• Data now prove Aquino’s endorsement is a kiss of death


    When you think of Mr. Aquino’s belief in his own greatness, historical parallels come to mind. One was the hopeful, sunny day when then US President George W. Bush stepped out of the co-pilot seat of a fighter jet dressed in full combat pilot regalia, the props to his “Mission Accomplished” speech. In Mr. Bush’s view of the world expressed that day in triumphalist cadence, he “liberated” Iraq and heeded the clamor of the invaded nation for “democracy.”

    In a biting commentary, journalist Franck Rich later described that moment as one of the great hoaxes ever sold in the history of US politics. Iraq later degenerated into a morass of bloodletting and chaos and remains an ungovernable, failed state up to today. That the Iraq invasion has roiled and upended the world in so many negative ways is an understatement.

    Mr. Aquino’s version of “Mission Accomplished” has not been a solitary event, unfortunately for most of us and our exasperated eardrums. He does it at every public forum to remind the political gentiles of how he, his supposed competence, his supposed integrity, his supposed great leadership etc. have fundamentally changed the culture of politics and governance in the country. He constantly warns against backsliding into an imagined old culture, along with the dire prognostications on what would happen to the country were we to deviate from the “daang matuwid.”

    Mr. Aquino’s life in a leadership bubble is being sustained by an important life-support system — the mainstream media. The major media outlets have been water carriers for the Aquino administration and no major scrutiny of the reality beneath the mirage of growth rates and credit upgrades has been undertaken in-depth. In a society where the true straight path is the direction of 60 percent of GDP – straight to the Top 1 per cent – is the only verifiable, vetted evidence of a straight path, the lack of scrutiny of Mr. Aquino’s almost six years of upward redistribution has fed the president’s imagination of greatness.

    That there is a ready villain for all the evils and wrongs in this country – the politicians below Mr. Aquino who had gorged up on public money — has helped Mr. Aquino and the oligarchy escape scrutiny. Even the sainted cardinal, who reportedly shed tears after reading the pork barrel stories, has yet to make a rough calculation on the penny ante take of the thieving politicians and vampire squid resources-sucking of the oligarchy.

    The sainted cardinal has yet to realize that while the Top 1 percent sucks up 60 percent of the nation’s produce and feasts upon the labor of millions of Filipinos, the total take of the thieving politicians, magnified a thousand times, is less than 1 percent of GDP.

    That Mr. Aquino and his merry band of crusaders and integrity policemen have been over and above us, busy righting the many wrongs in the country and goading us into the “straight path” has been the phony and unexamined narrative over the past five years.

    The feedback loop within the circles of power has also nourished the life in a bubble of greatness. Mr. Aquino’s decisions and policies are never contested and always praised by palace courtesans. Cabinet members and political allies may grumble privately over the bone-headed decisions of Mr. Aquino. But in front of Mr. Aquino, they would rather opt for the “ang galing mo boss” lie than straight-talk with the boss.

    The problem with a life in a bubble is this: there is always a day of reckoning. Criticisms can always be dismissed as the work of sour-grapes. But facts and figures on the level of influence a “great” president can exert on the presidential succession issue, virtually pierce that bubble.

    Like the recent polling that showed Mr. Aquino’s endorsement on the 2016 succession is a baggage – a heavy one at that – and not a positive one.

    What was it again for Metro Manila voters? A negative 26 percent. An endorsement from Mr. Aquino–we can use the cliché on this one – is a virtual kiss of death.

    Okay, how do we explain the claim of presidential greatness and the people’s disdain toward the candidate anointed by Mr. Aquino? Is that the normal practice in a democracy, the people’s non-reciprocity to the supposed greatness of a departing leader? Just read the story of Lula, a truly great president and how he made Dilma win, despite the public’s doubts about her competence to lead Brazil.

    On the reciprocity, actually no. The people are not inclined to reciprocity because there is nothing to thank Mr. Aquino for. In reality, Mr. Aquino belonged to the 20th century and what he aspired for and accomplished – growth rates and credit upgrades – were the benchmarks of great leadership during the heyday of the Washington Consensus.

