DAP: A tale of bribery, greed, and Hacienda Luisita


“The Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) was implemented in good faith, and it stimulated the economy as was its intent,” President Aquino’s usually clueless spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said as he wriggled to defend what the Supreme Court ruled the other day as unconstitutional. Lies from Lacierda are becoming too commonplace.

The Supreme Court should take to task the Aquino government for misleading it by citing the World Bank’s March 2012 report that the DAP contributed “1.3 percentage points to GDP growth in the fourth quarter” (of 2011).”

How could that happen, when the DAP started only in November 2011 and released less than P20 billion in the last two months of the year? Indeed, the World Bank’s subsequent reports back-pedaled on its view of the DAP’s contribution to the country’s economic growth.

The World Bank noted in its updated December 2012 report that DAP represented a mere realignment of funds, which “does not guarantee sustained improvement in public spending to address growth and poverty targets.”

Even if it represented some increase in spending, the World Bank pointed out, “its contribution to gross domestic product growth is still miniscule (at less than 0.01 percentage point) given its relatively small amount (P40 billion) relative to the size of the economy (P10 trillion). “
Look at the numbers, and you’ll see the argument that the DAP stimulated the economy is so stupid. The P142 billion released in 2011 and 2012 is just 0.8 percent of the P20 trillion GDP for those years, and 5 percent of government expenditures.

While the DAP money (totaling P157.5 billion, including the P15.3 released in 2013) disbursed in three years is indeed tiny compared to the economy or the national budget, a major chunk of this—at least P34 billion—represented probably the biggest slush fund ever held solely by a president to spend at his whim in just two years.

Hacienda Luisita
The root of this DAP saga is the Hacienda Luisita case.

By July 2011, President Aquino had told his key inner circle that by hook or by crook Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona must be removed. He claimed that the Gloria Arroyo-appointee would impede his anti-corruption campaign.

Aquino’s real reason was that he and his Cojuangco clan had become desperate to reverse the Supreme Court decision issued that month. The ruling voided the fake land reform in 1989 of his family’s Hacienda Luisita (which then agrarian reform secretary Florencio Abad implemented) and ordered the hacienda’s land to be distributed to its farmers.

The Cojuangcos, according to the Supreme Court, should be given fair and just compensation of P173 million, or Hacienda Luisita’s 1989 value when the landlords undertook their fake land reform program. The landlord clan wanted P10 billion, its present market value.

Aquino’s appointee to the Supreme Court, the very inexperienced classmate of his, Lourdes Sereno, couldn’t convince the Court to increase the payment to the clan from P173 million to P10 billion. I was told then that Sereno herself told Aquino that there was no way for her to sway the Court if Corona remained as chief justice.

He had to be removed, and that could be done only through impeachment.

The problem obviously is that Congress would have to be bribed for that to happen, and the existing source for the bribes, the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), wasn’t enough to push the legislators to undertake such an unprecedented action, even if Aquino and Congress more than tripled the pork barrel fund from P7 billion in 2010 to P22 billion in 2011.

Enter Aquino’s brain trust, Abad. He wasn’t appointed to the Budget post for nothing.

If Abad could tutor pork-scam queen Janet Lim Napoles on how to use non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to steal taxpayers’ money, as she alleged in her affidavit, he certainly had the expertise to advise Aquino how to create a secret slush fund out of the budget.

This is the DAP, whose illegal, unconstitutional features the Supreme Court decision analyzed in much detail.

Cloaking the slush fund
To cloak the creation of the bribe-money fund, Aquino and Abad claimed it was intended to stimulate the economy by releasing funds to the system. It’s the ancient classic trick of tricksters: mix the bad tomatoes with the good.

Indeed, one usually naive columnist (not in The Manila Times) praised the DAP for allocating P1.6 billion for the Disaster Risk Exposure and Assessment for Mitigation (DREAM), a project to forecast floods more accurately. The columnist concluded, “Lost in the subsequent hullabaloo (after Senator Jinggoy Estrada exposed the existence of the DAP) were the other uses for the DAP which were not just legitimate but urgent as well.”

