• Davao-based supplier introduces new hybrid rice


    Variety has potential yield of 220 cavans per hectare

    DAVAO-based Taipan Brand Farm, Inc (TBFI) has introduced its high-yielding PAC 801 hybrid rice seed and Proyield seed treatment, after an initial launch to 92 land owners and farmers in Bulacan late last year.
    PAC 801 is a premium rice hybrid variety, while Proyield is a seed treatment and natural bio-activator that have been proven effective in stimulating growth and improving the yield of crops. Both products are distributed by TBFI.

    Sandra De Guia, senior product manager of TBFI, explained that these products are designed to work together to increase the income of Filipino farmers.

    “PAC 801 is a hybrid rice seed with high yield potential and adaptability to various environmental and climatic conditions in the Philippines while Proyield is a seed treatment for increasing germination rate and more robust seedlings with longer roots. These two products complement each other in producing a healthier plant and higher rice yield,” she said.

    Tagged as “Ang Hybrid na High Grade,” PAC 801 has a ‘high-grade’ in yield—an average potential yield of 220 cavans per hectare. PAC 801 is also ‘high-grade’ in adaptability, which means it can be planted during both wet and dry seasons. It is likewise ‘high-grade’ in grain quality because it has a long, slender grain that commands a higher selling price in the market.

    Approximately 7.33 millimeters long each, PAC 801’s slender grains also has a premium Grade 1 classification, because of its high milling recovery at 71 percent and 48 percent head rice. PAC 801 has also been said to have an excellent eating quality.

    Meanwhile, Proyield has a seaweed-based formula that is rich in hormones and micronutrients needed by plants to stimulate physiological processes enabling crops to reach their full yield potential. Proyield—with proper use—will result in an increased 20 percent yield.

    Aside from ensuring better yield, Proyield also produces stronger, healthier, greener plants; reduces flower and fruit drops in fruiting crops; and helps plants endure stress during adverse conditions such as drought, the supplier stressed.

    “Proyield provides value to farmers—from planting up to harvesting. Given the additional yield and the improved quality of crops, farmers will enjoy more earnings than they did without Proyield,” De Guia added.


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