DAR official received kickbacks placed inside cartons of sardines???


What’s this I’ve heard over at the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) that a certain female official there received her commissions or kickbacks from pork barrel placed inside cartons of sardines?

The rumor that has been going on at the department about this official, whom we will call “ Ma’am Tess,” was linked to the ongoing priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or pork barrel scandal.

According to the gossip that has been floating around at that office for months now, this official, who is assigned at DAR’s finance section, received two to three boxes full of money in two separate occasions in her office during lunch breaks a few years ago.

No wonder she was able to acquire a large seaside resort in Mangaldan, Pangasinan, and a big mansion in San Andres Bukid in Manila, said my source who works at DAR, too.

My informant, however, claimed that “Ma’amTess” made big money out of the commissions given to her by contractors who were awarded with hundreds of millions worth of farm-to-market road projects.

While her bosses received 15 to 20 percent commissions, “Ma’am Tess” reportedly got 5 percent kickback from the total amount of the projects. my source said.

If I were Pnoy, I would have long fired this “Ma’am Tess” from DAR. She is a holdover from a corrupt administration, and everyone in that agency knows how she works.

“Ma’am Tess” should not be allowed to stay in office a day longer, considering that she holds the budget of the department!

* * *

PDAF agent Maya Santos a former govt official
Long before she became a pork barrel agent, Catherine Mae “Maya” Santos reportedly had learned the ropes on how to make millions through the PDAF and other government funds at the Agriculture department.

An official of the Department of Agriculture, who requested anonymity, said Santos was an assistant secretary at the DA during the Arroyo administration.

She allegedly mastered, during her stint with the department, where to allocate there the pork barrel of unscrupulous legislators who eventually would earn millions out of the people’s money, my source said.

Santos was said to have discovered that allocating PDAF to buy fertilizers for farmers and for the livelihood of rural folk would mean a huge commission or kickback since these allocations can easily be diverted to “ghost” projects.

She even perfected the art of illegally channeling the fund, in the guise of helping the poor, to other “ghost” projects after she was transferred by then-President Gloria Arroyo to the National Anti-Poverty Commission, my source said.

Santos resigned from her government work after Arroyo stepped down from Malacanang. Soon after, the former assistant secretary ventured into the contracting business, funding projects using government funds.

And in just a few years, Santos reportedly was able to purchase several pieces of property in Makati and Taguig and acquire several expensive cars and jewelry with her commissions from the pork barrel, according to the same source.

Her name was exposed in the PDAF scam after Janet Lim-Napoles came out with a list of personalities involved in the racket. Santos was listed as a pork barrel agent.

She definitely, has to answer these accusations before the Ombudsman and she should also be charged with plunder.

* * *

Big-time DPWH contractors do not pay taxes
Two of the 12 construction companies that are being investigated by Congress for overpricing the P19-billion infrastructure projects of the Department of Public Work and Highways (DPWH) reportedly do not pay taxes too.

Based on records given by an official of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to this writer, the DSB Construction, owned by Dante A. Bombales, and the Three W Builders, owned by Victoriano L. Ada, did not file their respective corporate taxes this year and during previous years.

The BIR computer printout shows that DSB Construction has no tax returns filed since 2010, while Three W Builders has no file at all at the bureau.

These two companies should not only be investigated for graft or plunder but also for failing to pay their respective taxes despite the billions of pesos they made through the years.

Paging BIR Commissioner Kim Henares!!!



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  1. ma’am tess and maya santos must also be audited by the BIR. BIR is the only government office that could do no wrong if it wanted to.

  2. These are damaging information which should be pursued. Mr. Erwin Tulfo should push forward and gather more information. Netizens should support Mr. Tulfo’s quest to dig deeper and cause that these men and women be brought to court. What is the next step, Mr. Tulfo?