I don’t think that even that columnist would argue that the following uses of the DAP were legitimate and urgent:

• P5 billion to bribe the House of Representatives (at P15 million each) to file the impeachment proceedings against Corona, and P1.1 billion to the 16 senators to convict him. (See details, including the evidence, in my column, “DBM data confirms P100M ‘bribe’ to 16 senators each,” October 5, 2013.)

• P9 billion, called the Transition Investment Support Program (TISP), to provincial and municipal officials of the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) for them to acquiesce in Aquino’s pact with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front that would create a Bangsamoro substate in the region. (See my column last Wednesday, “Aquino used P9 billion for his Nobel Prize fantasy.)

That the DAP’s TISP could be worse than the PDAF-funded ghost deliveries in local projects, or were outright bribes, is indicated in the Commission on Audit’s review of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

According to the COA audit, P613 million of the TISP was used to fund potable water projects in ARMM in 74 municipalities in the region’s five provinces, released directly to the local governments from October 2011 to Dec. 17, 2012. “At year-end (2012),” the COA report said, “no water system had so far been constructed.”

Bribing LGUs
Shocked in the 2010 elections by Vice President Jejomar Binay’s hidden strength among local government leaders (reportedly developed through such means as donations of ambulances to towns), Aquino and Abad used the DAP to counter the 2016 presidential candidate’s base among local governments.

It allocated P6.5 billion from the DAP fund for what is essentially a pork-barrel scheme —practically a give-away—for local governments down to the municipal level, euphemistically called LGU (Local Government Unit) Support Fund.

The Fund was disguised as something intended to augment the internal revenue allotments of provincial and municipal governments which had fallen because of national government shortfalls in its revenues. The annual budget approved by Congress actually has a regular allocation for the LGU Support Fund of P200 million.

How much did Aquino allocate from the DAP? A total of P6.5 billion, disbursed practically at the discretion of Abad and DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, who not coincidentally still believes he will be the Liberal Party’s candidate for president in 2016.

What indicates an anomalous irregularity, though, is that the COA’s audit reports of the DILG for 2011 and 2012 do not contain any reference at all to this P6.5 billion LGU Support Fund coming from the DAP.

The only reference to DAP funds was in the 2012 audit which reported that out of the P1 billion given to the so-called “Performance Challenge Fund” for local governments—in essence another form of pork-barrel, disguised as awards for good governance by an LGU—P253 million came from the “DBM’s Disbursement Acceleration Fund.”

According to Abad’s memorandum to Mr. Aquino of October 12, 2011 which in effect set up the DAP after the president’s signed approval, other projects it would fund would be “DPWH: Various infrastructure projects” for P5.5 billion and “various Other Local Projects” for P6.5 billion.

Since it would be entirely at Abad and Aquino’s discretion what “other projects” these would be, the funds obviously could be used as bribes for political leaders in whose district or area these will be implemented.

A perfect crime
The DAP was, as it were, a perfect crime that nobody knew anything about until Senator Jinggoy Estrada in September last year exposed it and claimed that senators were each given P50 million for voting in favor of the impeachment of Corona — and Abad rather stupidly claimed that it was part of the then unheard-of DAP.

If this DAP hadn’t been exposed, do you think Aquino would have ended it, or not used its template for similar slush funds?

A strange DAP allocation was P750 million as “Development Assistance to the Province of Quezon.” The amount is huge, half of the usual P1.4 billion internal revenue allotment to the province. Why Quezon, which isn’t even among the 15 provinces where poverty incidence is highest? Was Senator Edgardo Angara so clever as to demand that amount from Aquino for his son to run as senator and support his administration?

I reviewed the COA audits for 2011 and 2012 of government entities through which the DAP fund releases were coursed. The audits do not contain, except for very few mentions, any reference or examination of the DAP.

