DA’s Alcala must be jailed for plunder


Small wonder that the satisfaction rating for President Noynoy and his administration’s performance has plunged drastically, and pollster groups are not even telling truthfully how much lower it is now.

Just a little over a year left with his agonizing six-year term the public has decided this “matuwid na daan” program of governance is all a sham.

Malacañang has consistently underestimated the public opinion and even defended Noynoy’s cronies, who have been implicated in massive anomalies.

Secretary Proceso Alcala of the Department of Agriculture (DA) is one of those in Noynoy’s immediate official family who has repeatedly figured in scandals at DA and attached agencies.

But Noynoy’s selective anti-graft and corruption drive has shamelessly spared Alcala and the likes of him in the Cabinet.

Noynoy has backed this crony of his, who over a year ago even aspired to be vice president, as Mar Roxas’ running-mate in the 2016 elections.

The DA has served as a luscious green pasture for the diversion of public funds through anomalous projects since Alcala took over in 2010, even worse than the agency’s previous administration.

Of late, the Commission on Audit (COA) has disclosed that Alcala squandered more than P14.4 billion in 2013 in questionable projects that DA implemented despite violations of laws and regulations.

In its scrutiny of DA’s transactions, COA discovered DA and its attached agencies’ misuse of public funds through the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

Apparently, Alcala and his cohorts took advantage of PDAF and the DAP even after these schemes were declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

The COA said DA channeled funds through several non-government organizations (NGOs), including one set up by detained Janet Lim-Napoles.

Alcala and his alleged bagman, a certain “Boyet,” are in Napoles’ payroll, along with other Noynoy’s closest allies in LP and the administration coalition.

Unfortunately, only political rivals get to be investigated and prosecuted, with rare exceptions.

COA’s report came in the wake of the Sandiganbayan’s conviction of Oriental Mindoro Gov. Alfonso Umali Jr. to up to 10 years in prison for graft. Umali is LP’s bagman or treasurer.

State auditors also found out that some attached agencies of Alcala’s department, such as the National Agricultural and Fishery Council (NAFC), implemented projects that were not part of its mandate.

Quite a number of projects were never completed despite the release of allotted funds.

The DA spent the biggest amount for the construction of 1,079.2 kilometers of road networks under its Farm-to-Market Road Development Project (FMRDP).

The COA said the department allocated P7.8 billion for the infrastructure project in 2013, but it only completed 270.4 km worth P1.7 billion after a year.

COA’s report said the remaining P6.1 billion for farm-to-market roads
were “either not yet started or implemented,” still ongoing or “no status provided.”

“Boyet” allegedly serves as the contact man between Alcala and contractors. Boyet also serves as the “bagman” for Alcala, who receives huge commissions or kickbacks from DA projects.

Needless to say, Alcala and Boyet at DA were not without the help of those crooks at the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in the rural road construction projects.

They should be charged with plunder all together.

Likewise, his accomplices at the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) must be held liable.

So, Alcala and other Noynoy cronies, who have proven the matuwid na daan nothing but a charade, account for the President’s sagging performance ratings.

No encore to Noynoy’s moro-moro!

Now, we are verifying reports on the full identities of Alcala’s cohorts, particularly his alleged bagman “Boyet” at the DA. That will be in our Monday issue.



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  1. Matagal nang namumuro itong si Alcala…ito siguro ang pinakamalaking dumale ng nakaw…kung hindi si Purisima o Ochoa ng Malacanang…?

    Can;t wait for 2016, with a NEW president, someone definitely NOT a Yellow or
    a pro-Aquino/Cojuangco…they all must be jailed!

    REPLY: But how can we make sure that ojur votes will be counted by the Smartmatic AES/PCOS machines? Baka ang election result will justbe like the 2010 and 2013 elections!

  2. The court must investigate the LP’s funds, it might have diverted the funds to Pnoy’s Liberal Party in readiness for the big election next year. Just had a doubt of this.

