DAP defender Abad justifying technical malversation – JV


By insisting that the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is legal, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad is justifying technical malversation, opposition Sen. Joseph Victor Ejercito said on Friday.

Ejercito, who had filed a resolution calling for a Senate inquiry into the controversial spending program, said no amount of justification could absolve Abad.

At Thursday’s hearing of the Senate finance committee, the Budget chief cited Sections 38 and 39 of the Administrative Code, which he said give President Benigno Aquino 3rd authority to suspend or stop the use of funds allotted to an agency, declare it as savings and divert it to other projects.

Ejercito said if Malacanang is really sincere in advocating transparency and accountability, it should have first asked Congress to pass legislation authorizing the utilization of government savings.

“They could have passed an appropriation measure from Congress, but instead they ignore the co-equal branch of government,” Ejercito pointed out during the hearing.

Technical malversation is when a public officer applies public funds to uses other than that for which they were appropriated.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions. That’s the intent of passage of the law against technical malversation, to tell people like him [Abad] that one cannot juggle funds no matter how good the intention,” Ejercito said.

He and Nancy Binay, who were the only opposition senators at the DAP hearing, asked Abad some pointed questions.

The other senators took turns in assisting the Budget secretary defend the program, portions of which have been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Abad said legislators, Cabinet members and even ordinary citizens are allowed to nominate or endorse government projects for DAP funding.

But unlike allocations from the recently outlawed Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel, that is limited to P200 million for a senator and P70 million for a congressman, there is no ceiling for DAP allocations, which could exceed P200 million, Binay said.

She noted that legislators could nominate any project and if the President deems the project as urgent and necessary, he will release funds for it.

An official of the Catholic Church, meanwhile, urged the Senate finance committee to summon Senate President Franklin Drilon to its hearing.

Retired Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz said Drilon appeared to know more about the DAP than Abad did.

Cruz said he was disappointed with how Drilon and pro-administration senators defended the DAP and Abad.

The bishop added that the hearing created a negative impact on the public and revealed the partisan lines in the Senate.

Still, he believed that the hearing was a “minus factor” for the Palace.

“In short, the Senate hearing did not help the defense of the DAP, but in fact it exposed more,” Cruz said.


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  1. ang mga friendly senatongs na mga recipients ng DAP, puro “I commend you Mr. Sec Abad.” nakakahiya!!!!!

  2. .Tumanggap ng DAP sila, di ba? Doon sa pag impeach kay Corona. Siempre they will defend A-Bad. Will you bite the hand that fed you? No siree!!


    abad have a thick face. If he is still have a self-respect in himself and that of his
    family, he should irrevocably resign his position. He should do what the
    former secretary of education, Onofre Corpuz did. That is if he still have the least
    respect left in himself. Onofre Corpuz irrevocably resigned his position and just left
    his office. abad should do the same if he really is clean. Pero kapag tinitignan mo
    ang mukha niya ay napakakapal talaga. NAKAKASUKA.

  4. William Villanueva on

    Hindi ko maintindihan itong ibang mga senador. Sila na ang inalisan ng kapangyarihan ni Pnoy ay sila pa ang nagtatanggol dito. Baka may kabahagi sila sa mga DAP disbursements?

    • Obvious na obvious naman na nakaparte mula sa DAP ang mga senador na kaalyados ni Pinoy kaya ganoon na lamang ang pagtatanggol nila kay badabad noong senate hearing. Ni hindi nila tinanong kung bakit nong kasagsagan ng protesta laban sa DAP ay sinabi ng Solgen na itinigil na daw nila yung programa ng DAP kaya moot and academic na daw ito para pagusapan pa. Ang tanong, bakit nila itinigil kung ito ay legal tulad ng sinabi ni Pnoy at badabad?


    As usual this notorious Drilon once again demonstrated his being an administration
    lapdog by lawyering, aiding and guiding abad during the senate hearing the other
    day. It easily came to mind his attitude when passing through at the San Francisco,
    California international airport he refused to take his shoes off telling the Fil-Am
    personnel that he was the senate president of the Philippines. In short, he wanted
    to be treated that as if he was exempted from these security regulations. The Fil-Am
    countered that even then Vice-President Al Gore obliged to take off his shoes whenever he passed through there. Isn’t it again that this Drilon during the
    impeachment hearing of corona had demonstrated the same attitude? People
    like him deserves NO respect at all. Nakakasuka.