The COA came up with special reports involving P41 billion of PDAF money and P900 million of Malampaya funds. But it hasn’t undertaken any audit of the P157 billion DAP funds that were not even authorized by Congress. Worse, the DAP appears to be missing in the COA audits of government entities which supposedly received them.

A glaring case is the P750 million “development assistance for Quezon” which isn’t in the provinces financial statements for 2011 and 2012, as reported by COA. Was this fund diverted, or simply missing? How much of DAP funds have not been audited by the COA, or are even missing?

Did the COA, supposedly an independent entity and the guardian of the taxpayer’s money, close its eyes on Aquino’s creation of his pool of bribe money, and even evaded auditing it?

And will the reward for this “collaboration” be COA chair Ma. Gracia Pulido-Tan’s appointment to the Supreme Court? More on this in my column on Monday.

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  1. Alejo Rosete on

    Ambassador Tiglao keep up the good work. Very well documented. You are exceptional columnist. Of all the columnist, you got the most response.

    Good work Manila Times

  2. Just a thought, Penoy must have orchestrated all this even before he was in office. Remove justice Corona so he can manipulate the SC into doing what he wants like what is happening now in the pdaf scam. Then announce a destabilization of government to declare some sort of martial law and stay in power until after 2016… Far fetched but possible.

  3. As I heard from radio commentary PDAF was earlier declared by SC as unconstitutional before DAP. Why nobody talking about it? Meaning to say it was long time a bad practice of the government. Why just now SC declared it unconstitutional. Is it not because the president appointed noble chief justice Sereno? Why the big three senators is on jail? Is it not because the president appointed brave and straight forward Morales. Why on Corona’s time, with all sorts of corruption it never gone far like now? Why Fidel Ramos as a soldier haven’t modernize the AFP? Why GMA as an economist, put our country in big debt. Why there is no media killings, salvages and massacres now despite of left and right corruption and critics???
    Is it not an indication that democracy was restored and system changed? I saw a bright light when the supreme court ruled out against DAP and PDAF. I hope there will be no more corrupt officials that will run again because there is no more money for their pocket.
    Analytically Pnoy just played with the congressmen and senators to survive. With his abolition of PDAF he need the DAP to gain support for his campaign for progress. Then he put straight leaders like Morales and Sereno to pursue his “daang matuwid” ambition even it will cause him trouble like now.. Without this DAP, he is already impeached long time ago. If we didn’t see progress in our system and economy… why airports were being congested? Because more tourists coming in… Why always traffic in manila? Because more people can buy cars now and the streets is not enough. Go to the provinces.. Why shopping malls and housing projects are booming? Because more people can afford to buy and foreigners also attracted to live here. There are so many things we have in progress now.. Here in my province, left and right have a road widening working 24/7. Only we are blinded by Pnoy’s critics for their own interest. I dont care what you will say against the president.. What I do care was He is far better than the previous administrations. Before we believe what we read or see… research first whose talking! Mr. Tiglao is an ally of GMA.

    • sonny cabrales on

      Tiglao maybe a GMA ally but his writings are sensible and supported by facts. Aquino’s wrongdoings are so glaring it’s not surprising he doesn’t want to get rid of Abad. These two share some secrets they will carry to their graves.

  4. Migs Doromal on

    RT, you are doing a great service to the nation. “Keep up the good work!” That was how our grade school teachers would put it or comment on our report cards when we have rightfully earned such recognition and acknowledgment.

    At this point in our political crisis – where our leaders in Congress are themselves accessories and partners to the crime committed by the Chief Executive and where Congress itself is using its powers to intimidate and coerce the Supreme Court – a co-equal branch of government which has not succumbed to BS Aquino’s childish vendetta, the only available recourse left is for the Filipino people to mount a revolution. Absent that, an extra-constitutional remedy is deemed necessary to restore order and accountability to this otherwise “run-like hell by Filipinos nation.”

    A coup d’etat must be in order.

  5. Get Rid Of Aquinos Now – GROAN
    Burahin na natin ang Commander Dante, at ang tangang treasurer ng NPA, at lalung lalo na ang anak nilang BS na socialista sa bayan natin.