    Today is the 21st century and inequality has been defined as the great challenge of this period. Growth rates can take place in a vastly unequal world, more so in the governing environment of Mr. Aquino. Mr. Aquino, the hard truth is, is an out-of-touch leader who was oblivious to the brutal Social Darwinism that resulted from his policies.

    The legacy-seeking Mr. Aquino will soon find out his true place in history. Like George W. Bush, he will be rated as one of the most inconsequential presidents, ever. The bubble has been pierced and there is empirical evidence to prove that.
    Marlen Ronquillo


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    1. ferdinand naboye on

      be truthfull as the truth will set you free. pretend and your will harvest the fruits of your pretensions after you leave the gates of malacanang on june 30.

    2. Sir, PNoy’s “greatness” is a product of a mentally defective mind who keeps on hallucinating how great he is. For sure he continues to hallucinate how great he is that came to a point that he believed in himself. As the saying goes “a lie which continues to be spoken will one day become truth” in the minds of the insane.

    3. Its not only the straight path that is the phony and unexamined narrative. After enduring the yellow regime for 30 years, if you will believe what you read in the news, the people still prefer as president the candidates being pushed by the yellow forces led by a woman who lies about her citizenship and residency requirements and whose only redeeming quality is her being the adopted daughter of FPJ, followed by the most corrupt mayor Makati ever had, and followed still by the most under-achieving cabinet member in living memory. Either the Filipinos are really dumb masochists or this whole thing is a myth being fed to us by the yellows’ massive propaganda machine using the mainstream media. In all online polls these yellow candidates can hardly get more then 3% of the votes- yes you read right, 3%. Its so easy to rig an SWS survey, but you have to create tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of fake accounts to cheat in an online poll and only the government has the resources to do this, but the fact that they cannot prop up their candidates, Grace Poe, Binay and Roxas in online polls proves the impossibility of the task. Everything in the news is a grand delusion, and practically everybody is falling for it.

    4. I call on the voters, bear in mind that on May 9,2015 election day, you should not vote any candidates from the Liberal Party,(BAWAL IBOTO ANG MGA KANDIDATO NA MIEMBRO NG LIBERAL PARTY) bakit? halos karamihan sa kanila ay kawatan, at ang pinagmamalaki nilang Tuwid na Daan ay ang daan papunta sa impiyerno ng kahirapan ng mamamayan!

    5. very good explanation tesboy… all what you said is very true tesboy..
      marami ang naloko ng EDSA 1 sa pangunguna ng mga elitistang oligarch na kaibigan , kamaganak at kaklase nitong abnormal na presidente na ang kanyang ina na lucifer na ginamit pati simbahan.. Shame on your mrs. corykong… to hell with you..and to your son abnoy,…

    6. Jose Rizal once said, “there are no tyrants if there are no slaves.” The people of this country have never recovered from the moment of their enslavement by foreigners few centuries ago. The institutions, be it religious or civil, were created to perpetuate and protect the interests of the rich and powerful, then and now. What is urgently needed now is a national effort for reeducation of the citizens for the purpose of changing the current mindset.

    7. The governments of both cory and
      pnoy made the rich, richer and the
      poor, poorer. Both governments are anti poor and pro oligarch.They
      gave too much favor to business men and foreign capitalists at the
      expense of local enteprenuers.
      Truly, life and the economic situation during Marcos era is much better.

    8. I definitely agreed to your Mr. Ronquillo and also to Larry Faraon of the other news commentary, let puts my piece the way.

      I really felt relieved with the comments of Father Larry Faraon because what I have been harping about is true all this time. MARCOS is CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITARIANISM at its best from 1972 to 1983 and best governance from 1983 to 1986 RP is emerging TIGER by its sense with NATIONAL BUDGET of about Php 30 billion I guess is right.

