‘DAP funds went to fake NGOs’


Lawmaker pins blame on Abad

BUDGET Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad should also be held liable for the release of funds under the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), some of which were spent on ghost projects, according to Navotas Rep. Tobias “Toby” Tiangco.

Tiangco said Abad is as guilty as the lawmakers whose DAP allocations ended up in bogus non-government organizations (NGOs) of Janet Lim-Napoles.

“Abad is equally guilty, whether he acted as Budget secretary, a conduit or an agent.

Why was he asking the DAR [Department of Agrarian Reform] to accommodate releases to beneficiaries who now turned out to be fake NGOs? And when DAR did not agree because they still had P1 billion, the funds were transferred to NLDC with his consent,” Tiangco, who is also the secretary general of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), said, referring to the National Livelihood Development Corporation.

He said Abad cannot deny that the DAP funds poured into Napoles’s fake NGOS were released with his consent.

He cited a news report, which claimed that Agrarian Secretary Virgilio de los Reyes admitted that Abad asked him “to accommodate the release of the funds for the senators whose beneficiaries turned out to be fake foundations used by Napoles.”

The NLDC also confirmed getting the same request from the DBM.

Tiangco said Abad had a hand in all DAP releases because of his position as budget secretary.

“We all know that there were fake NGOs that benefited from the DAP. The other question here is ‘who facilitated the special funds coming from DAP?’ Eh sino ba ang namumuno ng [who heads the]DBM?” he asked.

Tiangco added that only Abad and Malacañang were aware of the DAP, and the Budget secretary has the sole discretion in releasing the funds.

“If Abad is the one who pushes for the DAP [fund releases]to the implementing agencies, he should be held liable for the transactions made by the agencies with the fake NGOs,” he said.

Tiangco assailed Abad’s remarks that DAP allocations were released irrespective of the lawmakers’ stand on the impeachment of former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

“For the record and to correct Secretary Abad’s selective memory, I have not received any single centavo from the DAP. I have not received any single centavo over and above the P70-million PDAF allocated at that time per congressional district,” he said.

The lawmaker dared Abad to make a full public report on all DAP releases.

“I have openly been asking Secretary Abad since August last year, for the sake of transparency to bring out the list of all DAP spending. It’s been six months, but up to now they don’t want to bring out the list. So obviously they are hiding something,” Tiangco said.

For his part, the Budget chief belied Tiangco’s allegations that he is equally guilty for releasing DAP funds to bogus NGOs, saying the lawmaker’s assertion was erroneous.

In a text message to The Manila Times, Abad said it was in fact he who questioned why the funds were being channeled to DAR when the DBM had just approved the release of funds for the Agrarian Reform Community Connectivity and Economic Support Service (ARCCESS).

“Please read the correction of Secretary [Virgilio] de los Reyes. Mali si Tiangco, [Tiangco is wrong],” Abad said.

He e-mailed the Times a copy of the DAR chief’s clarification on news reports that were attributed to him, saying the Budget chief gave the imprimatur to release DAP funds that found their way to Napoles’ fake NGOs.

In his statement, de los Reyes categorically denied that Abad asked him to accommodate the requests of several senators for the release of their funds from the DAP.

The DAR chief said that contrary to what was reported, Abad raised the red flag on the release of the funds.

Because of Abad’s query, DAR insisted that regardless of the source of funds, the release of funds should go through the regular processes.

“I have always insisted that all the funds that pass through our office should follow the regular processes and be subject to evaluation and bidding. That is why, I suppose, they were taken out of DAR and transferred to another agency,” de los Reyes explained.

Tiangco also said it is possible that Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. is covering up for his colleagues who received DAP funds.

He challenged the House leader to come out with a list of congressmen who were given DAP allocations.

“So for Speaker Belmonte, for the integrity of the House, sana naman ‘yung lahat ng DAP na nagdaan dito ay ilabas na nila ‘yung listahan, kung kani-kanino napunta ‘yun, [we hope they come up with a list of all the DAP funds that have been released to those concerned],” Tiangco told reporters.

“Ano ba namang masama kung ilabas ni Speaker Belmonte ‘yung lahat ng DAP na dumaan dito sa HoR. Para magkaalaman na. Ang pinaka-importante dito ay transparency eh. Kung wala kang tinatago, ipakita mo lahat, [What’s wrong with such a list that shows all the DAP funds that passed through the Representatives? What’s important is transparency. If you’re not hiding anything, show everything],” Tiangco emphasized.

Belmonte however said the issue should be raised with Abad.

“Better ask the DBM,” the House leader said.

“As far as I am concerned, the Executive generates savings and as long as the money is spent within the Executive for legitimate projects helping people, okay lamang ‘yun, [that’s okay]” he added.

Rep. Elpidio “Pidi” Barzaga Jr. of Cavite, one of the prosecutors in the impeachment trial of Corona, also denied having received P10-million DAP funds which include P7 million for farm-to-market roads and P3 million for soft projects as a reward for Corona’s conviction.

It was previously reported that senators and congressmen got DAP funds before, during and after Corona’s trial.