  6. Johnny Cacatian on

    I admire Tiglao. He’s one of a few who makes excellent journalistic piece supported by data! Keep up the good work!

  7. SALVACION CAHAYAG, I think you may have misunderstood me. I didnt say he didnt do it but i saw on the tele they said if it was done in good faith it is ok. Now if thats the law its stupid. How can it be done in good faith. These are supposed to be highly intelligent people. Many of them have a legal background so they must know something of the law. But it says if they use in good faith as their defence they will win thir case. & nothing surprises me in the philippines as they always seem to look after their own.

    Tell me what is this bank secrecy for, im sure its just there for the crooks who have money thats illegal is to hide it, if not then why isnt it there for all with a normal peso account. If there were no bank secrecy law corona would have been found out long before & many more would get caught so much easier as you cant hide money like that easily. Im sure there isnt a single politician who isnt guilty of stealing money from this country at one time or another.

    I dont worry to much if the president & his cohorts arnt chased to show who in their ranks is involved as im sure the next government will or hopefully will. But i see these problems never getting sorted in my lifetime, do you.

    • Done in good faith? No its not …if it was done in good faith they should have asked the Congress for more funding because its the duty of the congress to pass legislation for funding of government allocations,they want to keep the existence DAP in secret…now that is the reason why this president reneged on his promise to push for FOI law…

  8. NOD if You Agree on

    This should be translated to Filipino and shared with the masses. Masyado parin marami ang naniniwala sa B.S. ni B.S. Aquino.

  9. One thing that foreign investors look when investing their capital is the economic and social condition of the country where they are investing their money. I don’t have any doubt that Pres. Aquiino made a mistake about DAP. What I am saying is that there is no proof to say that the money from DAP went to the pockets of the President unlike PDAF.

    Now, if the Filipino people want to impeach the President well, that is their prerogative. But, I hope the people will think about this matter real well. Remember, when you do this act, this will not only create a political but an economic implication too. Please, don’t allow your emotion to cloud your minds. Remember, there will be thousands of your countrymen who will be unemployed if the Philippine economy will collapse due to this problem.

    • Euros are better than your dollar on

      What makes you think that the Philippine economy will collapse just because of an impeached President? Do you have facts to support these claims? I hope you do because if not, then you’re just blowing fart just to post a comment.

    • Jake d' Snake on

      Collapse? Only BS Aquino’s mind will collapse as soon as he is dragged out of the palace. We should not allow further fund divertions esp. now that 2016 elections is coming. For sure the Abn0y will use govt. funds to support his candidates and to make sure he will not be brought to court whoever will replace him.

  10. I must say that this was already expected of pnoy and abad. the impeachment of corona was a shameful act first and foremost. and the dots are so closely connected thanks to you Mr Tiglao. I admire the research you did to prove what is wrong with the present government. I saw a documentary how the family of pnoy amassed all these lands and as a skeptic, I did not jump to conclusion. However, my wise father during the time of marcos was saying that ninoy Aquino may not even be the president we expected him to be had he lived to be one. It was all due to the background of the family, the hacienda luisita and how it came to be. Connect the dots, follow the trail. Everything comes into place. With pnoys add or adhd, whatever, he needs all the attention to him alone and his friends to that to please him but of course, for themselves to partake the pie. This is actually a first, a president who is intent on demolishing all his political opponents instead of focusing on governance. All words, that is all, no wang wang, who cares? what we care is the money that belongs to the people should go back to the people. Down to all of them next election and if they win, let us move to the streets.

  11. Then Mr Cahayag impeach your President and see the collapse of your economy. Do I care? Nope.!! In fact, I will be singing “Happy days are here again” The dollar will certainly hit 60 or 70 pesos and I be thanking you. Most foreign investors will withdraw their capital from the Philippines and put it somewhere else. That will be the time you will learn how good your President is running your economy except that by then it will too late because he is gone.

    • The economy will not collapse if BS Aquino is impeached the economy will collapse if the OFWs stop sending money to the Philippines.

