• Daredevil flies hoverboard to smash world record – with a little help from Ford


    daredevil20160531It had to be seen to be believed. Looking like something out of a Sci-Fi blockbuster, Flyboard Air inventor Franky Zapata piloted his creation 2,253 meters to smash the world record for the farthest distance traveled by hoverboard, which previously stood at 27 6 meters.

    Zapata made the incredible flight over the harbor of Sausset-les-Pins, in the south of France, supported by two all-new Ford Ranger Wildtrak pick-ups. Taking four years to design, develop and perfect, the jet-propelled hoverboard flew at an average 55 kilometers per hour, and a top speed 70 kph to cover the distance in three minutes.

    “Ford is always looking for new ways of doing things so it’s no surprise that we’d partner with Franky for his record attempt with the Ford Ranger. It’s a really exciting time to be supporting innovations that explore different ways of getting around in future and it’s great to see the record broken so convincingly,” said Mark Truby, vice president for Communications and Public Affairs, Ford of Europe.

    The Flyboard weighs 20 kilograms. It has a top speed of 150 kph, can fly a maximum height of 3,000 meters, has a maximum thrust of 160N and consumes 5.6 liters of kerosene every minute.


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