Davao mayor’s bank account remains ‘locked’


Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th maintained that Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is hiding his wealth because the presidential bet did not sign a waiver that would have resulted in the opening of his bank account at the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Julia Vargas Branch in Pasig City (Metro Manila).

Trillanes went to the BPI on Monday but he left without seeing any document involving the mayor’s deposit.

“Ako ay nagbigay ng affidavit pero hindi pa rin pumirma ng waiver si Duterte at hindi rin binuksan ang kanyang bank account. Ang hinihingi lang nila ay balanse at hindi transaction history [I gave an affidavit but Duterte did not sign a waiver so his bank account was not opened],” Trillanes said in a statement.

“Samakatuwid, may tinatago sa bayan si Mayor Duterte, at ang akusasyon kong may P2.4 bilyon na transaksyon sa kanyang bank accounts ay hindi niya napasinungalingan [Mayor Duterte is hiding something. He failed to debunk my accusation that transactions in his bank account reached P2.4 billion],” he added.

The senator said in his affidavit that he obtained Duterte’s bank documents from Joseph de Mesa on April 21.

De Mesa, he added, used to be a loyal fan of Duterte but he withdrew his support when he saw documents showing that Duterte maintained numerous bank accounts where hundreds of millions of pesos were deposited or transferred over the years.

“Mr. de Mesa said he got hold of the documents from a close relative who was working with an agency involved in investigating ill-gotten wealth of government officials,” the affidavit said.

The documents provided by de Mesa showed bank accounts in the name of Rodrigo Roa Duterte, Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Sara Zimmerman Duterte at BPI-Julia Vargas Branch in Pasig City and Edsa Greenhills Branch and at Banco De Oro (BDO) Unibank in Mandaluyong City (Metro Manila).

Trillanes said he asked the help of accountants and finance specialists to tally how much money was deposited in or transferred to Duterte’s bank accounts.

The final tally showed that P2,407,272,2013.75 flowed into the mayor’s bank accounts from 2006 to 2015.

Duterte’s lawyer Salvador Panelo showed up at the BPI Julia Vargas Branch and he presented to the bank a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) that authorizes him to look into the bank deposits of Duterte and a request for the bank to issue a certification that there is no P211 million in the mayor’s account.

“The bank officials explained to Trillanes, ‘We cannot just open the [account]because we are following protocols,’” Panelo said.

When asked why they did not ask for Duterte’s history of transactions, the lawyer replied, “They cannot even [give]a certification, how can they release all documents? I am only asking for one document, certification coming from them.”

Panelo said the bank asked for seven days to study Duterte’s request.

But Trillanes said the mayor should show his bank transactions from 2006 to 2016 or from 2010 to 2015.

He noted that a lawyer cannot give a waiver because an SPA, which Duterte executed, does not allow the signing of a waiver.

“Sabi nga ng official ng bank, hindi pwedeng through SPA ang pag-waive ng account.
Personal act yun. Nag-uusap pa daw sa headquarters nila [BPI headquarters]. Pag-aaralan pa daw ng bangko kung tatanggapin yung SPA. Kasi hindi yun waiver. At dahil joint account daw, dapat nakapirma yung may joint account. Kaya wala talagang ilalabas [A bank official said an SPA is not allowed. Signing a waiver is a personal act. And because it is a joint account, the other person should also sign a waiver]” Trillanes said.

“At the end of the day, what they could only give was the account balances. Only [Panelo] can get one. It cannot be released to the public. Tinanong namin si [Panelo]. Sabi niya nagbigay siya ng request, yung SPA tsaka yung request sa bank for certain documents. At sa kanya yun and he will go back to the clients [We asked Panelo. He said he made a request for the bank to issue certain documents. And those documents will be his and he will go back to his client],” he added.

“There is a propaganda game being played. Magaling sa propaganda ang mga taong ito [These people are good at propaganda].”

Panelo said the bank can disclose the amount of the mayor’s account anytime.

During their meeting inside the bank, according to him, bank officers explained to Trillanes that the request could not be immediately granted because of certain protocols.

Also on Monday, monetary officials said they are not the source of the bank documents in the possession of Trillanes.