  12. californiaflip on

    What is remarkable about the SC Declaration, is that the majority of the SC are PNoy appointees. What gives?

    • Correction only 4 of the justices are BSA appointee they are SC Lourdes Sereno, Marvic Leonen, Bienvenido Reyes, and Estela Perlas Bernabe.


    This George Acevedo and Dustin seem not to see and understand what this abnoy
    and abad did to the country. What proof are you talking about? The Supreme
    Court already dicided that what they did (DAP & PDAP) are unconstitutional. Are
    these to you not proof. Even an elementary pupil knows and understand that
    stealing and using the taxpayers money, your money is against the law. So, what
    do you do when somebody in this case the president of your country malverse
    your money. In your case because you seem to favor these kind of people, you
    can go to hell.

  14. Mr. Tiglao, thanks for your good and factual information that many Filipinos need to be aware of. Accdg to your article that have a sitting CJ named Sereno who had connived with the sitting President tp remove a former CJ Renato Corona, that the President must impeach Corona for Sereno to overturn the Hacienda Luisita ruling ” And recently Sereno reportedly lied to other SC justices that all SC justices have opted out of voting for the replacement of SC Justice Abad in favor of COA Grace Pulito-Tan , the preferred appointee of the President and refused Jardeleza’s to be included in the list. It shows that the executive branch influenced the Judicial branch and vice-versa . Isn’t this a form of violation of our Constitution in reference to separation of powers? If it is, then the current CJ Sereno has committed impeachable offense as well as the President., not only once but twice.

    • I must say that this was already expected of pnoy and abad. the impeachment of corona was a shameful act first and foremost. and the dots are so closely connected thanks to you Mr Tiglao. I admire the research you did to prove what is wrong with the present government. I saw a documentary how the family of pnoy amassed all these lands and as a skeptic, I did not jump to conclusion. However, my wise father during the time of marcos was saying that ninoy Aquino may not even be the president we expected him to be had he lived to be one. It was all due to the background of the family, the hacienda luisita and how it came to be. Connect the dots, follow the trail. Everything comes into place. With pnoys add or adhd, whatever, he needs all the attention to him alone and his friends to that to please him but of course, for themselves to partake the pie. This is actually a first, a president who is intent on demolishing all his political opponents instead of focusing on governance. All words, that is all, no wang wang, who cares? what we care is the money that belongs to the people should go back to the people. Down to all of them next election and if they win, let us move to the streets.

  15. If Abnoy’s impeachment case matreializes, then guys observe DRILON and BELMONTE how good they are in doing jump ships, these 2 guys have perfected this act.

  16. Mr. Tiglao are you not tired bashing the President? You are becoming a one issue columnist. Don’t you have any issues against the opposition? Mr. Tiglao I challenge you to cite a modern day president with an economic record better than Pres. Aquino.
    Yes, DAP was wrong, but is there any proof that the money went to the pocket of the President? None whatsoever. This is where the difference between DAP and PDAF
    lies. Yet, your number one issue is DAP. Well, I hope President Aquino will be impeach so, I can start laughing when the Philippines economy goes to the gutter again. More power for my dollar.

    • Euros are better than your dollar on

      I think you’re missing the point. Please allow me to help you understand what all this means, It means that your beloved President created a mafia like funds for him to operate between the grey area of the law just so he could squash his opponents just because his family and cronies are getting hit by the courts, true that he may not have any for of monetary gain from DAP but surely for him power is more important than money. Economic fact: every year after ’86 PP the Philippine economy improved but not fast enough to compete within the region because of rooted corruption, social slavery and nepotism. And your claim to the dollar just makes you a JackA$$.

    • To prove your point the disbursement thru DAP must be audited….but this was a secret fund until Junggoy revealed its existence….now there’s the reason why this president is dragging his foot on the FOI bill

  17. ironically, the country should thank jinggoy for the expose. of course he did it to get even. good for us

  18. Mr Tiglao proves the government is corrupt.
    Now the Government shall also prove they are not.
    And this we are waiting to read.

