DAR distributes 277 hectares to 151 farmers in Samar, Leyte


CATBALOGAN, Samar: Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Secretary Virgilio R. De los Reyes recently distributed a total of 276.9-hectare agricultural lands to 151 agrarian reform beneficiaries (ARBs) in Samar and Leyte, transforming them into new landowners with greater responsibilities on the land awarded to them.

Region 8 Director Sheila Enciso emphasized the important role of these ARBs and other small farming families in reducing poverty in the country and in ensuring global food security as the world celebrates the “International Year of Family Farming”.

The CLOA distribution was among the activities lined up by the DAR in Eastern Visayas as it commemorates the 26th year of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP).

Enciso added that under the CARP, large tracks of lands are subdivided into family farms and redistributed to ARBs to make them more productive as they become the new owners of the land.

On the same occasion, DAR Region 8 awarded Pedro Abajo of Calbayog City, Leo Piczon of Gandara, Renato Tiara of Jiabong and Ma. Luisa Bardaje of Daram as outstanding ARBs for their contribution in the improvement of the lives of the farmers in the province. PNA


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  1. In my point of view DAR can not work to distribute the land to all
    the farmers. Remember most of the total population of 100 Million
    in our country 85% are farmers. So if the Government give it to them
    with very little land base in PH, Matitira na siguro paso na lang .
    The Hacienda Luisita is being studied for distribution as well.

    My own family in the North is much bigger than Hacienda
    Luisita. As it was told by my grandmother her father has to ride
    a horse early 5 AM Morning and it will be almost late in the
    afternoon when he arrive at the end of their property.

    Remember that during the Spanish time most of the land
    in the Philippines are owned by those who came from Spain
    and my Grandmother’s father came from Spain holding
    a very high position.

    With that property my family had, what has left is just
    11 Hectares and Supreme Court made the final
    decision that it is ours. But in the end it was taken
    again by those politicians just like they did to most of
    our property.

    The land reform created by Pres. F. Marcos created
    a big blunder and most of those who benefited are
    those who are supposed to protect the farmers. They used
    the farmers to their advantage by letting them sign that they are
    the real benefactor of the land.

    Judges, Military , those from Land registration Authority
    and Political leaders are mostly involved. If this are given to
    the poor farmers on our property that I am very glad. They
    can produced more food to feed our people throughout the
    years and we would have not import the food from other
    countries specially rice from Thailand, Vietnam all the time.

    But what has been done can never been undone now.
    It is not too late to find a solution to help both the farmers
    and landowners. Rather than those land just seating
    might as well work together so we can feed our people
    and export them once we have produce more.
    Technology is now so advance in the world now.