Danish Embassy supports Stairway Foundation


Break the silence.

This is the resounding campaign of non-governmental organization (NGO) Stairway Foundation Inc. (SFI) in their fight against child abuse.  And they did make a noise at the Forbes Park residence of Danish Ambassador Jan Top Christensen no less.

The gathering, aimed to promote SFI’s fundraising concert in June featuring the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra and the Manila Symphony Orchestra, saw children of SFI in a performance of Cracked Mirrors—a theatre play chronicling three stories of child sexual abuse and exploitation. The artistic advocacy effectively raised awareness among those who attended the event.

The Danish Embassy has thrown its full support behind the projects of SFI especially because one of its founders, Lars Jorgensen is a Danish national.

Together with his wife Monica Ray, Jorgensen established SFI in Puerto Galera in 1990.  The husband and wife team also founded Stairway Denmark in 1993, a sister organization that is mainly focused on international funding.

Cracked Mirrors was written by Ray who serves as SFI’s artistic director, and has been on tour in many countries for the last decade.  The play’s actors, Susan, Johnnie, and Jhao were former street children and survivors of abuse who were taken in by the organization.

After the performance, the three recalled how their experiences with abuse were not far from the situations of the characters they portray. Today, they now work as volunteers at SFI’s shelter for children in Puerto Galera.

According to foundation director Jorgensen, they had not expected to show Cracked Mirrors for so many years. They kept on going because the show actually encourages victims of abuse to come out and talk about their won experiences.  Thus, the silence that SFI had aimed to break in the last 25 years is being heard.

In its continued efforts to raise funds to help victims of abuse and to celebrate their 25th anniversary, the public is invited to the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra and the Manila Symphony Orchestra concert on June 5 at the Fine Arts Theatre of the International School Manila. All proceeds from the concert will be donated to the foundation.

For more information, log on to www.stairwayfoundation.org or e-mail info@stairwayfoundation.org


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  1. Please read father Shay Cullens article entitled ”The Injustice of it all” about the murder of a young street child whilst in custody of the police
    It was published this last Sunday on page 5 .It is horrific. It also describes my own ongoing suffering under injustice in the Philippines.
    See http://www.bringeannahome.com
    Who is going to give this girl, Chastity her justice? What are you going to do?