  19. Ang bayang Philippinas problema ang sariling mga politico.

    Mag mula pa sa panahon ni Quezon impierno na ang resulta na nadadama ng mejoria ng mamayan dahil sa makasariling panunungkulan ng mga Politico.

    May kasalanan din ang mga ibang mamayan dahil nagpabayad sila sa mga politico upang manalo sa election. Ang isang dahilan ay nakapagdadaya sa mga programa ng mga computer upang manalo sa election.

    Kailangan baguhin ang systema sa election, limitahin ang contribution sa mga politico, huwag tumangap ng bayad o ipiagbili ang boto sa election.

    ilagay sa batas ang pagbitay sa mga politicong na sentensiahang pagnanakaw, plunder om curruption.

    Lipulin ang mga pinunu ng mga belede. Isa sila sa nagugulo sa bayan.Malulunasan
    ang malaking problema sa kapayapaan. Ang mga pinonu ng mga rebelde ang makasarili katulad din ng mga corrupt na Politico.

    Sa darating na election, huwag ng iboto ang mga politico na sangcop sa katiwalian.

  20. Thank you, Mr. Tiglao. We need Filipinos like you more than ever. Thank God for people like you. God bless you more.
    Ma ipamahagi sana ito sa mga botanteng madaling maloko!

  21. Sana ang tatlong maria,mga ambisyosang santita ay maimbestigahahan,kahit hindi maipakulong, mabunyang lamang angkanilang patisipasyon sa pamamanipula ni noynoy sa kaban ng bayan,kahihiyan ay maaring puedi ng kabayaran,yamang mahirap makakuha ng hustisya sa bansa natin!

  22. emgarciajr@gmail.com on




  23. emgarciajr@gmail.com on

    aynaku . dada ka ng dada……..tell us what you know of the anomalies guring GMAs time,

    because all her cronies are the same cronies raping the country again…….

    ano di ka kasama ngayon ?

    isamsama na lahat , from marcos to bs aquino…..special mentionand kulungan si Tabako Ramos and erap

  24. You may be correct in what you say, i dont know if you could prove it in a courrt of law, but there is no denying that corona had lied on his saln for many years & knowingly lied. How can you have a liar (about his net worth ) as the supreme court chief justice. If you think its ok then just look at what he did to that one woman government employee who didnt include her small market stall in her saln. She was sacked & lost all her pension rights & benefits for ever, & would never be able to hold a goverment post again. Yet her market stall was noting in comparrison to the P180,000,000 in his personal dollar account. Then he had all those properties, where did all this money come from, he didnt pay tax on any of it & yet he is the supreme court chief justice & his honesty should be above reproach, but he was dishonest & probably always has been.
    But now to get to pinoy & abad yes they are just now as guilty as he was in that they should have known that the pdaf was illegal. But you see they even thought of how to protect themselves if anyone ever noticed & thats by knowing a defence of ” in good faith ” seems to be acceptable in this case.
    Again i see there doesnt seem to be a single honest politician in this country. What is wrong here & how can it be fixed, i for one have no idea where you start.

    • Dustin, your comments are sadly true of all politicians even here in Australia

    • mr dustin, it will be fair, if you think corona is that corrupt for hiding
      some asset on dollar account on his saln, though these corrupt
      tongresmen and senatong like Judas iscariot received large
      amount to impeach and charge corona and they did not prove
      or say anything if these dollars were earned from corruption/s.
      Nonetheless I dont think any normal person/s or country would
      accept a Leader who has no knowledge of the constitution of
      the country is serving and who is obligated to preserve and
      follow that constitution. This is a bigger Crime and he is not
      exempted by virtue of ignorance of the Law maybe he
      could claim insanity that’s more like it.

  25. Eddie de Leon on

    How can Aquino and Abad claim not having done anything wrong and good faith with these figures presented by Tiglao?

