Daphne Oseña-Paez hosts new travel talk show on the web series


Daphne Oseña-Paez

Award-winning TV host and producer Daphne Oseña-Paez takes viewers to different places and talks about traveling, flying, helping and inspiring communities through a web series called Red Talks with Daphne.

Produced by AirAsia, Paez launched the six-part web series featuring some of Asia’s best-kept attractions, while featuring their country of origin’s rich cultural heritage, as well as inside stories about their people. Of course, she also spotlights the airline that broke travel norms and made flying possible for everyone across Asia and beyond.

“We were established with a dream of making flying affordable and accessible to all and this success story has inspired so many people and communities across the region. The Red Talks team led by Daphne traveled far and beyond to search for places and meet people who share the same dream and story,” Philippines AirAsia Brand Manager David Viray said an as introduction.

Paez, meanwhile, shared with The Manila Times that she is overwhelmed with gratitude that she had been chosen by the airline to host a very different kind of travel show and for the emerging digital platform at that.

“The company’s culture is so innovative and it’s amazing to represent a regional company that has changed the way people fly. That’s why I am so happy to be a part of it. Not only do I get to travel but I also get to tell stories which is what I love doing,” she related.

“They want me to tell stories that are very inspiring because traveling now is not just getting from A to B. We now get something out of traveling, whether it’s the inspiration to achieve a goal or to simply live life. It’s the inspiration you get along the way that I want to bring into Red Talks,” Paez further noted.

According to the TV host and book author, none of the crew that came with her knew each other prior to shooting. However—and again because of the inspiring sights they saw and people they met—they instantly forged an excellent working relationship, which likewise led to the one-of-a-kind web series.

“Initially they asked me if I want to bring my old team from television, and I said yes, but it was hard to get them all together again because everybody’s moved on. That’s my team from Urbanzone and F. So I said since it’s a travel series, I asked them to give me a millennial team, and I got very excited to work with younger people,” Paez added

Four of the six-part series have already been uploading and now live for viewing. These are: “Destination: Dream (The Man with the Red Cap),” which takes viewers to Air Asia’s massive headquarters in Kuala Lumpur where Paez and AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes talk about the airline’s humble beginnings and the exciting times for air travelers in the future; “Destination: Fly,” which is an inside look on what it takes to be an AirAsia cabin crew and how their journeys and training earned them the distinct recognition of being world-class in a highly demanding job and environment; and “Destination: Good (The Silversmiths of Arkomjogja)”, which tells the story of architects and silversmiths in Indonesia.

For the succeeding episodes, April 29, will see highlights the work of the AirAsia Foundation in keeping these ancient traditions alive; while May 6, “Destination: Unity,” will talks about the Asean as a single market destination and how AirAsia is making it more convenient, more affordable, more fun and more exciting to travel around thousands of islands and the challenges of connecting people, places, and empowering communities.

“Destination: Harmony (The role of business in environmental protection)” on May 20 then goes to Palawan. In this fifth episode, Paez talks about pearl production and delves into the ongoing campaign to protect the isalnd’s marine biodiversity through responsible eco-tourism.

Finally, on June 3, “Destination: Freedom (A tribute to travelers from all walks of life)”, will bring viewers to Shanghai, China in a story of adventure, thrill, and excitement.

Red Talks with Daphne is uploaded on AirAsia Philippines’ Facebook page at www.facebook.com/airasiaph.

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