• Davao mayor confirms BPI accounts


    Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday confirmed that he has several bank accounts with the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), one of which was with its branch on Julia Vargas Avenue in Pasig City (Metro Manila).

    Speaking to reporters in Bataan, Duterte said he has a BPI account with the Pasig City branch but insisted that it does not contain P211 million as alleged by Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th.

    “Meron ako sa BPI. Hindi ganun kalaki. Thousands lang. It could not go beyond that [I have accounts at BPI. But (they do) not contain that much money, only thousands. It could not go beyond that],” Duterte added.

    He said his two bank accounts only contain P50,000 and P17,000, respectively.

    His BPI accounts, according to the mayor, were opened when he was a congressman.

    “Malaki ‘yan noon. Naubos na sa gastos [It used to be big, but I spent it already],” Duterte said.

    Duterte’s statement came after Trillanes made public the numbers of the accounts allegedly owned by the mayor.

    Trillanes said the bank accounts had some P211 million and the amount was not declared in Duterte’s Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN).

    The senator also claimed that the trash-talking presidential candidate maintains accounts in LandBank, Banco de Oro and Metrobank.

    Trillanes dared Duterte to sign a specific waiver authorizing the opening of his bank accounts.

    But Duterte pointed out that the senator should file a formal affidavit first before making his accounts public.

    “I will ask him to make a statement under oath where and when he got it, for what purpose and how. File a case and I will open the accounts,” the mayor said.

    On Wednesday, Duterte denied Trillanes’ allegations, also claiming that they was fabricated.

    “Maniwala kayo [Don’t believe it]. That’s garbage. You can check with the bank. You go there,” he told reporters.

    But, according to the mayor, he will not sign a waiver.

    “Ay hindi na, pahirapan ko na si Trillanes [Not on your life. I’ll make it difficult for Trillanes]. You prove it. I won’t make it easy for you. I will not play into your hands,” he said.


    Former Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd also on Thursday said he was able to confirm Duterte’s bank account since one of his aides deposited P500 to the published account number and the bank deposit slip confirmed it belonged to Duterte and his daughter Sara.

    Roxas shrugged off claims of the mayor’s supporters that attacks against Duterte are mere politicking.

    “They can say what they want, but the fact remains that their candidate [Duterte] is lying. How many times do they need to turn blind to his lies?” he said.

    “The question is simple. Does he own it or not? It’s clear that this account belongs to him. The defense of someone who is caught in the corner is to question the motive. But this can just be settled by a yes or no,” Roxas added.

    He again dared Duterte to quit the race.

    “You are a liar. And liars are siblings of the thieves. I challenge you. If this bank account is fake, then I’ll quit. But if it is authentic, you should quit!” Roxas said.

    “You don’t deserve to lead this country because you are a liar. I will fight you to the end,” he added.

    The Liberal Party presidential bet signed a notarized waiver allowing the Office of the Ombudsman to scrutinize his bank accounts.

    “I have always been an advocate of transparency, especially in public service. As a candidate for President, I want to prove that I am fully worthy of the people’s trust. Based on these principles and for the duration of my candidacy, I hereby do authorize the Ombudsman and her duly authorized representative to obtain and secure from appropriate government agencies, including the Bureau of Internal Revenue, such documents that may show my assets, liabilities, net worth, business interests and financial connections,” Roxas said.

    “I also hereby do waive, in favor of the Ombudsman, all my rights and privileges to bank secrecy under the Bank Secrecy Law and it shall cover all banks,” he added.


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    1. Mar Roxas huwag ka ng magpabango ng pangalan sa Taong Bayan dhil magnanakaw ka din nman. Saan ba Galing yung yaman nyo ? Sa kaban ng Bayaan!!

    2. Mr. Roxas, we weren’t born yesterday. Duterte’s a liar? Look who’s talking! Authorizing the Ombudsman to open all your accounts? As if we don’t know that the Ombudsman is a puppet in your and Aquino’s hands! I’m just so glad that Roxas is going to lose!!!

    3. confirmed pala yung account. bakit ayaw pirmahan yung waiver para makita yung transaction history. tinatanong pa ba yun. baka mabisto. BISTADO NA. ngayon si digonggung magingat na sa mga traidor. dahil traidor siya.

    4. Open the accounts now for the public to see the real Duterte! Don’t hide in technicalities like Binay does. Show that you are man enough to confront Trillanes, sign the waiver and open your accounts. Why scared? You are tough Mayor Digong, aren’t you?

    5. Is there no privacy laws in the Philippines?

      If any Philippine bank account can be accessed by people other than the account holder and publish the same, the Philippines is really SHIT in the eyes of the international community!