• Davao mayor is anti-social, narcissistic – psych report


    AS various groups continue to flay Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, documents submitted to the court for annulment proceedings initiated by his former wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman, have surfaced.

    In 1998, Elizabeth filed a petition with the Regional Trial Court in Pasig City (Metro Manila) to nullify her marriage.

    Two years later, the court decided in her favor, ending the 27-year union of Rodrigo and Elizabeth.

    Rodrigo never appeared in court and did not protest Elizabeth’s petition. But he was compelled to undergo a psychological test.

    Assessment results of the psychological report, first reported by ABS-CBN, showed that the tough-talking mayor has “narcissistic personality disorder” or “extreme self-conceit.”

    The results said Duterte has a “pervasive tendency to demean, humiliate others and violate their rights and feelings” and has “difficulty controlling his urges and emotions.”

    But Duterte’s daughter, Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio, defended her father, saying the marriage of her parents does not reflect his record as a public servant.

    “Psychological incapacitation in a marriage does not reflect the character of a person outside the marriage,” Sara added.

    “He’s impulsive? He’s selfish? Does his track record in governance, as a public servant, show that he is impulsive or selfish? They do not,” she insisted.

    Sara maintained that the reports painting her father as someone unfit for the presidency come from his rivals.

    “This is election. I grew up in politics,” she said. “The family is no longer surprised. Every election period, this is one of the issues his rivals use against him. But they’ve already used so many other issues. Sanay na kami. Sanay na si mayor [We’re used to this].”

    “The court may have used these as grounds for the annulment of the marriage, but the court did not say that he is unfit to become a leader. The court said my parents are unfit to be together in a marriage, but it did not say that my father is unfit to become our leader,” she said.


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    1. So ano pala ang sakit ng mga inuupo ninyo tuwing election o yung mga nandadaya sa election para lang makaupo? Anong disorder ung tawag sa isang tao na umuupo sa pagka presidente na nakatira sa maynila ay hindi kayang iayos ang sarili nyang lugar kung san mas d hamak na malaki pa ng 63x ang davao na hinahawakan lang ng iisang mayor sa loob ng 22years? Anong klaseng disorder ung inefficiency na un???

    2. armando astudillo on

      Being anti-social and narcissistic are normal human frailties which affect ALL in varying degrees. With these traits, Duterte has ruled Davao with honor and integrity. So what’s the fuss?

      • in varying degrees, yes its harmless if its small enough to not cause havoc to self or to other members of the society but if it is consider a DISORDER, it automatically belongs to classes of PYCHOPATHIES, PSYCHOPATHS are Pure Evil Personified. Dangerous Twisted Sick Minds straight from horror movies. Almost if not all commnist leaders are psychopaths. Dudirty is one of them.

    3. Juan T. Delacruz on

      It is election season and everybody, to include these writers are biased. There is no such thing as equality, morality, integrity on any of these candidates. Each of them has their own strategies and most of them promise something, even promises that cannot be achieved, politically. Promises like creating a 1.7 million jobs per year in the next 6 years, building an “International Airport” in a small town, building a 14 kilometers bridge to connect X an Y provinces, and more. Creating 1.7 million jobs requires the government to pump tons of money into the economy, and if the Congress is willing to appropriate the money. One of my favorite promise is to ELIMINATE POVERTY. Ignorant, like myself and confused voters don’t even bother to ask questions like, How? Some candidates said they will address poverty to eliminate criminalities.Heck, if more people have jobs, this means they have more money to spend, but not necessarily spending their hard earned money to upgrade their livelihood, but rather spend their money on drugs, alcohol, gambling and all these bad habits. Are you going to eliminate drug dealing this way? Evidently not, drug business will flourish.

    4. The voters do not need an official report to see that DUDIRTY is a psychopath though such medical report is a confirmation of what many Filipinos have observed during this campaign period. DUDIRTY is not fit to be elected to any position in any organization let alone in government.

      Please do NOT vote for DUDIRTY.

    5. natural na rason ang psycologically incapacitated sa mga annulment para mapadali ang pagka annul ng kasal… kaya di pwedeng pagbasihan ang report na ito..di kagaya ng kay pnoy na sa paaralan talaga nang galing ang report ng kanyang pagkabaliw…

    6. Rizalito David on

      You will dread the day when an ethic cleansing-like process is executed in the streets with no respect accorded to the rights of people and even petty crimes are met with death right at their very doorstep. When the entire society is given to violence and to the basest of instincts and when innocence is set aside and guilt automatically rendered, it will be too late. Rwanda and Cambodia during Pol Pot’s time come to mind when government is submitted to the dictates of a sick mind. Our women and children will no longer be safe and their abuse is viewed with legitimacy and humor. You will curse the day when your adulation of a diseased mind transforms the same to pure evil. The evil in him would hardly even care as he himself is devoured by acts he can no longer manage to stop. And if you cannot see this happening soon, you have an even greater problem – YOUR MIND IS SICK AS WELL.

    7. Ang PGH at Feballa Hospital ay dalawang ospital na takbuhan ng mga mahihirap. Sa maraming dekada ng panunungkulan ng mga sinasabing disenteng tao, ang mga ito ay patuloy na bulok, kulang sa gamit at malinis at maayos na kapaligiran. Ito ay isang halimbawa ng pagpapabaya at kawalang ng sinseridad ng mga tinatawag na disenteng politico….malinos sa labas at pananalita ngunit sa loob ay burak ang laman. Kay Duterte pa rin kami!!

    8. this black propaganda is the handiwork of Roxas, adnoy, LP members and supporters and binay and his minions. we supporters of duterte expect more black propaganda to come to derail the candidacy our our choice duterte.

      but no amount of black propaganda will change our support to PRESIDENT DUTERTE.

      DUTERTE was in aklan and Iloilo the other day and mammoth crowd meet DUTERTE at the streets and attended his campaign rally. they said, panay is roxas country but by the number of people rooting for DUTERTE, the polictical field in panay has change and shifted. in fact, when ROXAS had his proclamation rally in roxas only few attended and hakot pa that’s why roxas was very mad. when he went to aklan, walang tao na sumalubong sa kanya sa kalye.


      • Let’s not play blame game…not all the issue is because of the government First, not all Filipinos are for Duterte.. Second, Duterte has done it to himself… He is the one doing the talking Third, he first publicly said that he is not running for President and when Poe run he said he’ll run for President? Don’t you see the strange pattern in Duterte’s behaviour?

    9. One trait of womanizer like Duterte is to be socially active. He can not be a man who is anti-social.

    10. Helloooooo, this report is an SOP (standard operating procedure) as a requirement to make an annulment case credible. Either the husband and/or the wife produces documents which sounds like this report to assure the approval of the annulments. This is not the same as the psycho reprot of Benigno Simeon C. Aquino iii which was covered-up by the media like this one when PNoy was campaigning.

    11. Sara is delusional if she believes that being diagnosed as narcissistic and having “pervasive tendencies to humiliate, demean” etc.. and “difficulty controlling his urges” will not affect his abilities to be president! Sara is showing signs of narcissism as well.

    12. I thought Binay was the worst of the presidential candidates but at the present time, with the extreme self-conceit of Duterte may this “fresh” person (and daughter) who thinks he can have anybody as his mistress or girlfriend be erased on earth. What does Duterte think of himself? So goodlooking? Stupid Duterte and his abusive daughter Sarah should face Satan the earliest so no Filipinos will idolized them To the Dutertes, Go To Hell.

      • Jose Samilin on

        keem Wong, seems you are not without sin so your anger you are already owned by the devil.