“We would like to categorically state that the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas [BSP] and the Anti-Money Laundering Council [AMLC] are not the source of the documents and information being cited by a vice presidential candidate regarding the alleged bank accounts of a certain presidential candidate,” BSP Deputy Governor and Officer in Charge Vicente Aquino said in a statement.

“We assure the Filipino people that the BSP and the AMLC are not engaged in partisan politics and will never allow themselves to be used as a tool for political persecution or harassment, or as an instrument to hamper competition in trade and commerce,” Aquino added.

Thousands of supporters of Duterte and Trillanes also showed up at the BPI Julia Vargas Branch.

Spotted in the crowd were whistleblower Sandra Cam and actor Robin Padilla, both staunch supporters of Duterte.

“Sinungaling ka [You’re a liar] Trillanes!” Cam shouted when reporters tried to interview the senator.

She tried to confront Trillanes but she was blocked by anti-riot police.

“Kailangan ko depensahan si Mayor Duterte dahil ako ang president ng whistleblowers at alam ko kung ang isang whistleblower ay isang bayaran [I have to defend Mayor Duterte because I am the president of whistleblowers and I know when a whistleblower has been paid],” Cam said.



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  1. Daniel B. Laurente on

    You can not fool a intelligent man. He is totally differerent from others mentality and capacity. He has guts, a seasoned lawyer not a notary public officer. One day you will know that all the critics who accused him will turnout to be all fools with fools and false documents. He looks very simple person because he is not wearing black suits with atie but he will out do everyone because he is brilliant lawyer. Think deep why he is withholding his promised opening his bank account.

  2. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Trillanes should go back to jail and spend more time behind bars for exposing privately owned bank accounts, publicly. His actions are no longer in aid of legislations, but invasion of privacy and insulted the honor of his political opponent, and his family, as well. I wonder what kind of defense will Trillanes use when Duterte start suing him. Binay sued Trillanes and his case is still pending in court.

  3. I am neither a supporter of mayor Duterte or senator Trillianes,but I believe in good governance and fairness. Since the later produced an affidavit which the former demanded, he should include the addresses, pictures and bio data of his source and the source of his source so that he can be more credible and everything is verifiable and can be presented in court of law, not merely in court of public opinion.mayor Duterte is a lawyer and a former prosecutor, so althought he is a foul mouth one,he knows where he stand.It would be better if senator trillianes could filled in the said informations and challenged mayor Duterte again.To the eyes of public, the senator could be more credible.

  4. mali. ang waiver ay magbibigay sa banko para buksan ang isang account. ang binigay nila ay isang spa ( special power of attorney) kaya may protocol. ang spa ay hindi waiver. alam nila duterte yan. malinaw na panloloko ang balak nila at ginagawa nillang tanga ang taong bayan.

  5. Duterte is now hiding in legal technicalities. He should just open his bank accounts if wala siyang tinatago. Because if he opens his bank and proved Trillanes is wrong, he will be a sure winner as president in this election. It is as simple as that. And yet he wont open the account, why???? Because meron hong mabaho sa loob ng account na yan. Pinapaikot lang po nila ang taumbayan sa issue na yan kunwari eh pupunta sa BPI branch pero in effect it was just a show kasi they will never open that account whatever happens.

    Why don’t the AMLA investigate this account? Surely it is a covered transaction for money laundering and now it becomes a suspicious transaction. Surely the AMLA has enough power to open this account just like the accounts of Binay.

    We need the truth Mr. Duterte. If you will not show what’s in the account, they you don’t deserve our votes. We should be getting rid of corrupt traditional politicians like you!

  6. bpi customer on

    BPI can produce a record in 3 days.

    “4. Can I get a history of my account transactions prior to the 60-day period?
    Yes, you can get the history of your account transactions prior to the 60-day period by calling
    our 24-hour Call Center…BPI Express Phone. Please dial 89-100 for Metro Manila,
    1-800-188-89100 for domestic toll-free calls (where available) or International Access Code
    + 63 + 2 + 89-10000 for international calls. The historical statement of your accounts will be
    mailed to your account address within three banking days from the date the request has been
    received. It will cost you Php105.00 per account plus additional charges depending on the
    number of pages sent to you”

    • The Banker on

      Yah…A bank ky provide as early as 3 days sa mga transaction history for the past 60 days…
      Pero for the past 2 years,kelangan talaga ng 1week or more.
      Sirado na po kasi ang book nyan for 2014 & 2015.. Madami pang process and approval before mo mkuha ang record.