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  1. Ang nangyari tungkol sa PDAP ay isang malaking conspiracy. Alam nina P’noy at Abad na may mailng nangyayari sa PDAP pero inumangan nina nang inumangan ang mga senators at congressmen. Malas nga lang na kumagat ang ilang oposition at pati allies niya. Hinayaan nilang matuloy ang kamalian para magamit nila laban saq maga di nila kanalig. At pinalaki pa nila ang amount para maging plunder case. Kaya kung mahahatulan mang guildty ang mga akusadong opositionist ay dapat ding maging guilty sila for abetting corruption and manufacturing evidence. Perjury..

  2. Abad is as rotten as his master Abnoy. And the sins of the KKK is slowly but surely revealed, the whispers of corruption and abuse by this government sadly all true.

  3. Only Miracles sanctioned by the Lords in High Heavens do happen, and since The Philippines is the only Christian nation-country in all of Asia, and these people called Filipinos are the god chosen people, the Lords of the gods has allowed their Government Officials to employ within their powers all the magical tools to fool the people. DO NOT EXPECT ALL THESE ACCOUNTABLE OFFICIALS to answer on what magical powers they employ to make these Billions of DAP Funds disappear
    with a flick of a hand. Don’t you now get the clear message on why This Admin has reneged on the FOI law? On pushing for this cyber libel law?

  4. It’s getting clearer why Mrs. Napoles was and is being given VIP treatment! Hatid Sundo pa lunch pa nang Malacanang folks!

  5. For transparency(dang matuwid). Noynoy, instruct your department heads involved in this DAP/PDAP controversy to release the records and documents pertaining to the rampant graft and corruptions in the government.

  6. Billions of pesos of money are being wasted to please those people who are already very rich and powerful and are very good in doing monkey business. Nagaway away pa sila. Samantala yung mga biktima ng mga kalamidad naman ay dasal ng dasal naman sa Poong Maykapal kung paano makaahon sa kahirapan at makakain araw araw.

  7. First, I appreciate the above article. It is a blatant plundering of the government project funds for decades that went into limbo, finger-pointing continues that nobody wants to take responsibility. What a shame!

  8. I agree that Budget Secretary Abad should be held liable for the releases to legislators who then channeled these DAP funds to fake NGO’s and ghost projects. The legislators who pocketed the money should be held liable too. But the main culprit in this scandal is the top honcho who approved of the release of the DAP funds in first place – BS Aquino.

    I am tired reading of the rampant corruption in Aquino’s administration. When will we get justice and see the day when these crooks finally land in jail?

  9. Tiangco is the one eye jackass who is hoping to get a much powerfull and juicy position if Binay get elected president so his opinion is bias and not important like mine. Lol

  10. No amount of tall tales and lies will diminish PNoy’s and ABad’s culpability in the illegal releases of DAP. For sure, DAP was created under total secrecy and mystery until ABad was forced to admit that it came from “savings” (but in reality it came from funds already appropriated) only after Jinggoy’s expose. This “savings” defense is a lot of hogwash. The memorandum of ABad to Pnoy dated October 12, 2011 was signed by Pnoy complete with a presidential seal and stamped “Approved.” Without any shadow of doubt, this is the illegal and unconstitutional basis of DAP’s creation. Note that the year has not ended yet so what “savings” brouhaha is ABad talking about? This fact indubitably shows that the monies were not savings but fruits from another criminal act called technical malversation. PNoy cannot realign or juggle such funds because the monies do not belong to the Executive Department. This fact alone is enough for the Supreme Court to declare DAP as illegal and unconstitutional. So, here are the pertinent question that ABad refuses and continue to refuse to answer:

    1. Why should ABad refuse to release the list of all lawmakers who partook of the DAP if everything is in order in their releases?

    2. Abad admitted in media that SAROs (request for allotment of projects) and the corresponding NCAs (payment of completed projects) were “requested and released” to the corresponding implementing agencies. Obviously DAR and NLDC did not make such requests since why should they reject it if they were the ones who made such requests? It cannot be the senators because that is not the protocol and besides it will run counter to ABad’s contention. Perforce, who requested and processed the SAROs and released the NCAs as regards DAP funds to the NGOs when DAR and NLDC refused or rejected it?

    3. Why did ABad insist the release of DAP funds when there are still billions of monies in the custody of DAR and NLDC for various projects?

    4. Why does COA’s Grace Pulido Tan refused and still refuses to audit DAP (obviously prevented) when these monies are subject to audit since they are not part and parcel of CNoy’s PDAF?

    5. What prompted ABad to continue to hide the the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth by not publishing DAP particulars in the DBM’s website? They published all the PDAF allocations of lawmakers but suppressed any information about DAP funds. Secrecy is the badge of fraud or scams, is it not ABad?

    The preceding are only samples of issues. There are voluminous issues surrounding the DAP funds and mere text messages and press releases of ABad will not exculpate him and PNoy from culpability in the commission of fraudulent transactions involving DAP funds.

    • your comment is well thought out and valid. the problem is, these questions will never ever get answered. shame on abad! wasn’t he part of the hyatt 10 who advocates for clean government?

    • now that “Yolanda” is gone, we have to continue the protest movement, otherwise it will be forgotten for good.

  11. mikhail hieronymus on

    The “RATS” are starting to get uneasy in their hideout. How long before they start pointing fingers at each other?