Data price possibly ‘zero’ in next 5-10 yrs – Telstra


SHANGHAI: Telecommunication operators must be able to come up with user-friendly technologies and should not be focusing only on connectivity as the price of data is expected to drop in the next five to 10 years, according to Telstra.

Telstra is an Australian telecommunications company and a provider of mobile phones, mobile devices, home phones and broadband Internet service, among others.

“There is a real possibility the price for data to the customer will go to zero in the next five to 10 years,” Telstra Chief Executive Officer Andrew Penn said in his speech on Wednesday, during the Mobile World Congress organized by the GSM Association.

“Demand has never been greater,” according to Penn.

He said operators must be able to provide user-friendly apps as well, such as eliminating the so many passcode inputs for verification purposes.

“You have to make these apps easy to use as possible… We have to make it seamless,” Penn added.
Also, operators offering digital services must have transparent pricing structures to avoid bill shock among customers, he said.

Telstra has a number of contact centers across the globe to respond to customers’ queries and concerns.
Penn said having these centers helps the business to improve as they analyze the details of calls they receive.
“The operator is being close to the customer as close as you can,” he added.

Penn said 90 percent of queries to customer service teams could be avoided by improvements in the technology.
In 2016, Telstra was expected to venture into the Philippine market through a partnership with San Miguel Corp. but canceled its plan without fully disclosing the reason behind it.

“Despite an enormous amount of effort and goodwill on all sides, we were simply unable to come to commercial arrangements that would have enabled us to proceed,” Penn previously said regarding the failed negotiation.


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