‘DAP seeds sown early in Aquino presidency’


The seeds of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) were sown as early as the first five months of the Aquino presidency, the leader of a militant group said, citing two memos from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM).

The DBM issued the memos on October 12, 2011 and December 12, 2011, barely five months after Aquino assumed office.

Copies of the memos, submitted by Malacañang to the Supreme Court, were obtained by the militant group Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) and emailed on Sunday to The Manila Times by Bayan secretary-general Renato Reyes.

The documents show that the President declared as “savings” some P21.544 billion in unreleased appropriations for “slow-moving projects and programs for discontinuance.”

Aquino also authorized the DBM to use these funds for “priority projects.”

A further P12.336 billion from the 2010 unprogrammed funds would be added to what would become the DAP in October 2011.

Also added to the DAP funds were P30 billion in unreleased personal services appropriations for 2011, and P482 million in unreleased appropriations for “slow moving” and discontinued projects for 2011. An additional P7.7 billion for realignment within agencies was included in the funds under the control of the President.

“By October 2011, Aquino had wide discretion over P72.1 billion in DAP funds, which he could appropriate for projects not found in the national budget and for augmentation of the special purpose funds like PDAF [Priority Development Assistance Fund of lawmakers].

“The administration’s use of the P12.336 billion unprogrammed funds from 2010 would be a violation of the law based on the SC ruling. Same goes for the so-called P21.544 billion ‘savings’ from 2010,” Reyes said.

No official from the DBM could be reached for comment over the weekend.

A reason to create DAP
“Looking back, it is possible that it was the Aquino government that caused the conditions of underspending as early as 2010 by not releasing appropriations, letting the problem persist till 2011, so they will have a reason for introducing a stimulus program called DAP,” Reyes said.

The program would “address the underspending they themselves created. By this time, huge funds would already be centralized under the President,” he added.

The administration of President Benigno Aquino 3rd would then be guilty of bad faith, he said.

Reyes noted that in its ruling declaring parts of the DAP as unconstitutional, the Supreme Court said obligated funds for slow moving projects, and projects not up for final discontinuance, cannot be declared savings because “savings can only be generated if the projects have been completed or if the projects are finally discontinued or abandoned.”

The High Court also said unprogrammed funds cannot be used in the absence of a legally required certification by the national treasurer that the revenue collections for the period exceeded the “total of the revenue targets.”

“The two memos will show that the President and DBM Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad set out to violate the Constitution through [the government’s]declaration of savings and realignment of funds not found in the General Appropriations Act,” Reyes said.

One memo states that the “savings” were intended to “provide for new activities which have not been anticipated during the preparation of the budget” and to “provide for deficiencies under the Special Purpose Funds, e.g. PDAF, Calamity Fund and Contingent Fund.” Projects approved for this period included the controversial PDAF augmentation for various local projects amounting to P6.5 billion as well as the P6.5 billion LGU support fund.

Reyes said the documents submitted by the DBM to the Supreme Court will be important pieces of evidence in the impeachment complaint that Bayan is planning to file against the President.


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  1. The “accuser” (PNoy) now becomes the accused. Hatred is so severe on filipino politicians that accusing each other became their scapegoat in doing wrong. Filipino voters on the other hand are not mature enough to think before they cast their vote.

  2. kanya kanya na lang diskarte ah, wala nang gobyerno. walang makuhang matinong pinuno e. Si Binay kun sakaling maging pangulo panigurado alam na ang mangyayari sa friend nyang si estrada at revilla…. pardon or acquitted… so sasama lang na naman loob ng pinoy pag nakalusot sa kasong to ung mg senador na un.

  3. Now we are beginning to find out the truth…

    The media-created perception that Pnoy is PERSONALLY not corrupt must be
    demolished, so that the poor yellowtards may yet awaken from their slumber…

    This is the worst situation our country has ever been…shame!

    For all we know, the sihed-for P10B payment for Hacienda Luisita by the Cojuangcos might have already been paid for thru this DAP scheme….!


    It was reported the other day that about P6 billion was spent for Aquino’s
    Nobel Laureate ambition. What a laugh? A criminal aspiring to be nominated
    to the Nobel Foundation? That is an insult. Just remember the decisions of
    the Supreme Court declaring their DAP creation and also the PDAP as
    both unconstitutional. How can a person who malversed the Filipino people’s
    money be a recipient of the prestigious Nobel Prize? He should be punished

    • claudio velasco on

      wag k naman ganyan pangulo natin yan bakit hind ba tama lang n makuha nya ang award n yan at ng pilipinas………. kcy one for the book to biro u abnoy naging pangulo d b deserving yan one of a kind

  5. If the FOI bill becomes a law, can some get access to the detains of the disbursement of the DAP so that the truthness can be checked?

  6. E. G. Festin on

    This means our faith in the integrity of President Benigno Aquino, son and namesake of the hero and martyr Senator Ninoy Aquino and restorer of democracy President Coray Aquino, has always been misplaced.

    He must be impeached!

    We must not worry what impeacvhing him will do to the Philppines economy. The local businessmen and the common people are suffering anyway. Only the likes of the Chinese-Filipino businessmen who are on the list of the world’s most wealthy persons, Manny Pangilinan, who like President Aquino has sold our country to foreigners–his Chinese-Indonesian boss who illegally owns PLDT-Smart, Meralco and other industries other crony-capitalists are benefitting from the so-called sucess of the Philippine economy.

    E. G. Festin

  7. adrian faustino on

    If the intent is to help and no malice (personal gain), it’s ok with me, provided documentations were checked by COA. I would rather trust the Aquino administration than this militant group who heckled, create and start lies and their loyalties is under question. When China annexed Spratly Islands, I did not see any word nor rallies from them. Patriots daw, mga alagad ng tsekwa…..

    • Why did the COA not audit the PDAF and DAP? Who does the COA report to? The answer will tell you who is the author of the illegal PDAF and DAP. Order folks should thank those noisy militant groups because if they were not around to make those noise, heckles and the like the truth would not have been exposed with their help. Someone said that many yellow-tards have already realized that after all what was heard, PNoy is already exposed as an anomaly of a President, a fraud. Good faith, like your PNoy defense of no malice does not work friend. The SC said so.

  8. Should this report be accurate, what would stop the public from filing a case against DAP King PNoy and his Prince, Abad, now or later. Yet we see PNoy and Abad smiling and acting confident as if the citizens owe them a favor by stealing tax money for their own self-satisfaction. Look at PNoy and Abad now, they are so shameless and kapalmuks to keep on invoking their much maligned “tuwid na daan.”