    • So you are saying that we should talk of Jingoy not DAP. Dilaw ka din ano? Kung hindi ibinulgar ni Jingoy ang DAP ay wala kaming alam na parang Mickley mouse money lang kung ipamudmod ni Noy yaong pera ng bayan!

  26. This government lying is more becoming like China in claiming the whole South China sea. What kind of animal PNOY is.

  27. Except for a “blame game” and plain denials, I have yet to read somewhere any rebuttal of the claims of this writer. The in-depth exposures and analysis being written in this MT Column are wide ranging and add up to logical conclusions. We need this kind of articles to enlighten readers, especially the Netizens. Thanks, Mr. Tiglao. Right on!

    The pronouncements of the SC regarding the PDAF and DAP prove one thing: That many officials in the government are “corrupt” and “insincere” in solving the plight of the people; they are for personal aggrandizement. I really wonder if they have children and grandchildren whose future in the country are at stake. A country in distress will have citizenry in distress!

  28. My take on this issue is the approval by the President in the disbursement of the fund is not impeachable offense. Full stop. There are a lot of questions to ask from drafting this program, meaning of savings, approval and receipt of the disbursement of funds. But not surprisingly the opponents of the President are trying to use this to discredit the noble cause of the program. Many people are wasting people money to use this to pin down the President. I believe the expose of Jinggoy is a last ditch effort to clear him on the pork barrel scam and divert the attention to the administration.

    • The president took the oath to uphold and defend the constitution,he even sign the GAA into law, he violated the constitution and violated the law, if he wanted the unused funds from different government agencies he and abad should have asked the rubbber stamp legislature to pass a special law for funding the DAP,but they want to keep it secret thanks to Junggoy for bringing this up to open…LOL don’t worry
      Impeachment will not succeed Binay does not support the impeachment…closet yellow din si Binay


    • Innocent, the tenants at malacañang never rebutted any of Mr. Tiglao’s column. The writer happens to be knowledgeable and resourceful all of his columns are true factual how can aquino and his cohorts rebutt!!

    • What’s their piece? In good faith. They gave the public money faithfully without authorization from congress in good time.


    You hit the bullseye Mr. Tiglao. In this country, you are the kind of journalist that
    we badly need. You fearless speak up your piece and tell the truth unlike these
    mouthpieces of Malacanang Coloma, Lacierda or Valte. These people no matter
    how clear the facts are presented, they still insist and twist the facts. The Supreme
    Court no less have decided but still these Abnoy, Abad and all the rest of their
    crocodile cohorts in congress still insist that they did nothing wrong. Kong ganoon
    ang katwiran di lahat na ng tao ay dapat magnakaw na rin. Anyway, there is
    nothing wrong. Kong ang pangulo ng bansa ay hindi magawang sumunod sa batas
    di ano pa ang silbi ng batas sa bansa? Fr. Bernas say that this abnoy and his
    advisers are only ignorant of the law. In short they don’t know the law. Isn’t it
    that IGNORANCE OF THE LAW EXCUSES NO ONE FROM COMPLIANCE THEREWITH. An ignorant president? Oh common. Di tama ang sinasabi natin
    noon pa na this abnoy is INCOMPETENT. Ngayon lumalabas na ang katotohanan na
    wala siyang binatbat kundi magnakaw ng pera ng taong bayan. Kaya dapat lang
    na parusahan silang lahat na gumawa ng pinakamasahol na corruption sa bayan.

    • Oh no. PDI, STAR, GMA, ABS CBN and Miriam says Enrile, Revilla and Jingoy are the cuprit.

  31. this is a pefect example of the saying “money talks”. in its purest form.

    • Gents, not only Noy & Abadboy are to be blamed but Belmonte and Drillon as conspiators. They knew all along that the executive is plundering their appropriated budget but kept their mouth shut!
      Aquino, Drillon Belmonte and Abad should all be impeached!

    • Daang Matuwid on

      yeah, we should ask drillon and belmonte about pdaf. ang gagawin ni drilon dyan ay mag survey yan then babaligtad pag medyo di na balanse ang bangka.