• DAP funds to improve PAF and PSG


    Dear Sir,

    My brother who is an officer in the Philippine Air Force relates that the PAF and the Presidential Security Command have received funds for infrastructures and communication projects from the Development Acceleration Plan of the government. The total of Php645 million was given to the Armed Forces of the Philippines since October 2011 as capital expenditures with funds for basing facilities, communication equipment and security systems. The beneficiaries were the Air Force and the PSG for its various programs to accomplish its various programs and activities.

    The PSG received P248.3 million for infra repairs, communication and security systems of Malacañang, while the PAF received P397 million to finance unfunded projects for on-base housing and communication equipment. In 2012, the PAF was able to get funds for various projects intended for training, intelligence, search and rescue and other related activities. These aforesaid funds went to laudable projects that improved and increased the capabilities of the PAF and the PSG.

    The DAP has helped the PAF and the PSG, and it will continue to do so to likewise help the Army, Navy to speed up and hasten the improvement, and development of its capabilities. Funds requested from the DAP went to a noble purpose for a much improved and well-equipped PAF and PSG who is guarding our country and our President of the Republic. I think there is a big difference between spending money of the government for the quality services that needed to boost the morale and fighting capability of our PAF and to secure the figurehead of the government of the Republic in the case of PSG. The real issue is the stealing of government funds by unscrupulous gov’t officials. There should be transparency and accountability with all gov’t funds spending.

    Rosemarry B. Mempin

    Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village

    A tale of two big-time court fixers

    This is a very disturbing revelation for the Judiciary to be involved to. The Supreme Court should look seriously into this and all those involved be removed from the Bar and imprisoned.

    Rodrigo A. Fabreo Jr., rfabreojrmd@gmail.com

    I trust PNOY, he has the mandate by the Filipinos to clean up the Government, when his term is over, I am afraid a wide spread corruption follows, and lack of respect on the government by the people. I pray that chaos will not happen.

    Nito, drjuanito36@hotmail.com

    At any time a person is allowed to fix a case, is accepted as part of the system, will have a devastating moral effect in the judiciary, it will erode the trust and confidence of the people on the system.

    Nito, drjuanito36@hotmail.com

    Sen. Joker’s message is loud and clear

    Indeed, this columnist is right, this present inept president in malacanang is full of baloney! But the general public specifically the enlightened ones is in a quandary on the question of who will replace this inept president if ever it will take a concerted action to oust him. Unless a white knight will emerge from the horizon, this country will continue to suffer from the cursed administration of this inept president.

    Voice from the Wilderness, richand8383@gmail.com

    Free Kim Gargar!

    Has sedition charges been filed against him? At the very least, this guy deserves his day in court.

    But Mati, Davao Oriental is one remote area and infested with NPAs.

    Migs Doromal, migs.doromal@yahoo.com

    Disgracefully taking advantage of the SSS cash cow

    As the saying goes by one famous politician whose name have not been recalled by this writer, “what are we in power for”? And this is what is happening at SSS whose president is the brother of the media factotum of the inept president in Malacañang. This also inept SSS president wants to arrogate to himself and his fellow political appointees an undeserved perks oblivious of the flight of the millions of its members who suffers the daily harrowing inconvenience in transacting with the agency. This millions of perks could not have been noticed if these SOBs officials have taken first the improvement of SSS front line services before they partake of these perks. But lo and behold, they should be the ones that should branded as “makapal ang mukha” which is the favorite phrase of the inept president in Malacañang when he vilified the performance of the corrupt ridden BOC during his SONA.. In spite of public criticism, the palace had issue a statement in approval of this undeserved bonuses. The phrase therefore of “makapal ang mukha” had boomeranged in the face of its principal advocate, which is the inept president in Malacañang.

    Voice from the Wilderness, richand8383@gmail.com

    Palace admits using DAP for rebel groups

    Ah! sinful nation, people laden with wickedness, evil race, corrupt children (judges-lawyers)! They have forsaken the LORD, spurned the Holy One.

    Hear, O heaven, and listen, O earth, for the LORD speaks: Sons have I raised and reared, but they disowned Me!

    Where would you yet be struck, you that rebel again and again? The whole head is sick, the whole heart faint. From the sole of the foot to the head there is no sound spot.

    Your hands are full of blood! Put away your misdeeds (RH BILL-PORK BARREL) from before My Eyes; cease doing EVIL; learn to do good. Make justice your aim: redress the wronged, hear the unborn’s plea, defend the poor.

    Come now, let us set things right, says the LORD: Though your sins be like scarlet, they may become white as snow; though they be crimson red, they may become white as wool.

    If your are willing, and obey, you shall eat the good things of the land; but if you refuse and resist, the SWORD shall consume you: for the Mouth of the LORD has spoken!

