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila.

    “We have submitted an unsolicited proposal to rehabilitate Danilo Atienza and finish it in one year. If the government accepts this, we can absorb all general aviation from NAIA and some low-cost carriers so NAIA can handle more commercial flights,” said Edmundo Lim, vice chairman of ARRC, in a statement over the weekend.

    According to Lim, the government does not have to spend a single centavo on the Danilo Atienza airport and the international gateway airport projects.

    “We have long been ready with our foreign partners to do both. Hopefully the government decides soon enough even for the Danilo Atienza project, only because it will make NAIA more efficient,” Lim said.

    Aside from being a solution to ease traffic congestion in Metro Manila, Lim also pointed out the need in Luzon for a new gateway and for Clark to handle both the northern and southern markets.

    “We need two international airports. The millions of passengers from Pasay, Paranaque, Cavite and Batangas, for example, should not travel north via the streets of Metro Manila to fly. The same goes for those from Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac and Pangasinan who do not have travel to Manila,” he said.

    According to ARRC, it could finish its gateway project within five years upon receipt of notice to proceed.

    A manufacturing hub and a seaport will complement the airport proposal, which are to be located on a 2,500-hectare property it proposes to reclaim just off the Danilo Atienza airport.

    “This would make it convenient for manufacturers to bring in their raw materials and ship out their finished products because the seaport and airport are just next door,” he added.


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