Davao police chief sued for domestic violence


DAVAO CITY: The police chief in this city is facing domestic violence charges after his wife Susie filed the case on Wednesday, claiming she was physically and verbally abused from 2002 to 2013. Senior Supt. Vicente Danao declined to comment on the matter. In August, a video showing the police chief ‘attacking’ a woman who turned out to be his wife surfaced. Danao was heard shouting invectives at the woman and at the end of the video, Danao could be heard telling the woman to leave the house.


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  1. Big warrior man, commander of city police force is helpless against the woman’s mystic power. Mas kagalang galang ang matawag na “Andres de saya” kesa mapa balitang nambu bogbog ng asawa. Kahit tanungin pa ang mga anak nila.