Daughter bears her mother’s burden


WITH the passing of the wife of former Armed Forces Gen. Lisandro Abadia, his daughter takes the place of his mother to fulfill the Sandigan­bayan order to return P11 million.

In a three-page notice of death, lawyers from Calleja Law Office informed the Sandiganbayan that Lisandro’s spouse, Violeta, passed away in March 2013 even before the anti-graft court handed down the decision against the accused.

However, Abadia’s lawyers were not informed immediately as the former general had been grieving and apologized for his belated advice.

The defense asked the court to give them enough time to secure the death certificate of Violeta since “lamentably, to date, respondent [Lisandro] Abadia is yet to provide the certificate of death” which the counsels requested to have Violeta removed from the rolls of accused.

Under the Revised Rules of Court, “the heirs of the deceased may be allowed to be substituted for the deceased.”

The defense informed that the former military official now together with his daughter, Lovey Ann, will stand to fulfill the court’s order.

The Sandiganbayan ruled that the P11-million properties of the Abadias are unexplained wealth after the Office of the Ombudsman gave enough evidence that the former general’s assets were questionable.

The court ruled that the declared wealth of the Abadia in his 1993 statement of assets, liabilities and net worth of the Abadias could not match the disposable income, making the “P11.26 million as unexplained wealth,” the court ruled.

John Constantine G. Cordon


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