  7. Agapito Bagumbayan on

    walang maasahan tibay sa mga bawat salita namumutawi sa bibig ng sinungaling na mayor ng davao.

    hindi na uso sa davao ang delicadeza at palabra de honor. tsk…

    • armando ugates on

      talagan DUTERTARDS lang ang naniwala kay Dudirty, marami ng baliw na pilipino matindi makahawa ang kabaliwan ni Dudirty. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY AND PROTECT FROM AN EVIL INFLUENCE OF DUDIRTY.

    • Federalism Na ang form of govt Sa Duterte Administration. Kaya yung mga nasanay Sa Pork Barrel, PDAF at DAF ang ayaw at mabawasan Na ang kupit Nila Sa pondo ng Bayan at Aasenso Na ang bawat provincia dahil ang pondo ay deretso Sa kanila at Hindi controllado ng Malacanang. Si Duterte lamang ang Meron vision to unite the MNLF, MILF, Abusayaff, NPAs n other armed groups into our society. Sya rin ang Meron balls ipasa yan Death Penalty. Si Duterte ang Lee Kuan Yew ng Singapore.

    • Farmer Boy on

      I believe you Agapito Bagumbayan!!! And Armando Ugates. Alam mo muntik na akong mabiktima niyang si Dudirty, muntik ko na siyang iboto. And mabuti at ako ay nagpapasalamat kay Sonny Trillianes for exposing Dudirty. Sana mag-isip ng mabuti ang mga boboto kay du-dirty.

  8. Trillanes is publicly grandstanding to revive his dead candidacy.

    Why he is arrested for illegally accessing bank accounts? Well if he jailed that ilwould be a ggreatest grandstanding!

    • Ang isyu dito ay ang pagbukas ng account ni Dudirty.Kong wala siyang itinago madali ang pag open nito. Biruin mo iyong bahay na binili niya si Bangayan pala ang may-ari.Ang tanong ano ang relasyon ni Bangayan sa isang rice smuggler sa davao na si Bangayan rin.Bakit ipn narelease niya ang 8 intsik na drug lords sa Davao way back in 2005, may cash ba na involved dito.?Tanong lang sagutin niyo.

    • Ang point dito Mr.Sulit Kung gusto nyo ng katotohanan regarding sa bank account ng sino man. May batas at proceso tayo sinusunod. Tandaan mo kung may respeto ka sa sarili mo hindi lahat ng nakatago syo ibubunyag mo at hindi lahat ng nakatago ay galing sa masama. Kaya sino maniniwala dyan kinuha ni trillanes ang doc. illegaly.

  9. O di napahiya ka! Buti nga Sa iyo! Masyadong pretentious ka! Little knowledge is very dangerous! Kung Sa actual combat ubos Ang dala mong platoon dahil Sa maling strategy mo. DUTERTE at MARCOS Sa May 9,2016!

  10. Digong Duterte lost the opportunity of proving he has not received hundreds of millions of pesos and he lost the opportunity of getting rid of Trillanes from the Senate.

    Trillanes already revealed also his source of information but Duterte still did not sign a bank waiver.

    • Kahit pumirma pa ng waiver si Duterte e Meron pa rin protocol ang BPI not to release ASAP at Meron time frame. Yung nga certification Lang ang hinihingi ni Duterte e di nga binigay at humingi ng 7 days ang BPI e yan pa Kaya Na buksan yung account ni Duterte. Hindi credible yan mga papeles ni Trillanes at bogus/hearsay at walang authentication ng BPI at higit Sa lahat yung affidavit ni Trillanes walang pirma ni De Mesa also. Kung Sa korte yan Case Dismissed!

    • @voyage; Not duterte lost the opportunity, it’s trillanes and his handler lost the opportunity. Why? Hindi sila marunong lumaban ng parehas na naaayon sa batas. Pa tridor sa batas ang kanilang ginawa. So who do you think lost? What a desperate move. Majority of pilipino are not idiot na maniniwala agad agad. Hope you learn something.