• DAR split 97 contracts for Napoles NGOs


    The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) spread out the P900-million contract awarded to jailed businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles into 97 smaller contracts so that the memorandums of agreements (MOA) between the agency and 12 non-government organizations (NGOs) of Napoles can be signed by a former undersecretary, the Commission on Audit (COA) revealed.

    A special audit on the Malampaya funds released to the DAR found that the contracts with the 12 NGOs linked to Napoles were split into 97 memorandums.

    The memorandums, “one for each local government unit [did not]exceed P10 million even when the projects to be implemented by each NGO are practically the same,” the report said.

    The audit covered Malampaya funds appropriated to DAR for the rehabilitation of communities devastated by Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

    DAR signed 97 MOAs with the 12 NGOs “on the same date and for the same projects,” or as many as nine memoranda for three NGOs.

    The report found no justification for spreading out the contracts.

    Auditors said that “splitting in any form is prohibited” under the Government Procurement Reform Act.

    The audit team speculated that the memorandums were broken down into smaller parcels because P10 million “is the upper limit” of the amount which former undersecretary Narciso Nieto can sign.

    In their review, auditors said Nieto signed the MOAs and vouchers. The checks were also signed by Nieto or by Teresita Panlilio, also a former undersecretary.

    Any contract involving an amount higher than P10 million requires the signature of the department secretary.

    COA said the NGOs received disbursement vouchers or checks on four dates in 2009: November 26 and December 3, 22 and 23.

    Each check ranged between P5 million and P10 million, with one NGO, Tanglaw Para sa Magsasaka Foundation Inc., receiving P52.5 million in one day.

    Auditors said that payments made between November 26 and December 3 were made even before the notice for cash allocations was released on December 21.

    “This means that DAR used funds from other sources,” they said.

    During the filing of charges at the Office of the Ombudsman, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima told reporters that Napoles already knew about the fresh stream of money that would be channeled to DAR even before its earmark.

    The 12 NGOs then faked the MOAs for supposed livelihood projects.

    In all, Napoles-linked NGOs received P900 million. The biggest recipients were the Gintong Pangkabuhayan Foundation Inc. and Karangyaan para sa Magbubukid Foundation Inc. at P82.5 million each.

    The National Bureau of Investigation which prepared the criminal complaints against several government officials, said that DAR officials “exclusively selected” these 12 NGOs for 97 projects.


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    1. If these reports are true, present administration behind COA is commendable. Ma. Gracia M. Pulido Tan and her people are helping what COA should be doing a long time ago — “Watchdog of the People’s Funds”.

    2. i believed and always will: that the only solution to solve the ‘satan’s stronghold of graft and corruption’ in our society is to adopt the real change of heart and mindset of all mankind… by what means:

      Sending the true message of spiritual regeneration… Faith, Love and Fear of God… HIS very words to be preach by Godly people will changed this deep sickening norms of corrupt leaders and servants…

      This Christmas season should remind us all on the real purpose why Jesus came: to preach to us on how to live the culture of the kingdom of heaven on earth(God’s own government)… Jesus pattern of prayer: ‘YOUR KINGDOM COME, YOUR WILL BE DONE’.. a very familiar prayer BUT few understand the true meaning of this prayer and even refuse and fear to spread. kingdom of heaven’s culture: no laziness, no covetousness, no corruption, no division, etc. God wanted mankind to live the His true culture…
      please read and understand Isaiah 9:6-7… please pray and ask the God Almighty for deeper understanding…

      Media is use by God as a tool to change people.. God bless to all…

    3. Manny Calimquim on

      We can not stop corruption in our country unless we put up severe deterrence to all of these ills in the government. Lets put up DEATH PENALTY to all accused and found guilty of PLUNDER.

    4. Manny Calimquim on

      Unless we put a very severe deterrence to all of these, corruption will never stop, Filipinos appointed or elected to higher office tend to circumvent the law to their advantage and make the whole Filipino nation dumb and stupid. I suggest we put up “DEATH PENLTY’ to any one found guilty of plunder. Forget about human rights. Remember the poor souls in most barrios all over the country, hungry, sickly, malnourished especially children.

    5. ang lalakas naman ng loob ng mga taga-DAR na ito! sino kaya ang tunay na recipient ng mga pera na yan? yung boss ni napoles ang tunay hinahanap ko. para sa mga typhoon victims, ninakaw lang? mga halang talaga ang kaluluwa ng mga ito?

    6. into how many checks was the payment to tpmfi split? this is a classic case of abuse of authority by nieto. a real scam/scammer.

    7. Why is this country so slow in getting napoles in court & convicted. It seems the evidence they have is over whelming. I say let them charger her with what they have right now so she can be found guilty ( if the evidence is there ) get her in jail for whatever sentance then when its almost time for her release charge her again with the next lot of charges that were investigated whilst she was serving in a proper prison with no privallages. She should never come out of jail. She wont co operate with you she just lies & says she is innocent.