    Mar Hernandez, nitoy_h@yahoo.com

    Strong president can become the motive power of reform

    “What is right, must be kept right …What is wrong, must be set right.”- Ping Lacson

    JC, juncomia@yahoo.com

    Aquino hijacked PCSO’s funds

    Indeed, how could we allow this president to serve the remainder of his term in office when he has obviously been breaking one law after another. With bought Congress and Senate, an impeachment is impossible. OMG!!!!!!!! What should we do???

    Nieves Godinez, siribcalinan@gmail.com

    I agree with you on this. But the most striking part of this is how used the DAP to fund rebels. That’s treason already. He can be impeached for three reasons already (Plunder, Betrayal of Public Trust and Treason).

    Emille Haggerty, quinxter_21@yahoo.com

    TAMA NA!



    Migs Doromal, migs.doromal@yahoo.com

    Yes, he is so obtuse he thinks he can do as he pleases or – more accurately – do as his puppet masters please.

    And, yes, in his hubris he not only thinks he can run roughshod over Congress and the nation, he knows he can. After all, what can anyone do?

    His family connections can generate survey after survey showing how popular he is. His family connections via ABS-CBN and the other organs of the yellow media can convince the average dummy that what Aquino is doing is legal. And Congress cannot impeach him because among his impeachable offences is the crime of bribing Congress. Unfortunately, the only ones who can find him guilty of bribing Congress are the same liars, thieves and plunderers (as well as traitors and murderers) whom he bribed. If they find Aquino guilty they also find themselves guilty.

    And now we are getting to the heart of the Aquino crime: he has completely subverted the Constitution to the point where there is no constitutionally available remedy.

    Yes, he is guilty – and I will use American language for a moment – high crimes and misdemeanours but those crimes were committed with the same people who have the constitutional responsibility of judging him.

    In reality, the only answer now is a peaceful revolution. This cannot be allowed to continue and Aquino is not man enough to realise his responsibility and resign. Even if he did, the same criminals – and the same puppet masters – would still be in the two houses of Congress waiting to sell their loyalties to the next president.

    But the real peaceful revolution we need is a more of a reformation. This nation is morally, ethically, intellectually and spiritually bankrupt. Look at the people in high public office: could you find five who are actually worthy of the office they hold?

    You have traitors like Aquino (and his father and grandfather), Honasan, Trillanes and the truly evil Enrile who has been betraying his country and his masters for generations. You have plagiarists and rapists, half-wits, plunderers and thieves. Even the chief justice of the Supreme Court is guilty of uttering fake CVs to try and burnish her credentials: how can she stand up for what is right – also considering her lack of integrity on the bench – when she is just as fundamentally dishonest as the rest of them?

    I used to be so angry with the Americans for invading this country and murdering so many of our countrymen. But now I am beginning to understand. If we are this morally and ethically backwards now, I can only imagine how much worse we were in 1898 when the Americans came. Am I being patronising? You bet I am. Studies show the average IQ in the Philippines is 86. I think this sub-normal IQ is coupled with an average emotional age of about 4 which is why there are so few serious people here.

    We just have a bunch of cretins pulling the wings off flies and stealing each other’s lunch money. Hopeless.

    Matthew Parkes, matthewparkes@ymail.com

    Nasaan ka nuong kapanahunan ni GMA na harapang ninanakaw ang laman ng kaban ng bayan at ipinamumudmod sa kanyang mga alipores? Ay, isa ka nga pala sa kanyang alipores, sorry ha at naging makalimutin ako.

    carlos sanchez, carlos_sanchez27@yahoo.com

    Great lawyer interpretation of history

    Tata Sensing was a rare breed. He was a very honest,nice and principled person. He was every inch a gentleman lawyer. He was right and correct in voting NO to the 1973 and 1986 Constitution. He was one of the heroes of the ConCon. I am very much honored and privileged to have known him. God bless him.

    Jose P.G. Santillan Jr., totoysantillan@yahoo.com


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    1. the problem is under this system, there are no checks and balances. Im not an expert in political science but I think the country should try Parliamentary system under Federalism. this was proposed by senator Pimentel. But many crooked politicians do not want to ammend the constitution as an excuse to maintain their plundering of the country. Under Federalism each state, county and city has some form of autonomy and can create their own state, county and city laws, just like in the US. and we are a former US colony and wanna be Americans so Federalism should mend and work for us, just ask the Filipino Americans and expatriates and they will explain. Under parliamentary system the Prime Minister can easily be removed or replaced if proven that he or she is not performing to the expectations. With these Presidential system Filipino style is an old crooked school. Times are changing and so as our system too should change and adjust for the betterment and not for the worst.