Daughter of singer Whitney Houston found unconscious in bath


LOS ANGELES: The daughter of late singer Whitney Houston was pulled unconscious from her bathtub Saturday at her Georgia home, in an eerie echo of her mother’s tragic death three years ago.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, 21, was found by her husband and a friend at her home in Roswell, roughly 22 miles (35 kilometers) north of Atlanta, Roswell Police Department spokeswoman Lisa Holland said.

“She is still alive and breathing and other than that I do not know her condition at this time,” Holland told a news conference. “Investigators are on the scene at the hospital and the house.”

The TMZ.com entertainment news website said Brown’s husband Nick Gordon and a friend had performed CPR at the scene after making the discovery.

Emergency services were called to assist before Brown was whisked to North Fulton Hospital for treatment.

TMZ reported that sources close to the family said Bobbi Kristina had been placed in a medically induced coma to address swelling on the brain.

Soul diva Whitney Houston died in February 2012. She was found in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles on the eve of the music industry’s annual Grammy Awards show.

Coroners concluded she died by accidental drowning, with cocaine use and heart disease as contributing factors.

Various bottles were found in the singer’s hotel room — in all some 12 medications prescribed by five different doctors, including anxiety treatment Xanax and the potent corticosteroid Prednisone, the report said.

The singer of hits such as “I Will Always Love You” sold more than 170 million records during a nearly three-decade career, but also fought a long battle against substance abuse.

The singer left all of her assets to Bobbi Kristina — born from her troubled marriage to singer Bobby Brown — while excluding her ex-husband.



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  1. Here we are reminded again how ;fame and fortune are a double edged sword..

    People who have incredible gifts;in music ;acting;art etc–Seem to be plagued by terrible mental afflictions.They have bipolar;chronic depression–even schizophrenia .
    A little while ago the world was shocked by the death/suicide of Robin Williams

    Not only the Famous personality is afflicted ; the children also are shot into the limelight-

    -For some it is tortuous, trying to live in the shadow of such a talented parent –For others, it is putting up with behavior, that we don’t see ..

    The people who have such mental illness ;can exhibit bizarre behavior–Going from the depth of despair ; to high elation

    They can start to suspect all those around them;and accuse them of plotting etc ..

    the children of such parents, can even of inherited the disorder ;or be so badly effected by the behavior–that they have been damaged..

    In a lot of cases an attempt to kill oneself is a cry for help;

    With good therapy and support…There is good reason, to feel that the person can recover from whatever the condition was; that brought about the attempt.

    i remain yours
    David M Meyer MD D.P..M PhD