• Davao Mayor won’t get 1 million Cebu votes


    NAGA CITY, Cebu: Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will not win one million votes here, Cebu Governor Hilario Davide 3rd said.

    Davide, who is seeking reelection, was addressing the claim made by the One Cebu party led by former Government Service and Insurance System president Winston Garcia that One Cebu can deliver one million of the 2.7 million votes in Cebu for Duterte.

    “That’s impossible. It will be a tight race between administration standard-bearer Mar Roxas the 2nd and Duterte,” the governor said in a chance interview when he accompanied Roxas in Naga City People’s Market.

    Cebu Rep. Samsam Gullas noted that political clout is not exclusive to One Cebu of the Garcias, including Cebu lawmaker and former Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia.

    “Well, for sure, there is an impact [on Garcias endorsing candidates], but there’s also the endorsement of Junjun Davide and a lot of incumbent mayors which will propel Secretary Mar [to victory],” Gullas, who is also seeking reelection, said in a separate chance interview.

    “We’ll do everything we can to make him win,” Gullas added.

    Davide and Gullas, however, admitted that Roxas’ road to victory in Cebu won’t be easy with the Cebuano-speaking Duterte standing in the way.

    Duterte was born in DanaoCity, Cebu and lived there until he was five years old.

    “Our assessment of Mar’s toughest opponent here would be Duterte because he is Cebuano-speaking, and voters tend to identify with the one who speaks their language. But our objective is to make Mar win here and we’ll try our best to deliver the most votes,” Davide said.

    “You can’t deny that Mayor Duterte is a Bisaya, but Secretary Mar also comes from the Visayas, and I would say it will alsobe a factor when the people of Cebu vote for him given the way he won the vice presidential race here in 2010,” Gullas added.

    Later in the campaign rally, Roxas urged Cebuanos not to take chances on neophytes and vote for him, who has gained a lot of experience that geared him for the presidency.

    “Let’s not put the future of our children on those who are just throwing promises,” he said.
    In the 2010 vice presidential race, Roxas beat then-Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay in Cebu by 500,000 votes.

    Roxas, however, lost the overall race to Binay by 700,000 votes.


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    1. Duterte will win being a bisaya is loyal to a bisaya.as simple as that.As the saying goes BISAYA NAPUD

    2. ….”a lot of incumbent mayors which will propel Secretary Mar to victory”….para namang lumalabas na walang sariling pagiisip ang ibang mga botante….

    3. Mayor Duterte will win because of his advocacy in fighting drugs, corruption in government, and criminality. His advocacy for federalism is really suited that our country needs. No other presidentiables has a better platform of governance than Duterte. And he has proven himself to be trustworthy because he has evidence in transforming Davao City to a safe and livable city better than Metro Manila. Ask Every Davawenos on his right mind and he or she will tell you the same. MABUHAY ANG ATING BANSA. Duterte is our Chance.

    4. juandelacruz on

      Duterte may even surpass the 1 million votes promised by Winston Garcia simply because Duterte is a son of a Cebuano his father is a former mayor of Danao City in Cebu Province Cebuanos will support all out for Duterte as with Davide statement relying on machinery that will no longer works now a days the voters in the Country side are matured enough to choose their right leaders.