DataOne sees increase in shift to Cloud use


A top official of DataOne Asia expects remarkable developments in Cloud services in the Philippines in 2014.

“IT [information technology]infrastructure being standardized globally and that more enterprises worldwide will continue to turn to the Cloud for their IT computing needs,” said Cyril Rocke, president and chief executive officer of DataOne Asia.

He added that, “This is the major trend and I see that this is accelerating.”

Rocke sees new global players emerging in Cloud services this year and a broader market, as more industries migrate to the Cloud.

He also anticipates formation of partnerships between traditional hardware vendors and new Cloud providers.

The DataOne Asia official also believes that there will be a creation of new services and business applications because of adoption to the Cloud.

The emergence of new major Cloud providers such as Google to compete with Amazon, Rackspace and other players is expected.

In the Philippines, Cloud computing’s acceptance from enterprises is increasing faster than anticipated since last year. This 2014, Rocke expects Cloud computing to gain an even wider recognition.

“I’m not saying that all the companies will go for it, but we see from a lot of different industries the demand and acceptance for Cloud,” he explained.

The official also said that this is because companies are seeing more benefits beyond cost and performance.

Rocke said industries that need to adopt Cloud technology are those that involve large amount of transactions such as companies in retail, logistics and banking.

“If you’re a logistics company, there’s a lot of movement of goods to be delivered quickly, frequently and precisely. Due to the nature of this industry, network security and speed of computing infrastructure are key because you need to scale or increase your capacity quickly on demand,” he added.

During peak or holiday seasons, DataOne has clients requesting for an increase in capacity.

Specific needs
“Being able to deliver that capacity very quickly shows our service is able to address the specific needs of those industries,” Rocke said.

The Cloud’s impact was already felt in 2013. Last year saw a drop in sales in large hardware manufacturing as enterprises were slowly migrating to the Cloud.

“At the same time, the large traditional hardware vendors like IBM, HP, Dell, and others are using various strategies to enter the Cloud. We see convergences between them and new emerging cloud providers,” Rocke noted.

Although he expects a higher demand for data center services and Cloud infrastructures in 2014, he clarified that it doesn’t mean needing larger data centers because a lot more computing power can now be delivered through the Cloud.

The wide acceptance of Cloud computing technology is a major advancement. “It is becoming a standard and it opens new opportunities,” Rocke added.


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