  3. In every department everyone in charge will have stolen money at some time. Its how its always been, they think its their right as they know everyone else does the same thing.
    Catch them all & jail them all. If this administration doesnt go after them lets hope the next one will.
    Its like right now with junjun’s laywers they are using a very unscrupulous law that says if you have been re elected after commiting a crime in a past administration you cant get charged with it. Only a corrupt person would make a law like that & it was made to protect themselves from when or if caught for stealing from the country. The sc chief justice was right in really going at binays lawyers. Jail them all as quickly as possible.

  4. Push for Lifestyle check of VELEZ, MANALO and other AFP officers. Weed them out, sir!
    AS you do, watch who amongst our officials will turn a blind eye and deaf ears… these are the people guilty of connivance and abetting these criminals.
    Pero, kapag kalaban at hindi kapartido- lahat alisto: BIR, OMBUDSMAN, MMDA etc.

  5. Vicente Penetrante on

    Big contributors to the LP pot are well-loved by the President. Sorry for Sevilla, his resignation was quickly accepted and he was quickly replaced.

  6. You’ve done so much already for these criminals to take a walk just like that!
    Even at the Senate who chose to sit it out and not expose their “partymates” through a hearing (suddenly POOR hearing itong si Guingona). Deadma lang sina JV at Chiz
    I mean, come on!!!! Will you just fall victim to their list of mga “pina-ikutan”? I think NOT… YOU’RE a Tulfo!

  7. True, the transaction was axed.
    But that was just the “icing on the (sour)cake”… an evidence tossed in the river to float into oblivion!
    Style po nila yun! Like a bone to a dog para lumayo…
    My point is, wag sana tayo pa-gago kina Velez at Manalo.

  8. A global study released today shows that the philippines is the country with the worst level of impunity in the world!

    The Philippines topped the list of 59 countries included in the World Impunity Index drawn up by the Impunity and Justice Research Center of the
    Universidad de las Americas , a private university in Puebla, Mexico.

    It also underlines the point that impunity is driven primarily by politicians who know how to use the system for personal gain, that it creates increasing inequality and poverty, and that it results in endemic corruption as it ripples through the stratas of society, making a mockery of the rule of law, with the Judiciary being willing partners, and other government organisations becoming compliant/complicit through a culture of cronyism and elitism.

    The key point is that impunity drives corruption, and not the other way round.

    No impunity, no corruption

    The survey is damning on Pnoy Aquino’s ‘matuwid na daan’, which has been shown repeatedly to be as twisted as a mountain road. No doubt Malacanang will ignore such ‘bad news’, or simply be ‘”unfazed”.

    Sevilla’s resignation gives a peek into the hidden corruption behind the mask, and exposes the duplicity and hypocricy.

    Alcala gives an example of impunity in action.

  9. Venerando Desales on

    You are correct, Erwin! All plunderers must be indicted and then jailed because that is the only way to correct criminal mindsets. Corruption is contagious! If subordinates perceive their head to be corrupt, they themselves will do corruption in their own little way. Whereas, if subordinates perceive their head to be honest and straight, they themselves will follow to be honest and straight. Corruption feeds on corruption.The head sets the tone indeed. In our country, I wonder why the President’s allies are mired in corruption after corruption despite their slogan of daan matuwid? Do they perceive the President to be of their kind?

  10. Jose R, Bonifacio on

    A DA in plunder case (?), you guys are really in trouble. Better pack up your bags and move where we are, at least enjoy whatever left in your life and be human again. We are in one of the top places in the world where people are very, very happy.

  11. Alejo Rosete on

    What do you expect from a SHAM PRESIDENT installed by PCOS?
    A figure head President who does only nonoying playing with
    his computer games.

    This country is run by those PLUNDERERS who want to cut up the
    flesh of the Filipinos to a bare bone – SKELETON.

    What a BSttttttt President. What a shame to the World.
    Filipinos allow a SHAM President to rule them – nakakahiya

  12. Now it’s Alcala… piece of advice to Alcala: relax! Sit it out… 2-3 week’s of expose and you’re OFF the hook.
    Case in point: The DND anomaly (ano’ng mali?) was exposed by this reporter only for a period of time… then, like a bubble it burst and now forgotten!

    REPLY: Hindi naman po ganoon. The DND transaction exposed by The Manila Times has been cancelled, sir. But DND Secretary Gazmin still has to be made to account for the plunder attempt.