    8. Its beacause they already know how the system works. Frm the scheme of stealing, coneivance of signatories , release of funds, and finger pointing when they are caught…and the galls of denying , they just count the years before they are being charge..and maybe another ombudsman person newly appointed will handle the case and start all over the case..while the accused having a goodtime spending the peoples money…a circus of our goverment system..nobody puts into jail
      Its fun in the philippines,

    9. It is a real shocker how the DAR undersecretaries got in cahoots with thieves to plunder funds from the government. They were supposed to be good person selected by the former president GMA. Or were they appointed because they were willing to do anything in behalf of manipulative GMA? Prosecution must go ahead with dispatch against these erring former officials and the mastermind. Kailangan ang kamay na bakal. Hindi dapat tanggapin ang palusot na keso maysakit sila ngayon. They can be represented by their lawyers after all. And they can issue deposition.

    10. Roldan Guerrero on

      The problem is we never heard any audit report on BSA allies. Most of them are balimbings who were formerly associated with GMA. The audit on Lolong Drilon, the CAWATANOS,bahag buntot Trillanes Lapid.Legarda , Escudero Gonzales, Tupaz almost all of them never surfaced….Not even an audit has been shown from 2010 up to the present. If this government is really transparent, let the people know everything.

    11. Hang everyone involved in the scam then maybe, we can move forward. It has been a trend that scams are reported and nothing comes out of it. The Marcoses and Estradas are perfect examples of proven thieves who are scott free and enjoying the loot. If we are unable to implement our laws just because the violators are influential, e.g. Leviste being paroled on questionable basis, then it just a question of time before this country will fold its wings and go to the drain.

    12. wilmer andrada on

      The culture of corruption is so ingrained in our system and our people have accepted it as part of the normal process There are no open public bidding so suppliers have to jack up their prices because the contractors always get a 10% or more cut,and the contractors in turn has to pay the sponsoring politicians a portion of the project..The project will end up getting 70% or less from the actual funding if they are lucky or it will just disappear like in the case of Napoles Scam.Our system does not have a built in check and balance, we have to rely on tips, whistle blowers and the underfunded NBI to catch these thieves.We should overhaul our procurement procedures and every money released should have a thorough accountability and transparency, free .for public scrutiny.We should set up offices and agents dedicated to check every government transaction from the local level to the national level in every department, bureau,or office.Our people will welcome a police force KGB style to monitor where our taxpayers money are going This is the only .a way of enforcing honesty in our government.

    13. Anything you are greedy with especially money always brings out the best of a “crook”. Crooks are born/made every second. Seems like some Filipinos are born with it It is already in their DNA. .

    14. sonny herrera jr. on

      nothing new about this. the best thing to do is to speed up the justice system here in the Philippines. this is the main reason why this people are have the guts to do such anomalies because of poor justice system.they now that they can scape even proven guilty.

    15. sarap n sarap cla gastucn ang pera n inaantay ng kwwng mg-sasaka n wlang inicp kung hndi mkakain lng 3 beses isang araw.dapat s mga yn binibitin ng ptiwarik. lhat tyo mkslanan pero grabe gingawa nila,nububuhay cla s rangya smntlang ung iba wla makain, mga animal cla

    16. News on Napoles and her cohorts are getting more and more sickening. Just how soon can Filipinos find justice? Graft and corruption here and there denied/deny the nation from moving forward, thus poverty remains prevalent while a very few enrich/ed themselves at the expense of the poor. I think the Dept of Agriculture (DA) is the most exploited when it comes to any kind of government funded programs, etc., when DA needed most the financial help it could get to meet the needs of the farmers all over the country!

    17. the common thread that binds government employees and their elected officials
      both national and local is that government funds is FREE MONEY that is available
      to any one who has the guts to design a scheme to steal it and not get caught.
      This is not new. It has been going on since the time of President Garcia all the
      way to the present time. Revolutions come and go , but graft gets bigger and
      bigger beyond the control of any President, present and future. Binay, who will
      become the next president will be no different.

      • wilmer andrada on

        Where did you get the idea that Binay will be the next President? He stinks like a rotten rat.I would rather see Crazy Miriam or Czar Pinky in Malacanang than sleek Binay .If the freedom of information will be voted down by our unscrupulous
        politicians,the Supreme Court should declare it as a basic right under the freedom of speech.. With the revitalized NBI together with our very aggressive Press and our people’s power, I think we can change the direction on where our nation could go. The Philippines need a thorough housecleaning from top to bottom . The culture of Graft and corruption, kleptocracy and the prevalence of thievery need to end.

      • I agree with your comments George. I have seen it beginning with the Japanese reparations the Philippines received after WW 2.