Danny Trevathan has Super Bowl ring delivered to Halas Hall


After his minicamp weight room session on Wednesday (Thursday in Manila), Chicago Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan met the media at Halas Hall with an attention-grabbing new piece of jewelry — his massive 10-karat white-and-gold ring with a total of 212 diamonds set in. Trevathan didn’t mind showing it off either.

It was yet another reward to Trevathan for being part of last season’s Super Bowl-winning Denver Broncos.

Trevathan wore the championship ring on his left index finger, happily showing it off for the cameras and recoiling with amusement when one reporter joked that the ring was just a tad too small.

“You must be looking at the wrong ring, baby,” Trevathan said.

Trevathan’s championship ring was delivered to Halas Hall on Wednesday morning and brought directly to him on the field by general manager Ryan Pace.

“I was like, ‘What is that?’ “ Trevathan said. “I kind of knew. And I’m thinking, ‘Oh, man, here it is now. Let me go ahead and open this box and show these guys what it’s all about.’ “

Trevathan admitted he wanted his teammates to take notice of the ring’s splendor, to understand the hard work required to earn it.

“I want them to know that this is what it’s all about,” Trevathan said. “I know what it takes now. You have to put in these days. You have to work. You have to be smart. You have to take care of each other.”

As for letting teammates try on the ring, Trevathan was a little more hesitant.

“I can loan it to them,” he said. “But I’d have to take a down payment.”

The breakup: Over the past month, rookie Leonard Floyd has shown flashes of his athleticism both as a pass rusher and as an outside linebacker who can make plays in coverage. During Wednesday’s practice, Floyd used his quickness, vision and length to swat away a Brian Hoyer pass over the middle, a big play that caused several of his defensive teammates to erupt in celebration.

Floyd continues to try to add weight to his rangy frame. But his speed and football intelligence are also helping to ease his transition into the NFL.

“I have a little brain fart every now and then,” Floyd said. “But other than that I’ve been doing [well].”

Summer break: The Bears’ final minicamp practice will be held Thursday morning, the team’s last gathering together until the opening of training camp in late July. The Bears will report to camp in Bourbonnais on July 27 with their first practice the following morning.



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