I Do Not Dare Predict


Because I am no prophet
I do not dare predict
The day and hour.
I only feel it

In my Twitter feed.
Yes, there lie my guts.
The world’s, that is
Cancer-stricken, eaten,

You can see it
By the minute. The
Earthquakes, floods
Lava spewing everywhere.

ISIS advancing
Helped not a little by
Someone’s indecision
And someone else’s

Of the hapless Kurds.
And now, Nordic
Bestiality on top of

Plagues. The only
Thing missing being
The abomination
Of abominations.

But soon, I say, soon
Though I cannot tell
Which day or hour.
What to do? Pray.

Nay, not only that, friend
You as child of God
Should know: Change.
Change as soon you can

Because sin is not
Admissible in Jesus’ kingdom
No matter how much you swear
You’re His

And hers as well.


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