DataSeer bullish about PH digital evolution


DIGITAL training service provider DataSeer remains optimistic that the Philippines will follow Malaysia and Singapore’s commitments to adopting data science technologies advancing both the public and private sectors.

“I’m quite positive that we can get there. We can get there through building healthy industries. The data science and analytics is just one of the industries that need to grow. I’m bullish about the PH in general,” Isaac Reyes, lead trainer at DataSeer, told The Manila Times in an interview.

The country has a “chance right now” if it would involve social, mobile analytics, cloud, data science and digital technology in the secondary and tertiary education curriculum, and have the businesses to capitalize on the talent pool, Reyes noted.

However, if the Philippine market would not move forward and back the right technologies and activities, “we are like a car traveling 200km into a brick wall,” he said.

Reyes emphasized the importance of riding on the wave of digital transformation, saying “data driven decision making is here, and the winners in business are going to be those businesses that use data in making decisions.”

He said the government needs to support data science analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies for the Philippines to improve systems and advance in the region.

“If we look at Singapore and Malaysia, these are visionary governments putting real incentives in place for businesses to adopt data science technologies and for individuals to train as data scientists. We do trainings in Singapore,” Reyes noted.

Participants in data science in Singapore get a 70 percent discount.

“These are the sorts of incentives that I am positive our government here will recognize,” Reyes said.
“The analytics and data science industry is not important only for the private sector but also for the government sector. The more we can use data in decisions, the better the quality of decision-making in government would be,” he said.
Lisbet K. Esmael


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