      DICTATOR CORY who was never elected into office but claimed otherwise (she was not really won the election because people are afraid that communist will take over if she was elected). SHE assumed the presidency when this was handed to her in silver platter by JPE and GRINGO with the RAM BOYS. WHAT DICTATOR CORY did AFTERWARDS was declared REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT and with her REVOLUTIONARY FREEDOM CONSTITUTION (what a clever move to conceal her evil motive). The next thing that happened was the unthinkable SHE FIRED ALL ELECTED GOVERNORS, CITY MAYORS AND MUNICIPAL MAYORS AND ALL ELECTED LOCAL OFFICIALS (MARCOS NEVER DID THAT). Then hunted JPE and RAMBOYS. It was followed by the mothballing of BATAAN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT on the advice of her supporters the OLIGARCHS her patron in EDSA coup de etat whom she claim peoples revolt that ousted MARCOS, then fictitious black outs, imports of power generators, her national budget ballooned to Php 150 billion, COMPLETELY SHE DESTROYED THE FUNCTIONING GOVERNMENT INSTRUMENTALITIES UNDER MARCOS. When DICTATOR CORY was about to end her EVIL DICTATORSHIP she gave us the law mandated by her OLIGARCHS, the PSALMS LAW this put according to her well loved FILIPINO PEOPLE into QUAGMIRE POVERTY that never ends. SHE PUTS INTO ACTION that FILIPINO PEOPLE will forever be enslaved into POVERTY. she gaves us the never ending high cost electricity and etc. IN THE CONTRARY her OLIGARCHS became more richer.

      DICTATOR LIKE ADOLF HITLER her son PNOY CONTINUED her never ending LEGACY of enslaving their well love FILIPINO PEOPLE. . .what . . . . the AQUINO’S love the FILIPINO PEOPLE . . . . whats that again.. .
      my goodness. PNOY made the OLIGARCHS now deeply rooted in all government instrumentalities, they are the priority in government back guaranteed financing that will take care of their big businesses, example is big infrastracture undertaken throug P P P. until 2020 it will cost PEOPLE’S MONEY AROUND Php 1 trillion. My goodness they are everywhere . . . they enslaved taong bayan and lawakers and the executive departments . . taong bayan gumising na kayo sa katotohanan wag kayong magpalinlang sa kandidato PNOY. . .

      WAG NA KAYONG MAGPALINLANG SA MGA AQUINO mga kurakot ang mga tao niya ebakit hindi niya sipain dahil ba may pakinabang din siya. . . MALINIS DAW SILA. . . ? mas malinis pa daw sila kay MARCOS kay MARCOS walang masacre sa MENDIOLA kay DICTATOR CORY meron dinagdagan pa ni DICTATOR CORY sa Hacienda Luisita. . . kay PNOY meron din tanungin na lang ninyo ang mga diaryo . . .

      SI PNOY AYAW NIYA SA SAF 44 GUSTO NIYA SA MGA MUSLIM RADICALS gaya ng MILF magkaliwanagan na tayo IKAW PINOY straight face sagutin mo bakit hindi mo pinayagan makuha ng buhay ang mga SAF 44. Diba ikaw ang COMMANDER IN CHIEF, HINDI NAMAN KAILANGAN NG 1 BATALLION OF ARMY AND MECHANIZED BATALLION ANG MAG REINFORCE. Ako just give me 10 crew serve army, yong lang magdadala ng two (2) 81MM mortars, two (2) 61MM mortars at mga bala, hindi na kailangan ang 105 howitzer cannons ha. . ha. . . ha. . . ha. . . bakit hindi naitanong sa senado at congreso. Ang 81MM puputokin lang doon sa gilid ng highway kalsada papuntang tanin ng kamaisan sa MAGANOY BRIDGE O MAMASAPANO BRIDGE e tatakbo ng ang mga MILF edi nakaligtas ang SAF 44 makaka withdraw pa sila.


      Me too have live with the time of President Marcos and up to this very day and I find him the most VISIONARY PRESIDENT AND THE BEST EVER, Why, he was the only one who envisioned that the country needs to have a CLEAN, SAFE, and EFFICIENT power plants, he started it by constructing Bataan and other monuments to this day but other allowed to rot by DICTATOR CORY and HITLER LIKE DICTATORSHIP OF PNOY.

      • Johnny Agustin on

        Agree! In Cory’s time lumitaw itong salitang “civil society” sino kaya ang mga ito?

      • Now, it can be told. The real owner of that media network is the daughter and the son but it was made to appear that it was being given back to the previous owner. That’s the reason the network has always been fawning to the inanities and mental bankruptcy of benigno.