• Davao police charged for murder of Cebu businessman


    DAVAO CITY: The former head of the intelligence unit of the police in Davao Region was indicted for the murder of Cebu businessman Richard King.

    Supt. Leonardo Felonia, who headed the Regional Intelligence Unit of the Philippine National Office, will be facing murder charges along with triggerman Paul Dave Molina Labang and brothers Rodel and Rommel dela Cerna.

    Labang was positively identified by at least five witnesses as the one who shot King on June 12 inside the health center in Bario Obrero in this city.

    In his affidavit, Labang also admitted being the triggerman. He also named Felonia as the one who instructed him to kill King, who owns the Crown Regency chain of hotels.

    In a decision dated September 16, acting City Prosecutor Victor Sepulveda has recommended for the inclusion of Felonia in the criminal information filed against Labang and the dela Cerna brothers.

    “In all respects pertaining to the killing of Mr. King, from the time of its inception until the time of its execution, respondent Felonia consistently surfaced as the mastermind in    the killing of the former [Mr. King] as per testimonies,” the decision stated.

    “While  respondent Felonia highly questioned the credibility of the said testimonies as part of his defense, but with due respect, the same is considered evidentiary which can be resolved at the confines of the appropriate court.”

    Sepulveda also said that    the innocence of Felonia   “cannot be reasonably considered at the stage of prelimi- nary investigation.”

    Felonia has earlier denied   the accusation, saying someone was out to implicate him to    the killing.

    Felonia’s legal counsel Ceasar Europa questioned the decision of the city prosecutor.

    Europa filed on Wednesday    an urgent motion to defer the issuance of a warrant of arrest against Felonia, citing lack of probable cause.



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      • Nothing happened to the country. It’s still there! Suffice to say the moral compass of its people has gone astray. One can speculate on the motive for Mr. King’s murder…contract hits always spell m-o-n-e-y, then there’s revenge, a grudge, but I’m betting my dollars to your potatoes that it’s money. I don’t see a cop doing this because it’s fun.