• Davao mayor demands apology from Mega Harbou


    DAVAO CITY: City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio has demanded an apology from Mega Harbour Port and Development Corporation for calling her “reckless, callous, and unethical individual” over the termination of the joint venture agreement of the P39-billion mixed-use coastline development project in Davao.

    In a letter obtained from reliable sources from the City Hall, Duterte-Carpio strongly reacted to a letter and recently published statement by Mega Harbour questioning her decision to terminate the project.”What I did not expect from you is to call me out as a reckless, callous and unethical individual. You should be the last person to speak about ethics if you write letters such as the one I received,” she said.”It is utterly fiddling of you to threaten me with a law suit should I continue to fulfill my obligation to explain to the public why I terminated the agreement.

    And you certainly do not have the right to tell me how and when I should do my job,” the city mayor’s letter stated.In the letter, the Duterte-Carpio disproved the claim of Mega Harbour that it was not given due notice of the termination, saying, the letter was duly acknowledged on July 27, 2017.”

    A careful review of my actions betrays your accusation that I have put your company in a “bad light” and “tarnished even blackened beyond repair your reputation,” the mayor said, noting further “nothing in my statement could also reflect that I subjected you to “immeasurable humiliation or ridiculed men and women from your company.”Duterte-Carpio emphasized on her obligation to inform the public of her decision, a year after a review of the project documents.

    ”The fulfillment of my obligation is not publicity, it is accountability,” she stressed.She also reminded Mega harbour that its officers met her first when they presented the project when she was mayor in 2011”

    This time, I am again the mayor and I have no obligation to repeatedly sit down and listen to you. My option was to review all the documents that you have submitted to the City Government. I thoroughly read all the materials and minutes of meetings, including your presentation to the NEDA [National Economic and Development Authority] Regional Infrastructure Development Committee. It took me a year to articulate my decision because I had to diligently go through all your documents. I also had to hire consultants who independently assessed and vetted the project,” she explained.”

    These bare the truth of my direct involvement in the process — even more than your definition of what a direct involvement is, which is to simply sit down with you, look at your glossy presentations, and listen to your briefings,” she stressed.

    The mayor explained she did not disclose the information that formed part of her decision to terminate the agreement.”I do not wish to belabor with you on the merits and basis of the joint venture agreement. We can save that argument for the right time and the proper venue,” she said.

    Mega Harbour airs sideIn a press statement last week following the termination of the agreement, Mega Harbour described the decision as “unilaterally and arbitrarily is a shock.””We never saw it coming. All the while we thought that we were all on the same page in trying to improve the lives of the marginalized in those 10 coastal barangays – involving some 4,000 families,” the statement stated.Mega Harbour claimed it has efforts and resources towards improving lives of the marginalized community, “tapping every sector in our network, always highly spirited in our drive to exceed expectations in complying with each and every term of the duly-approved agreement.””

    Our vision is clear, fully supported by all the geological, economic, financial and other related studies one can think of in preparing the groundwork for a project of that scale,” the statement said, adding, “The inspiration comes from what we are certain the project will ultimately provide, not only to those 4,000 families but to all the Davao City residents and the rest of the Mindanaoans.”

    Mega Harbour further claimed, “infrastructure, jobs, livelihood, trade, industries, investments, tourism, and many other socioeconomic benefits and opportunities – all at no cost to the city government, yet, neatly put together in one package as an end-to-end anti-poverty solution and a historic model of public-private partnership.”It also stressed on all the study and preliminary analyses of the areas covered by the project that was all presented and accepted then-Mayor now President Rodrigo Duterte,

    Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, and the Sangguniang Panlungsod.Mega Harbour reportedly submitted the Environmental Impact Studies to get approval from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to issue an Environmental Compliance Certificate.”Therefore, there should be no issue on the environmental compliance since it is now for approval of the DENR,” Mega Harbour said, “The unilateral and premature “termination” flimsy if not outright a mere product of a fertile imagination.”


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