Davao Light welcomes the 5th ‘pawikan’ nest


ON July 29, 2017, pawikan tracks were seen on the shoreline of the outdoor biodiversity park, popularly known as the Cleanergy Park located at Sitio Punta Dumalag, Matina Aplaya, Davao City, which led to the discovery of a pawikan nest in the park, the 5th for the year. Cleanergy Park is a project of Davao Light, a subsidiary of AboitizPower, in partnership with Aboitiz Foundation. It is a biodiversity park that is aimed to preserve the

Fifth pawikan nest discovered at the Cleanergy Park.

pawikan nesting grounds, be a home of many thriving bird species and help maintain ecological balance for other sea and land creatures. The presence of a nesting mother pawikan in the Cleanergy Park is an indicator that the park is still safe for propagation of the next generation of sea turtles. Fermin Edillon, Davao Light and Power Co., Inc.’s community relations manager, led the team who verified the tracks and confirmed that there is a nest. The same mother pawikan is expected to be back in two-weeks time to lay her next batch of eggs. A female pawikan is known to lay eggs three to five times in two-week intervals during mating season. Moreover, the eggs are expected to hatch in the next 50 to 60 days. By then, it will be determined to what species they belong to. Davao Light together with the Aboitiz Foundation will remain committed in carrying out its campaign for the conservation of the pawikan sanctuary, the Cleanergy Park, which is also known as a haven of various species.


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