• Danish firm to bring wind power to Ilocos


    A private company from Denmark, Vestas, will soon start operating a 150-megawatt wind farm in Burgos town in Ilocos Norte, according to Denmark’s Ambassador to Manila Jan Top Christensen.

    In a roundtable with The Manila Times editors and reporters on Monday, Christensen said the Energy Development Corp. (EDC), which commissioned Vestas, is just putting the finishing touches to the project, which will provide power to two million households.

    Vestas is the world’s biggest manufacturer of wind turbines.

    The Burgos Wind Project costs $300 million. Once it kicks into operation, it will provide 233 GWh yearly and will augment power supply in Luzon.

    Christensen said a similar project is being undertaken in Singapore and other parts of the world, making Vestas the leading provider of windmill energy.

    “Even in Denmark, we are pushing for wind energy. We source one-third of our energy needs from wind. By 2020, we project [it to reach]50 percent. We want a fossil-free energy source,” he added.

    Other environment-friendly energy sources are also being studied such as solar power and biomass like those coming from coconut husk, sugar cane, rice and banana, among others.

    The ambassador said all these new sources of energy should be studied as an answer to climate change that is threatening all countries, including the Philippines, which in recent years had been hit by powerful typhoons.

    Christensen added that Danish inventors are studying converting glasses in houses into solar panels. This ambitious project is now seriously being considered because the Danish government aims to attain higher gross domestic product using less energy.

    The envoy said Denmark is also eyeing other investment opportunities in the Philippines.
    He noted that a Danish company engaged in producing hearing aids has tapped Filipino workers.

    “At the Philippine Export Zone Authority in Batangas, Sonion firm has employed 2,000 Filipinos in making advanced hearing acoustic aid. The components are so small and tiny and Filipinos are very good in assembling the components,” the ambassador said.

    He added that more trade exchanges are expected between Manila and Copenhagen, including cultural tours.

    Denmark only has five million population but its citizens are the happiest people in the world based on the global happiness index.

    “I pay more than 50 percent of my salary to the government. But we don’t mind because we see results. We are provided with excellent health services, free hospital, free surgery.

    Our university education is totally free. One of our only two universities is the best in the world. Our roads are the best and safest, our energy system is excellent. Whatever you wish as a citizen is provided,” Christensen said.


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    1. While this project is good and much needed by our country, locating it in Ilocos Norte could signal Bong Bong Marcos’ , intention to be a presidential candidate in 2016 His “helehele” speach not long before the Rotary Club of Makati, with the tone and diction of his late father are all together, is pushing his dream to follow his late father.

    2. What about along the coast of Zambales?
      Are “Wind Turbines” feasible? If so, I can
      offer my place at Sitio Suquit, Bgy. Sto. Nino,
      San Felipe, Zambales, “Experimental Station”
      to start a project.